Violence ongoing in South Africa – Trucks still burning

  This was a well-planned and orchestrated "strike" by trucks.  The so-called countrywide strike of trucks and the looting of businesses are all together to bring down the economy of South Africa.  Every truck do belong to a business that delivers, either food, minerals like coal and other,  If you listen to the people it… Continue reading Violence ongoing in South Africa – Trucks still burning

Fire arms lost (given away?) – SAPS officials

Any firearm that has been stolen is and remains an illegal firearm that commits illegal acts and murders.  Such a person is already a criminal and terrorist, who does not have a competency certificate to use it.   Enige vuurwapen wat gesteel word is en bly 'n onwettige vuurwapen waarmee onwettige dade en moorde gepleeg word. … Continue reading Fire arms lost (given away?) – SAPS officials

South African Police Services – reports

  Crime, human trafficking, rape, killings, corruption are just endless.   If government is not going to stop it, nobody will - they allow this.  Open borders are also a fact, and people from all over the world come in South Africa and live here for free, get free land and housing, want free education, if… Continue reading South African Police Services – reports

Estimated 500 000 plus murdered since 1994

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC) has released a new   report   focusing on the countries with the highest murder rates.  The study seeks to shed light on gender-related killings, lethal gang violence and other challenges, with the aim of bringing homicide rates around the world.   The data shows that the overall number of… Continue reading Estimated 500 000 plus murdered since 1994

King Shaka – FlySafair – FETUS in toilet

A Horror at King Shaka Airport as passengers are told of tragedy.   A Zululand (South Africa) family reported from King Shaka International Airport in Durban this morning that their daughter’s FlySafair flight was cancelled after airline cleaning staff found a fetus in a toilet cistern on board the aircraft. 21 June 2019 (Zululand Observer) Their… Continue reading King Shaka – FlySafair – FETUS in toilet