White cross torched – Langplaas Boerdery – Brits


Geen respek teenoor die Boere wat vermoor word nie.  Net omdat Nick Motloung nie gelukkig is met Langplaas protesaksies nie, of selfs die moeite gedoen het om die vals aantygings van nader te ondersoek,  word die kruis van die blanke boere wat vermoor is,  aan die brand gesteek , kwansuis om ‘n boodskap oor te dra.  Die feit dat ‘n brandende motorband gebruik is, soos wat swartes gewoond is om te doen, gee ‘n boodskap deur en die dame noem die swart rook ook deel daarvan.    Rassisme en diskriminasie – haatspraak.  Die wit kruise het niks te doen met KKK nie.   Dis nie ‘n gevoel van wrewel wat uit hierdie daad spring nie, dis die haat van hul optredes, hul dade en rassisme wat verkondig word.   Hul vals beskuldigings weergalm.  Alles moet afgebrand en geplunder word.   Tyd dat ons as Blankes,  Boere, Afrikaners ons eie onafhanklike gebiede verkry, dan kan die res maak wat hul wil en sien waar hul voedsel vandaan kom.


Indien protesopgangers so opstandig raak en vuurwapens probeer afneem van sekuriteit, is dit geweldadig en moet hierdie sekuriteit en polisie hulself beskerm teen sulke tipe terreur.

Hierdie tipes en toon geweldadige gedrag en daarna moet stilgestaan word dat hulle doen wat hulle wil?   Dit was ook die Polisie wat geskiet het, of moet die Polisie stilstaan om vermoor te word?   As dinge handuit ruk, moet daar nie simpatie verwag word nie.



The Democratic Alliance (DA) in North West condemns in the strongest terms the burning of a cross highlighting the plight of farm attacks and farm murders in Brits, Madibeng Local Municipality, allegedly by Madibeng FM journalist, Nick Motloung.

The behaviour by journalist Nick Motloung is completely unnecessary. Especially in light of the constant onslaught farmers and farmer workers face daily in North West and South Africa. His explanation that these crosses cause hatred is unfounded. 

Journalists are supposed to report the news and not create or become the news. This behaviour goes against all journalistic ethics. Nick Motloung used the video of the burning of the cross on his Facebook Page for marketing his Drive Talkshow (see picture here). It is in terribly bad taste. 

These crosses are erected to draw attention to the plight of farmers and farmworkers all over South Africa. It is a call for government to recognise the scourge of brutal violence rural communities are subjected to and for government to act to ensure the safety and security of farmers and farmworkers. The crosses also serve as memorials for all farmers and farmworkers who have lost their lives in their efforts to put food on the tables of South Africans. 

The farming communities in and around Brits and Hartbeespoort have been subjected to an onslaught of brutal farm attacks over the last couple of months that saw both farmers and farm workers shot and assaulted.


Cross in memory of slayed farmers torched as “message to farmers” |  Kormorant


A cross erected in memory of slayed farmers was torched in Brits on 2 November 2020, following an altercation between protesting farm workers and members of a security company at a nearby farm.     This was totally unnecessary and his attitude stinks against farmers.   He must go back to his protestors and support them.

What did this lady said about this person burning the cross


Nick Motloung, is a journalist at Madibeng FM and the Madibeng Insider, set the cross on the R511 in Brits alight by throwing a burning tyre at it. “It is a message to farmers that enough is enough,” he told Kormorant.

This followed  the protest by farm workers at Langplaas Farm on Monday morning which Motloung said he attended. Between 150 and 200 workers gathered at around 08:00, allegedly because of a loan dispute. PPS Security was present and owner, Quintin Dunn, alleged that farm workers tried to take a security officer’s firearm. Rubber bullets were fired. According to Dunn, this was done in self-defense. Six people were wounded. Police spokesperson Col Amanda Funani confirmed that six cases of attempted murder were opened following the incident. 

Why must they close down roads?  WATCH: Rubber bullets have just been fired to disperse crowds that were blocking R512 road.

Shortly after the protest, Motloung torched the cross located elsewhere in the Brits area. An unidentified woman filmed him and the video circulated on social media. “Farmers must get the message. I was there when the cross was erected and I support the farmers, but some farmers are two-faced and must stop treating their workers badly and shooting them,” he told Kormorant.  In an interview with Kormorant, Motloung accused the owner of Langplaas of being racist and ordering the security forces to shoot. Asked why he torched the cross, which had nothing to do with the protest, he said that “it was just a message”. “I have nothing against farmers, but they must respect their workers.” 

Langplaas owner, Gert van Rensburg, confirmed that farm workers staged a protest on Monday. He explained that it followed after a misunderstanding about a new salary payment system.

“The salaries for September were concluded on 2 October and the workers were paid for the two days in October as well. The end of October salaries excluded the two days’ salaries paid the previous month,” Gert van Rensburg Junior said to Kormorant.

“On Monday morning when farm workers turned threatening and started pelting stones at staff members, we called in security. An altercation between the workers and security officers followed whereby one worker attempted to take firearms from a security officer,” he said.

Kormorant asked the South African National Editor’s Forum for comment on the cross torching incident.  Executive Director, Kate Skinner, gave her personal view.

“My view – It is a difficult situation. Usually journalists do their activism through their reporting, through meticulously covering events. Also, giving voice to the voiceless. Generally journalists don’t get involved in direct activism. However on a personal level it is easy to understand the passion and wanting to take a stand.”

She added that, according to a number of SANEF’s members, Motloung had acted within the scope of his right to freedom of expression.

The Tswana words spoken in the video below translates directly into “racism is not finished in South Africa”.

Cross in memory of slayed farmers torched as “message to farmers”


What freedom of expressing – to burn a white cross that was put there for a reason?   Did this journalist investigate the allegations of his protestors?   No  … Is he the Shop steward or somebody from the union?   This is totally uncalled for.   Cross Burn 2.

The make of the video is full of hate and racism

The road has been blocked and motorists being forced to make u-turns.



Daar is en word allerhande aantygings en bewerings gemaak teenoor die plaaseienaars / besigheid, daarom is daar gestaak en protesaksie, maar wat nie waar is nie.    Selfs die joernalis wat die kruis met ‘n motorband aan die brand gesteeek het, maak wilde aantygings teenoor die Boere in algemeen en die Boere van Langplaas.



From their Facebook – a visitor wrote

Langplaas, one of the largest family owned fresh produce farms in South Africa and the pride of the unassuming Janse van Rensburg family. And I am still as enchanted by the whole experience as I was in that very moment But I can’t begin to describe the day without acknowledging our host Evert de Goede, the Supply Chain Manager His warmth and generosity set the tone for the day.

Such graciousness I certainly did not expect We travelled in darkness to make sure that we caught the sun’s first rays as they bounced off the fields. Our time was filled with harvesting and planting and packaging…. and everything in between as we took it all in with wide eyed wonder. Our senses were assaulted with the impossibly sweet fragrance of the carrots as they were whipped out of the ground by the ASA LIFT which painstakingly trudged through fresh fields.

We watched as men quickly shifted gears to become mechanics, showing their expertise in various fields We witnessed the precise planting of sweet potatoes by people dressed in brightly coloured patterned fabrics. We watched as carrots shed their rich dark mineral dense soil and sweet potatoes take a ‘jacuzzi’. And all the way Evert was there to guide us and share his knowledge and introduce us to the people who are involved in this vital service.

The sense of stewardship and community from the entire team is tangible. As we filmed him, I marveled at the fact that he was a ‘one take wonder’. Never at a loss for how to explain the thinking behind a process or the business of farming. I watched as the freshly harvested carrots made their way to be cleaned, packed and loaded onto a truck ready to be sent to market. All within a matter of a few hours. How on earth did he know how much to harvest, I enquired?

In my planning, a daily check in is included with my RSA Market Agents where we establish estimated demand across the country, he replied!We left laden with bags and bags of delicious carrots beetroot and sweet potatoes that he generously gifted us with. Please share them with your helper and anyone else who needs them, he said. And so it was that on Saturday I crunched on a raw carrot that had been plucked from the earth on Friday. We ate a glistening beetroot and burrata salad with softly baked sweet potatoes. The generous spoils from the fields of Langplaas Farm made their way to the Sabio table. This day of Grace will be one that I cherish for years to come.

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