Foreign nationals – Orange Grove – looting and invasions

  A group of residents went on the rampage on Sunday (18 August 2019), unlawfully evicting foreign nationals, accusing them of illegally occupying the houses and of dealing in drugs.    Some foreign nationals in Orange Grove in Johannesburg have accused the police of just looking on while locals illegally invaded their homes and vandalized their… Continue reading Foreign nationals – Orange Grove – looting and invasions

Looting – Soweto – Ramokgopa

  The looting in Soweto is believed to be backlash from the SAPS raids for counterfeit goods in the Johannesburg CBD that started two weeks ago.   Gauteng member of the executive council (MEC) for economic development and agriculture Kgosientsho Ramokgopa made a trip to Soweto following the looting of business owned by Foreign nationals. * Looting and… Continue reading Looting – Soweto – Ramokgopa

South African Police Services – reports

  Crime, human trafficking, rape, killings, corruption are just endless.   If government is not going to stop it, nobody will - they allow this.  Open borders are also a fact, and people from all over the world come in South Africa and live here for free, get free land and housing, want free education, if… Continue reading South African Police Services – reports