Legislation only for black and khoisan

There are more B-BBEE legislation against white population of South Africa as well as policies Legislation Assigned to the Provincial Premiers - some from the old area as well.  The following lists are the most important pieces of legislation assigned to the provincial Premiers and traditional leaders. The following are the main pieces of legislation governing the regulation… Continue reading Legislation only for black and khoisan


Ramaphosa : South Africa (FN)

FRONT NATIONAL FARMS ATTACKS, FOOD SECURITY AND AGRICULTURAL SAFETY The following letter was delivered to the office of the President of South Africa this morning: To: Mr Cyril Ramaphosa President of the Republic of South Africa Dear President Ramaphosa, FARMS ATTACKS, FOOD SECURITY AND AGRICULTURAL SAFETY You might recall that there was quite some discord… Continue reading Ramaphosa : South Africa (FN)

Haatspraak wetgewing: Front Nasionaal

DIE TWEEDE WET WAT HARD GAAN KLAP Front Nasionaal SA 31 Desember 2019  is die laaste dag waarop insette en besware ingedien kan word teen die beoogde Wet op Haatspraak en Rassisme. Die wet is op 29 Maart 2018 gepubliseer en het nou feitlik die hele grondwetlike roete geloop. Na vandag sal dit Parlement toe… Continue reading Haatspraak wetgewing: Front Nasionaal

“Hate speech” Hate crimes Bill

Verseker gaan die koppe nog meer rol as nog meer rassistiese wette ingestel word.  En as daar gekyk word hoe die mosie op grondhervorming hanteer is, sal elke wet nou met presiesie deurgevoer word.  Met ons eie onafhanklike gebiede het ons nie die gemors wette van die kommuniste nodig nie.   Sluitingsdatum is 31 Januarie 2019.… Continue reading “Hate speech” Hate crimes Bill

BEE is racism and discrimination

MAIMANE 2016:  “I don’t care whether you are white or black, but if you are racist the DA is not your place."       SAID THE MAN WITH THE LEGISLATION OF RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION IN HIS HANDS.    Are you ready for the following joke:  MAIMANE 2018:  "The DA is the only party in South… Continue reading BEE is racism and discrimination

Parliament 2019

It’s an election year so we can look forward to a frenetic schedule and disjointed calendar as the National Legislature is first dissolved and later re-constituted after the elections. We can also expect an unpredictable timetable and two State of the Nation Addresses.      The Fifth Parliament term ends on 6 May. According to the… Continue reading Parliament 2019

Sewage and other pollution: Vaaldam

To pump raw sewage into a river and any dam is illegal, not because of bylaws only but also by national legislation. It is not only municipality officials that are responsible, but also ministers. They are not doing their own jobs. Why are there tax to remove sewage - not to dump into drinking water.… Continue reading Sewage and other pollution: Vaaldam