Johannesburg – Egoli-Goud – Witwatersrand

Die natuurskoon rondom ons, veral die boomryke areas, is vir dekades en selfs eeue aangeplant wat verder onderhou word met durf en deursettingsvermoë. Nie almal kan dit bekostig nie, maar bome vra nie baie nie, net liefde en aandag. Bome spring nie vanself in die grond en groei nie. Daar is sommige areas wat dit… Continue reading Johannesburg – Egoli-Goud – Witwatersrand

Violence in Jeppe – South Africa – AND other

  Four of the dealership's burnt cars which protesters attempted to steal stood outside the gates in Jules Street.   The Salajee family has had the dealership since 1991. Owner Abdallah Salajee said when they closed shop on Saturday afternoon "everything was fine".   Salajee said they were alerted to the violence in the area on Sunday… Continue reading Violence in Jeppe – South Africa – AND other

Johannesburg – R1.3 billion – Alexandra Renewal Project – Corruption

Where are the leaders? did they not follow up their projects - no - they don't care. 18 years later - still no Alexandra project.  Tau's successor as Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba, said that the city will launch a probe to determine what happened to the money set aside for the project aimed at addressing… Continue reading Johannesburg – R1.3 billion – Alexandra Renewal Project – Corruption

SA: Land invasions – Grond besettings

This is the politics in South Africa - the political parties promised free housing, services, schools and after the elections there are only empty promises.  Why do people vote them from those PROMISES PARTIES?   Invaders - how many of those are immigrants and who are really citizens of South Africa?   There are more than one… Continue reading SA: Land invasions – Grond besettings

Johannesburg – Man-Made Urban Forest in the World – others

How green is the valley and sometimes with flowers.   This is the City of Gold - Egoli - Mining and millons of people, but to make you environment part of you - a place and space to live.   Here are also millions of immigrants.  It is also NOT a safe place to live - crime… Continue reading Johannesburg – Man-Made Urban Forest in the World – others

“Caretaker President Ramaphosa” (SA)

Dis 'n goeie vraag waarheen al die inkomste verdwyn, terwyl korrupsie verwante aangeleenthede nie ophou bestaan nie.    Suid-Afrika het 'n magdom van verskillende minerale wat al vir etlike jare gemyn word.  Daarvan getuig al die mynbesoedeling wat ook agtergelaat word.  In 2008 was daar reeds oor die 8000 myne wat nooit gerehabiliteer is nie,… Continue reading “Caretaker President Ramaphosa” (SA)