Killing of Daniel van Heerden


Follow up on the death of Daniel van Heerden


“On Thursday 27 December a heated argument in Sedibeng Gauteng turned deadly when a male accused a red ants security guard of theft. The security guard drew his firearm and shot the male in the back.

“The guard alleges that he was under the impression the white male was hijacking him.

“The 61-year-old male passed on due to his injuries. The security guard was placed under arrest and a murder docket has been registered with the SAPS

“The deceased is the father of former EFC cage fighter and heavyweight champion Danie Van Heerden and Boxing champion Chris van Heerden


In the early hours of Sunday, heartbroken Chris posted an update as he continues to try and process what happened to his beloved father.

“For the last five years since my move to America, my dad called me every single day just to say; ‘Hello my boy I love you I miss you.’

“I’m waiting for my phone to ring…….

“I realize I will never get that call again. Daddy, I love you and I miss you.

“Support and love have not stopped coming my way. I want to say thank you to each and every one of you for the beautiful messages.

“The number of people’s lives my dad touched in his way is overwhelming to see.

“R.I.P Pappa. You did not deserve to go this way. I’m sorry,” he said.

World Boxing News would like to take this opportunity to send our sincere condolences to the extended family.

We would also like to clarify that all reports in this matter are taken with the utmost care, respect and seriousness.

Prior to the release of reports regarding the incident, Chris Van Heerden and his manager Peter Kahn were both informed.




All Life matters My dad was shot and killed because another man was Comfortable doing so. Why???? Because its politically Motivated PLEASE RETWEET THIS Help me please R.I.P Daddy


Replying to 

Magistrate Willemse the example you have set now to South Africa each with guns whether legal or not..that a life here in South Africa means absolutely nothing…especially when following the law and got shot in the back..




Koelbloedige moordenaar kry R5000 borg White man killed in front of family in cold blood and killer get $345 bail


Social media has been split over the death of Daniel van Heerden, the late father of former IBO welterweight boxing champion, Chris van Heerden.   Chris’ Twitter post regarding the death of his father was not in the least empathetic however it does not take away the unfortunate incident that befell his father, Daniel.

According to Chris, if it were not for EFF leader, Julius Malema, chanting “shoot the boer” then his father would, in all probability, be alive. He surmised that the killing was politically motivated.

It is not our business to speculate so we will refrain from making suppositions on the matter but only speak on the information we have attained.

In the video that has been circulating on social media, Daniel can be seen confronting a security guard dressed in red. The security guard is rumoured to be from Red Ant security. However, that is speculation too so we will not confirm nor deny this.

We could not make out what was said in the video but in it, you can see Daniel reach into the guard’s car and pull out its keys. He then reprimands the guard for pulling out a gun on him, hurling out what sounded like cuss words.

After Daniel returned to his car, the guard, who had his gun in his right hand, pointed the gun at Daniel and pulled the trigger.

At that point, the guard could not say that he was in danger and that he had been protecting himself, as Daniel had walked away from him and entered his car.

The point of contention, which we believe will form the basis of the guard’s defence, is the fact that he felt threatened by Daniel when his car keys were taken. In the video, you can faintly hear him say “you tried to hijack me”, justifying why he had opened fire on Daniel.

The video clip cuts out at a crucial point: a moment after the gunshot was released and before Daniel died. As of yet, it is not known by the public or authorities, what transpired in those last moments of Daniel’s life.

Guateng police’s spokesperson, Lungelo Dlamini, revealed that the guard had been in custody and was due to appear in court on Monday, 31 December.

“A security guard is expected to appear at the Vereeniging Magistrates Court on Monday morning following the shooting incident. The victim had an argument with the suspect and was shot dead. He died at the scene,” Dlamini revealed.


MEYERTON. – “All that will stop me is a bullet.”

That was the last words that 61-year-old Daniel Christoffel van Heerden, spoken on Tuesday afternoon, before he succumbed in the arms of his 17-year-old son, DonJaun.

He was a well-known resident of Meyerton and the owner of an established security firm.

According to his daughter Marie, her father was shot dead on the corner of Johan le Roux road and Boundary street near Bokkie Delport Scrap Yard at about 14h00, after he and his son confronted a Red Ant Security Guard for allegedly downloaded a meat truck illegally.

According to a statement of the security guard, he was on his lunch break when van Heerden stopped behind his bakkie and began to confront him. He claims that van Heerden removed his bakkie’s keys from the vehicle, and an argument arose.

The guard who is currently in custody at the De Deur police station claims he was under the impression that he was being hijacked. He pulled his CZ 7.75mm firearm and shot van Heerden once in the back and fled from the scene. He was arrested shortly afterwards by police.

Van Heerden leaves 13 children behind. He is the father of Danie van Heerden, a former EFC Heavyweight Champion and Chris van Heerden, a former IBO World Welderweight Champion.


Paolo Rosa he thought he was being hijacked… interesting, his “hijacker” was unarmed threw the key back at him and he even had the time to unjam his firearm several times before killing him… yep… sounds so entirely plausible, he was in immediate danger, and by immaediate i mean, maybe within 5 hrs or so

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