Coronavirus – Army deployed in SA

    23 March 2020 - The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) has confirmed that the soldiers seen in Johannesburg are part of normal preparations to support the government in its effort to limit the Covid-19 outbreak.   “It is not a deployment as speculated,” the SANDF said on social media. “The SANDF would like to… Continue reading Coronavirus – Army deployed in SA

Ramaphosa – Army generals – procurement

Army generals, frustrated with the restrictive and strict legislation governing state procurement, want government to allow them to look after their own purse strings. This is the legislation that often leads to negative audit findings for the defence department.  The commanders, led by chief of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) General Solly Shoke,… Continue reading Ramaphosa – Army generals – procurement

Cape Flats gang war – SANDF and Police

Hundreds of people have died unnecessarily because of the delay in deploying troops to the Cape Flats, the City of Cape Town said on Friday.    The comment by JP Smith, the mayoral committee member for safety and security, followed Thursday night’s announcement by police minister Bheki Cele that SANDF personnel would be sent to gang-ravaged… Continue reading Cape Flats gang war – SANDF and Police

Ramaphosa: Weermag – besoedelingbeheer

Ons land lyk oral sleg - as dit nie die besoedeling van die Vaalrivier en dam is nie, is dit die Oranje of ander riviere.  Pateties dat munisipaliteite nie hul Verordeninge nakom of selfs staatsdepartemente en ministers wat nie die besighede opvolg wat besoedel, hetsy lug, water of see.  Volgende foto's is in Midrand geneem. … Continue reading Ramaphosa: Weermag – besoedelingbeheer

The real South Africa before 1994

The reality is that nobody can change our history in South Africa, but they can try their best to keep the truth away - not even homelands of 1980, that were changed into Trustlands after 1994.    All information is available in South African legislation and hansards but some information are already on the blog… Continue reading The real South Africa before 1994

Water pollution South Africa – Vaal, etc.

Besoedelde water word gepomp en snel voort na die damme wat vir drinkwater gebruik word.  Is hierdie besoedeling aspris, dat daar geen onderhoude gedoen word, dat grond makliker bekombaar word vir minerale? Raw sewage and other kinds of pollutions were pumped into our rivers and dams for decades.  Is this on purpose to get their… Continue reading Water pollution South Africa – Vaal, etc.