Eureka – Orania – Kleinfontein

Why are liberal whites and blacks/others so obsessive if Afrikaners and Boers (whites) to build their own?  If it is not the ANC leaders the DA, EFF and others follow the ANC.  But who implemented the rasist and discrimination against whites? both of them and even more… Why on earth do you burn down schools, businesses and then expect everything from government and our tax payments – everything must be on your free terms – free housing, free studies, free electricity?
Rassisme vier weer hoogty oor Eureka, Orania, Kleinfontein en soortgelyke plekke of plasies, wat spesifiek vir blanke is – of verskaf werk en blyplek aan blankes wat geen ander heenkome het nie.     Alhoewel ek Boer en Afrikaner (blank) is, staan ek saam ons eie mense se ontwikkelings, veral omdat ons swaar kry onder swart bemagtiging.  Nie almal van ons blankes is lid van een van hierdie 3 plase of dorpe nie, maar is wel lid van Front Nasionaal om voort te gaan met ons selfbeskikkingsreg op internasionale vlak.   Daarvoor het ons nie ander se toestemming nodig nie, omdat dit ‘n internasionale reg is moet daar sekere vereistes nagekom word.

Why on earth, must our whites peoples, the Afrikaner and Boers  live under black economic empowerment, in shacks, under trees in poverty, while there are hundreds of traditional trustlands and cpa lands, where only those specific people (Zulu: Ingonyama trust) can live, receive millions of finances and other benefits from government?   While B-BBEE is racism and discrimination.  Nobody stopped the government to give 8840 traditional leaders big salaries or the guptas or other corruption.


Forget about Orania – a new “whites-only” settlement is rising in the Northern Cape and its founder is promising a free 1 000 square metre piece of land to any (white) South African who wants to help “fight against the uprooting of the white race”.   The settlement, named “Eureka”, is situated outside Garies in the Northern Cape. Its founder, Adriaan Alettus Nieuwoudt, describes himself as the official co-ordinator of the Eureka Movement of South Africa.   Eureka is described as a “security town” where people can “securely retire, live and work with their own schools, shops and medical services in their own mother language (Afrikaans) and rural culture”.

According to Nieuwoudt, he bought the piece of land (now known as Eureka) “with his own money, during 2016”. He promised on Tuesday to donate a 1 000 square metre plot in Eureka to “each member of the uprooted white race who registered with the Eureka movement”.

“This plot will stay reserved in your name till the end of days. Whether you use it or not, it remains your own place in the land of your birth and is transferable to your heirs. When you start building on the plot, you have to carry building costs, but until then we cost each other nothing,” a statement by Nieuwoudt reads.

“Eureka is a serious attempt to re-establish our white people in safety. Here we empower the entire white race to independently, for yourself, with our own means, in our own fatherland, build a future. We have already waited too long. No one may prevent us from doing so. In this way we can again let the white race, without bloodshed, acquire a piece of their birth land.”

Nieuwoudt further explains that Eureka uses reverse osmosis pumps to desalinate groundwater, and eventually seawater.

“This will make a free settlement flourish here,” Nieuwoudt says.

He said that the “movement” had registered 5 000 members by Tuesday.

However, not all comments on the “Garies eerste EUREKA! Veiligheids dorp” Facebook page were positive.

“It is a kite that will dive – the black government will see to that,” Henk Swanepoel said.

Paula Stephanie Rocher Marais stated that “it sounds like a sour milk scheme”, apparently referring to Nieuwoudt, who is also the man behind Kubus, the notorious rotten milk pyramid scheme that took South Africa by storm in the early 1980s.

Back in the 1980s, Nieuwoudt raised millions of rand through his “milk culture” project and thousands of South Africans fell for it, furiously buying the mixture of cheese and milk culture from Nieuwoudt, “growing” it in glasses and then drying it into a powder to re-sell to Nieuwoudt and recruiting others to do the same, in a classic pyramid scheme.

At the time, Nieuwoudt claimed that he needed vast quantities of the dried powder to develop a skin cream product. However, there never was such a product and investigators found that the milk culture was simply a cover for a pyramid scheme. Tons of dried milk culture was found rotting in a shed.

The pyramid scheme finally collapsed and Nieuwoudt was sequestrated. He was found guilty of diamond theft and illegal diamond dealing in the 1990s and sentenced to eight years in jail.

He served only a year before being released and returned to his farm Rondawel (now Eureka) near Garies in Namaqualand.


Tans is daar swart bemagtiging teen ons blanke volk, dus moet daar na ander heenkome gesoek word deur die wat bereidwillig is om te help, totdat ons selfbeskikking – ‘n eie onafhanklike gebied(e) kan verkry.   Daar was al pogings in 1994 aangewend met die ANC se bestuur se toestemming om ons  selfbeskikking te ondersoek.  Die Volkstaatraad het volwaardig in diepte ondersoeke gedoen en bevind dat ons ‘n internasionale reg het.  Destyds was aanbeveel ons verkry provinsie in die gebiede waar ons ‘n meerderheid is, want ons was en is steeds meerderheid in die gebiede.  Dit was ook aan die parlement voorgelê.   Die politieke drywer het ongelukkig dit nooit vorentoe gedryf soos wat dit moes gewees het nie en daarom gaan Front Nasionaal daarmee voort.

Net soos wat die Zoeloes op Ingonyama Trust ‘n reg het, het ons as Afrikaners en Boere (blankes) dieselfde regte, en elke volk het die reg om deur hul eie verkose leiers regeer te word in hul eie gebiede.

Dit is nie apartheid nie.   Die Zoeloes ervaar Ingonyma Trustgebiede nie as apartheid nie en die Khoi San ervaar die Richtersveld en hul ander trustgebiede of grondeise, wat ook slegs bedoel is vir sekere volke, nie as segregasie of apartheid nie.   Vertel vir die burgers van Botswana, Zambië of Zimbabwe wat ook Britse kolonies was, hul regeer hul land op grond van apartheid, wat snert is.  Dis ‘n internasionale reg.

Reservate het reeds in 1800’s begin en is deur die Britse koloniale meesters ingestel, nie deur ons vorige regering of H F Verwoerd nie.

Reservate is na 1961 Tuislande genoem, wat gegroei het, en vandag is daardie selfde gebiede, Trustgebiede en slegs vir spesifieke volke.  Daar is honderde, indien nie duisende van die CPA’s en Trustgebiede.   Bowendien is daar bykans 9000 tradisionele leiers wat niks met ons blankes te doen het nie en tog, word ons belastinggeld daarvoor ingespan om vir hierdie leiers se luukshede en salarisse te betaal.


Dis ‘n internasionale reg om eie gebiede, eie land en eie regering te hê.  Ons was en sal nooit deel van die vals “reënboognasie” wees nie.

Waar is ons Afrikaner en Boere leiers en gebied en onafhanklike land?


South Africa: Traditional leaders

Tuislande en Trustgebiede in Suid-Afrika


Segregasie – Apartheid


What about B-BBEE – all whites are EXCLUDED in this economy and legislation – so, why do you discriminate against ONLY the whites in this country.
Nothing wrong with Eureka, Orania, Kleinfontein. Most of those areas are a farm areas and people can live there and work there and make a living. They do not ask the government 1 cent to help them. Do you help them? no …
What about Ingonyama Trustland – there are 9 different big areas only in KZN and it is only for black ZULU people. Do we say to the Zulu people you are not allowed to live there in those areas, if it is on farmland or in cities, so is it. We did not stop them. I am not a Zulu and can not live there. Is there businesses.
But, we must not pay for 8840 tradtional leaders – they must pay their own traditional leaders.
ALL homelands became Trustlands after 1994. Before 1961, it was reserves, or british crown lands, before 1910, way back to 1840. for them. We did not create the segregation, the British did.
What about the Richtersveld, only for the Khoi San people, I can not go and claim a piece of land there. I can not stop Khoi San people to live in those areas – btw – Khoi san and coloured people have 6 Trustlands.
ALL landclaims are based on segregation – go and check the CPA legislation. Every land claim is only for blacks and coloureds, and only they can live there.
So why not us? We also have a right to Self-determination as well, go and read the constitution and also international rights . Even if the Zulu want their own country of Ingonyama trust, we can not stop them – it is their right. If the Khoi san people want independence on their 6 Trustlands, who will stop them if they have an international right.

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