June 2019 – Attacks/Killed

It is really a tragic that our people's, especially our farmers,  lives have to be ended like this.   It is also in cities and towns.  Sympathy and condolences to the relatives. It's certainly not right.   Please people.  Focus on your own safety, no one is going to do it for you. Protect yourself, your families… Continue reading June 2019 – Attacks/Killed

Luan Preston, Port Shepstone Killed

  RIP to all the food producers who die because of the fact that they have chosen a career that feeds a nation. This was the words that a friend of the murdered Luan Preston wrote on FB after he was brutally stabbed to death in his home on the nut and sheep farm, David's… Continue reading Luan Preston, Port Shepstone Killed

South African Farm attacks and killings

Mandela continued to define farm murders as, “In the period January 1 to November 24  2017 there were 51 crimes occurred on the Free State farms. During the commission of these crimes, 14 murders occurred, with only three known instances in which the motive was murder. Arrests have been made for ONLY 11 of these… Continue reading South African Farm attacks and killings

John Neethling and Patrick Cosani gunned down

  John Neethling koelbloedig doodgeskiet.   RIV en sterkte aan die familie. John Neethling from Blackheath , who was shot by two men in Heath Road, managed to drive his white VW Polo Vivo to a nearby garage where he passed away. Some sad and shocking news.. 32 year old John Neethling shot dead in what… Continue reading John Neethling and Patrick Cosani gunned down

Mervyn Masher – Mombela (killing)

Verskeie berigte en weergawes van die polisie op die toneel.   Lees die persverklaring van die familie.  Dis hartseer dat iemand stop op 'n ongelukstoneel om beseerdes te help en dan summier doodgeskiet word.   Regtig skokkend om dit te lees wat gebeur het en hoe sommiges "stories" draai in verskillende berigte - en dat die persoon… Continue reading Mervyn Masher – Mombela (killing)

Monica and Basil Deniacos killed

Aanvalle en grusame moorde raak nou regtig baie erg en ontstellend, maar die feit dat min moordenaars opgespoor word, maak dit veel erger.   Kry veiligheid in plek vir jouself, ander gaan dit nie doen nie, nog minder die regering. DA COUNCILLOR AND HER HUSBAND MURDERED IN THEIR HOME IN DEALSVILLE FREE STATE The bodies of… Continue reading Monica and Basil Deniacos killed

Jan Terburg – Farm attack Dec 2018

So gaan dit in die nuwe SA. Mense, sluit nou aan by groepe of organisasies wat opleiding bied in veiligheid. Wat na ons mense se belange en veiligheid omsien. Jou en jou familie se veiligheid is in jou hande. Niemand anders gaan na jou veiligheid omsien behalwe jyself - moenie verwagtinge koester van oorsese lande… Continue reading Jan Terburg – Farm attack Dec 2018