BEE is racism and discrimination

MAIMANE 2016:  “I don’t care whether you are white or black, but if you are racist the DA is not your place.”       SAID THE MAN WITH THE LEGISLATION OF RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION IN HIS HANDS.    Are you ready for the following joke:  MAIMANE 2018:  “The DA is the only party in South Africa which wants to govern for all South Africans. We want to build a nation where no person is excluded because of race, gender, income or religion.”  WITH THE SAME B-BBEE LEGISLATION IN HIS HANDS.
“Racists are not welcomed in the DA. If you are thinking of voting for the DA and you are a racist, please do not vote for us,” Maimane said to a round of applause at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.

2012  Cracking Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment: Codes and Scorecard Unpacked


“We have a duty to act against those who engage in racial discrimination and racial mobilisation,” he said. “There is no place in the DA for people who believe that the colour of their skin renders them superior to others.
“No DA member must be satisfied until we fundamentally address the structural inequality of our society.
No DA member must ever turn a blind eye to racism, no matter how subtle or coded it may be.”
“Members found to be in violation of this oath will have their party membership revoked immediately, no questions asked,” Maimane added.


2003 – B-BBEE


Ramaphosa : B-BBEE

Ramaphosa – swart bemagtiging kommissie

Ramaphosa voorlegging: Commission

Racism and Discrimination

B-BBEE legislation : so-called mandate

Chinese and B-BBEE

Swart bemagtiging – B-BBBEE

Suid-Afrika Parlement /South Africa Parliament

The rulers of Republic of South Africa is the ANC and they implemented all legislation.




2013 November 25 – Following the weekend’s policy conference in Cape Town, the Democratic Alliance says it will not support racial quotas. But it supports Employment Equity and triple BEE. The party has clarified its position on the matter, after making a U-turn on new employment equity legislation it had previously supported

The population is growing – more than 17 million South Africans (how many are  immigrants) live on state provided social grants, and is estimated that over 50% of South Africans (and much more immigrants) live in poverty.  A growing population of grant dependents is not a success, but will end in more than one disaster.

What if there is no money and no sassa?

How many of those “millions” are immigrants and illegals from Africa and China our borders are open?

How many years do people need to destroy what is left today, since 1994?  If the people are running in streets, most of them are young and black, they wear the best shoes and cloths, have smart phones, then they complete their mission:  to destroy businesses and burn down schools and businesses, it is part of the ANC 1955 revolution and cause unemployment.

If they did not burn all that down, there were more work for all us.    Only terrorists and brainwashed do not want to work, that is why they burn down a workplace or kill a person for a cellphone.

If people attack and kill a  farmer that produce food, nobody will eat and work on that farm any more.    Is the crime related to mining on that farm?  Diamonds, gold, platinum, REE?


April 2018

The resolutions presented at the DA Congress build and for creating an inclusive society. The resolutions will speak to key areas of exclusion with a focus on how the DA will address them as a party of national government.   The reality is that for many South Africans, life is still way too difficult. Millions of our people are excluded from the economy, from owning property, from access to quality health care, from education, from living without the fear of crime, from fair access to government services and private sector opportunities.    Too many South Africans live on or below the poverty line, homeless and excluded from society itself with little or no chance of an avenue of relief through meaningful social development initiatives.



The Constitution provides a mandate for B-BBEE, as it supports measures to empower persons or categories of persons disadvantaged by discrimination. The majority of South Africa’s people have a legitimate claim to economic redress. If we not do succeed in providing redress, the process of reconciliation, and how South Africans relate to one another, is put at risk. Within this context, the DA supports the underlying principle of B-BBEE.    Leader of the DA Maimane said government’s empowerment policies particularly the BBBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) only benefit a few politically connected individuals – like the wealthy Gupta family, who are close to President Jacob Zuma.   That must changed.     And what about all the coalitons with the EFF and the FF+ parties – with their support it will grow on all levels of goverment.


During one of his speeches in 2016, he focused on Black economic empowerment and Affirmative action – national legislation of the ANC.  The Democratic Alliance would hasten the land reform process in South Africa if it were to come to power, party leader Mmusi Maimane said on Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria.  We have already advanced the land reform in the Western Cape faster than any other province. But we can’t just talk about rural land reform, we must also talk about urban land reform,” Maimane told supporters after a walkabout in Ramotse village in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria.

“What the ANC did with BBBEE is to capture it, so that it benefits the politically connected and the elite. We must talk about real economic empowerment. We are opposed to a BBBEE that is captured and benefits those who are politically connected and the Guptas. We want a BBBEE that speaks to South Africans. We talk about a real, substantive transformation of society and a diversification of workplaces.”


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