Racism: Siyanda Dizzy Gumede (accident Vanderbijlpark)

Facebook user unleashes rage with comment on three dead Hoërskool Driehoek ‘white kids’

Facebook user Siyanda Dizzy Gumede may have gotten more of a response than he bargained for when he commented on a post on SABC News’ Facebook page this morning about the breaking news that at least three school pupils were killed in a walkway collapse at their school.
A profile picture screenshot of Siyanda Dizzy Gumede before he made his account private.


A man from KwaZulu-Natal is facing a backlash after saying he can’t ‘feel pain for white kids’.


Hoërskool Driehoek was being rocked by the tragedy, which also trapped other youngsters in the rubble and immediately saw emergency and department officials rushing to the scene.

Gumede, operating on the assumption that the Afrikaans-medium school could only have white pupils in it – since the race of any victim has not yet been reported on or been considered relevant to the story by any reports – said that he was unmoved by the deaths and that the world was now free of “3 future problems”.

“Don’t have heart to feel pain for white kids,” he said, in screenshots that were taken before the comment could be deleted.



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