South African strikes and looting/buring down of trucks and businesses

  Businesses have been destroyed as always when they are on strike.  They even burne down their own educational systems, schools and universities what we have build before 1994.  What do they care? if there are no schools or even municipal services , that is their lifestyle since 1918 and even before.   It is not… Continue reading South African strikes and looting/buring down of trucks and businesses

Violence ongoing in South Africa – Trucks still burning

  This was a well-planned and orchestrated "strike" by trucks.  The so-called countrywide strike of trucks and the looting of businesses are all together to bring down the economy of South Africa.  Every truck do belong to a business that delivers, either food, minerals like coal and other,  If you listen to the people it… Continue reading Violence ongoing in South Africa – Trucks still burning

Looting and chaos – Soweto – Xenofobia

Aggrieved community members of White City, Soweto,  said the looting of foreign nationals shops would not end until the government dealt with their gripes that include, the recent foreign nationals' attack on SA police, joblessness and making sure shop owners bank their money and pay tax. One of the foreign-owned shops that were broken into… Continue reading Looting and chaos – Soweto – Xenofobia

South African Police Services – reports

  Crime, human trafficking, rape, killings, corruption are just endless.   If government is not going to stop it, nobody will - they allow this.  Open borders are also a fact, and people from all over the world come in South Africa and live here for free, get free land and housing, want free education, if… Continue reading South African Police Services – reports