Sabotage inside Eskom 2020 report

’n Forensiese verslag wat in Januarie 2020 ingedien is, wat vir meer as ’n jaar onopgemerk deur Eskom bestuur gebly het, het die deksel gelig op groothandel sabotasie van infrastruktuur deur gewetenlose kontrakteurs en werknemers.  Die woordvoerder van Eskom, Sikonathi Mantshantsha het gesê die verslag is in opdrag van Tutuka-kragstasie in Standerton, Mpumalanga, gedoen en aksie is destyds op stasievlak in werking gestel sonder die medewete van die uitvoerende gesag.

Workers carry out repairs at Eskom's Tutuka power station in Mpumalanga earlier this month.


A forensic report that was submitted in January 2020, went unnoticed by Eskom bosses for more than a year has lifted the lid on wholesale sabotage of infrastructure by unscrupulous contractors and employees.   The spokesperson of Eskom, Sikonathi Mantshantsha said the report had been commissioned by Tutuka power station in Standerton, Mpumalanga, and action had been implemented at station level at the time without the knowledge of the executive.

The report, by security company Bizz Tracers, said its investigations found that sabotage and other crimes were planned internally and executed with help from outside, including with syndicates and Eskom service providers.

In the report it was found that in some cases employees removed cameras, distribution boards, and a control timer to switch electrical equipment on and off, as well as committing other acts of vandalism. The report said Eskom employees colluded with suppliers who fixed the units, gave them inside information, and told them what prices to charge in an emergency.

The attacks have been confirmed by the former head of security at Tutuka, Dan Korope, who has since left Eskom.   Incidents was reported to the Hawks.   People in the electrical maintenance department [EMD] who collude with contractors and suppliers,  break parts so they can work overtime, then call the suppliers they work with to supply the parts.   They were all paid on overtime and during loadsheddings.    The situation at Tutuka was not well protected.

Bizz Tracers is involved in multimillion-rand litigation with Eskom over a separate contract to track and recover ghost vending machines.    They brought a report on corruption and deliberate interference to the attention of the department’s senior officials.

According to verbal feedback from the then Tutuka power station general manager, Mr Mavimbela, who has since been suspended and remains on suspension, on 1 June 2021 he confirmed that the recommendations and findings by Bizz Tracers on matters they investigated were acted upon and implicated individuals were disciplined and subsequent criminal cases opened. Mr Mavimbela has to date not provided Eskom with any details thereof.

Investigations are still in progress regarding corruption, vandalism, sabotage and negligence.

Deliberate Sabotage at Eskom

Eskom – corruption

Eskom sabotage from inside

It is a big scam where a lot of technical people make a lot of money together with suppliers.   Managers at power stations ignored  proposals from security./

Interesting that there is always a lack of evidence as well.


The last time Eskom suggested sabotage, in December 2019, some units at the coal-power Tutuka power station tripped, causing Eskom to lose 2,000MW that  led to stage 6 load-shedding. The National Prosecuting Authority closed its case on the incident last December because of a lack of evidence.




Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd reported the following reportable irregularities in the interim financial
statements for six month period ended 30 September 2018.

Click to access SENS_20190128_S410318.pdf


2021 Annual report

Click to access 2021IntegratedReport.pdf


The State is the only shareholder in Eskom.

31 March 2020

Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd (Eskom) is South Africa’s primary electricity supplier that generates, transmits and distributes electricity to local industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural, residential and redistributor (metropolitan and other municipalities) customers as well as to utilities and end-customers in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Eskom also purchases electricity from independent power producers (IPPs) as well as utilities and private suppliers in the SADC region.

Governance and compliance

Ethics, fraud and consequence management
An anti-fraud and corruption integration committee was established to monitor the progress on governance clean-up and related matters.   A fraud awareness e-learning programme was launched to enhance prevention of fraud and corruption across the organisation. An antifraud and corruption awareness programme was also part of supplier forums conducted during the year as suppliers are key stakeholders in the fight against fraud and corruption.

Investigations and disciplinary action involving employees
A total of 118 new cases were reported through whistle-blowing channels during the year. Eskom concluded 202 investigations relating to whistle-blowing cases during the year of which 54 were fraud, 49 corruption and 99 related to irregularities. Disciplinary action was recommended for 41% of cases and 256 cases are still active at year end. During the disciplinary processes, 60 employees resigned and 18 employees were dismissed due to fraud and corruption.

Investigations into suppliers
A supplier review committee was re-established during the year. The committee is responsible for instituting disciplinary action against suppliers, including the suspension and termination of contracts where non-compliance with Eskom’s procurement and supply chain management procedures has been identified. At 30 September 2020, 57 recommendations of supplier sanctions were considered by the committee based on findings from forensic investigations.


The finalisation of investigations into former executives suspected of misconduct remains a priority. Two former senior employees were arrested on corruption-related charges in December 2019.  Eskom and the SIU issued summons in August 2020 to recover money from three former board members  and four former executives relating to a prepayment to a former supplier, Tegeta Exploration and Resources (Pty) Ltd.

Click to access Eskom_AFS_2020.pdf


2018 annual report



Municipalities across the country owe Eskom R35.3 billion, and one of the power utility’s biggest defaulters has been slapped with a court order to pay more than R1.35bn plus 2.5% interest for its unserviced debt.

Maluti-a-Phofung in the Free State owes R5.8bn, Emalahleni in Mpumalanga R4.7bn, Matjhabeng, also in the Free State, R3.72bn, Govan Mbeki in Mpumalanga about R2.4bn, and another Free State municipality, Ngwathe, is R1.32bn in arrears.

Lekwa and Thaba Chweu in Mpumalanga owe almost R1.3bn and R840 million, respectively, Ditsobotla in the North West owes R677m, and Modimolle-Mookgophong in Limpopo owes R619m.

Eskom on Thursday disclosed that eMfuleni’s debt was R3.5bn with an additional current account bill of R385m.



Dis terreurhande wat die stelsels van kragstasies ken wat die skade aangerig het, sodat elkeen van ons vandag in die skaduwee van beurtkrag moet lewe.    Opdragte moontlik van bo af of ander oord, asook wat opsetlik so laag moet daal om die hele land te vernietig.    Terroriste soos hierdie ‘werknemers’ het geen gewete nie en hul opereer volgens kommunistiese strategieë en rewolusie sedert 1994.   Heelwat van die families wat nou betrokke is hierby, sal waarskynlik ook by die sabotasie van voor 1994 betrokke gewees het.

Sabotasie en hoogverraad

Wat van al die ander plekke waar daar sabotasie en terreurdade plaasgevind het?

Wat van die twee groot kragstasies waar verkeerd beplan is en dus nie 100% kan funksioneer nie – is myns insiens ook korrupsie, sabotasie en opsetlike saakbeskadiging (Medupi en Kusile) en niks anders as hoogverraad nie.

Eskom – design faults

Eskom – Medupi (faults)

Opsetlike saakbeskadiging is terrorisme.   

In die verslag is bevind dat werknemers in sommige gevalle opsetlik kameras, verspreidingsborde en ‘n beheer-tydhouer verwyder het om elektriese toerusting aan en af te skakel, asook om ander dade van vandalisme te pleeg.

Die verslag het gesê dat Eskom-werknemers saamgespan het met verskaffers wat die eenhede reggemaak het, hulle binne-inligting gegee het en aan hulle gesê het watter pryse om in ‘n noodgeval te vra.   Hoeveel werknemers gedeel het aan die korrupsie en sabotasie koek is nie bekend nie.  Daar word ‘n paar keer daarna verwys in die jaarverslae van Eskom.

Die aanvalle in die verslag,  is bevestig deur die voormalige hoof van sekuriteit by Tutuka, Dan Korope, wat intussen Eskom verlaat het. Voorvalle is by die Valke aangemeld.    Werknemers in die elektriese instandhoudingsafdeling [EMD] wat met kontrakteurs en verskaffers saamspan, breek opsetlik onderdele sodat hulle oortyd kan werk, en bel dan die verskaffers saam met wie hulle werk om die onderdele te verskaf. Hulle is almal op oortyd en tydens beurtkrag betaal. Die situasie by Tutuka was nie goed beskerm nie.    Maar dit is ooglopend in die verslag dat meeste sekuriteit toerusting verwyder is.  En dit geld ook vir ander kragstasies waar daar sabotasie vermoed word (is).

Hierdie tipes van sabotasie en korrupsie is terreurdade teenoor Eskom en die lede van publiek, asook die hele land se ekonomie.   Dit is hoogverraad.

En dit sluit ook aan by die 1994 oorname hoe Eskom en ander staatsentiteite, 100% suksesvol was en in ‘n paar jaar totaal vernietig is.   Dit geld ook vir munisipaliteite, provinsies en streekrade wat nie elektrisiteit betaal nie.   Dit geld ook vir elke immigrant wat die land onwettig binnekom en hier kom land, krag en ander dienste steel.


Hierdie tipe misdadiger en terroris, wat opsetlik ‘n groot maatskappy en staatsentiteit teiken en saboteer, hoort nie in die samelewing nie, nog minder enige swart bemagtiging voordele verkry.    Elke sent wat gesteel is, behoort met rentes, teruggeplaas word.

Al hul bankrekenings moet nagegaan en gevries word.     Hoeveel word van belastings gesteel?   Dit behoort terugwerkend te wees sedert beurtkrag begin het en al hierdie terrorisme begin is.  Dit geld vir alle staatsentiteite, munisipaliteite en ook ministerskantore.

Dis grotendeels hierdie terroriste en saboteurs wat die oorsaak is van beurtkrag wat landwyd plaasvind.   As gevolg hiervan word elektrisiteit soms afgeskakel en weer aangeskakel waar direkte stroom groot skades berokken aan besighede sowel as die publiek.

Bykomende vrae word wel geopper of diesulkes vir iemand anders werk wat Eskom, besighede en elke burger totaal wil vernietig?   Daar is gesien hoe daar met die virus ook gepoog word om besighede en burgers se ondergang te bewerkstelling en kom dit identies by Eskom en selfs ander organisasies en owerhede voor.

Daar behoort baie beter sekuriteit en veiligheidstelsels ingespan te word asook administrasie vir die aflewering van toerusting wat kwansuis of met opset gebreek het, parte en ook steenkool waar daar rotse en gemors in afgelewer word wat groot skade aangerig het.  Dit geld vir al die kragstasies, nie net vir een nie.  Hierdie persone moet verantwoording dra vir al die skades wat Eskom, besighede en publiek ly.



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