Front National – Zindzi Mandela



18 June 2019

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
Amalienborg Palace
1257 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Social media statements by South African Ambassador

No doubt by now Your Majesty have been informed of a social media uproar caused by the South African Ambassador to Denmark, ms Zindzi Mandela, resulting from a number of statements made by the ambassador on Twitter a few days ago. These statements were of a very rude, racist and offensive nature. Amongs other things, the ambassador referred to the white minority in South Africa as “cowards” and claimed that the famed professor Christiaan Barnard, who were decorated by Denmark , amongst others,for performing the first heart transplant, was taught his skill by his black gardener. These claims, apart from being blatantly untrue, is humiliating and degrading in many ways.

Front National SA, a political party standing for the right to self determination and freedom of the Afrikaner people and those who associate with our cause, was deeply offended by this, to the extent that we fully support the civil rights movement, Afriforum, who already called on the Minister for International Relations for the recall of the ambassador and for punitive steps to be taken.

I would like to politely remind Your Majesty, and the Danish government, that ms Mandela is certainly not representative of the majority of South Africans in her conduct. The motive behind her statements is, however, in line with the policy of the ANC government through which minority groups, such as the Afrikaner, have been marginalized from the labour force, from sports participation and education through race-based legislation and are now meant to become the victim of the disasterous ANC policy of expropriation of property without compensation. Ms Mandela represents a section of the black population who gained positions of influence and wealth through family ties and connections, which we refer to as “cadre deployment” in South Africa. This basically means that a select group of powerful and immensely wealthy persons and their families are in control of many components of our government, economy and society.

They are predominantly completely out of touch with the realities of poverty and unemployment amongst the black majority population and their only means of keeping control of the masses is to pick a “common enemy”. The most popular scapegoat for all the problems in our country, which is in large the result of incompetent government, corruption and nepotism, is the white person, in particular the Afrikaner. The conduct of the ambassador is a prime example of that.

The Afrikaner nation descends from various European nations, including the Danish people. In actual fact, one of the first Europeans to play a significant part in the history of our country was the surgeon, Peder van Meerhoff, who was a Danish subject of king Frederik III, the ancestor of Your Majesty. He is the ancestor of a number of Afrikaner families such as the Saaymans, Bosmans and others.

We, as Afrikaners, but also South Africans, are embarrased by the conduct, hate speech, naked racism and complete lack of diplomacy shown by the ambassador to Denmark. Ms Mandela has been enjoying the hospitality and civility of Your Majesty’s government and subjects for a reasonable period of time, yet now reveals that she bears an inherent hatred towards white people and the civilisation represented by Europe.

In the light of this we would sincerely appreciate it if Your Majesty’s government would consider voicing your firm opposition to the statements made by ms Mandela. The democracy loving, freedom appreciating and peaceful people of Denmark is not known to associate with such convictions. The Afrikaner people neither.

With much respect, I remain

Yours faithfully

JD Lötter
Leader: Front National SA


Zindzi Mandela lashes out at ‘shivering white cowards’ and ‘trembling land thieves’




Thank u Mama we received the signal. We promise that we will protect Zindzi.Zindzi is us“Dear Apartheid Apologists, your time is over. You will not rule again. We do not fear you. Finally #TheLandIsOurs,”-Zindzi Mandela#VoteEFF




She “disappeared” whereto – maybe she is still in the Ambassadors’ house


Daar is van die Twitter gesprekke ook in die dokument geplaas, waaroor Front Nasionaal ‘n skrywe gerig het aan Denemarke.

Daar is ellelange rassistiese en diskriminerende gesprekke op twitter hieroor.

Of die vrou gestuur is om sulke boodskappe in opdrag uit te gee, kan ook nie ignoreer word nie – en dis om verdere haat en rassisme , veral oor “ourland” waarop sy klem lê, een dat blankes die grond gesteel het.   Die spul kom almal vanuit Afrika en daar was ook geen grond in pakkies op hul rue nie.   Om as Ambassadeur in enige land te wees, skryf daardie Ambassadeur die politieke party, wat die ANC is, se beleid voor.  Dus stem die ANC saam met haar hieroor, want daar was nog geen poging aangewend om haar terug te roep dat sy besig is om probleme vir veral die blankes te veroorsaak nie.

Bykans in elke twitter boodskap herhaal sy “ourland” en “diefstal” asof sy die almagtige is wat daaroor besluit het wie se land dit nou eintlik is.

Dit, terwyl ons almal ons grond en huise gekoop het, afbetaal en sommige betaal steeds af, dus hoe kan dit gesteel gewees het?   Dan skuld die banke al hierdie verbandhouers klomp geld en moet dit met al daardie bankrentekoerse terugbetaal word.

Duidelik weet sy nie eers wat in haar eie grondwet staan wat mandela. saam ander internasionale verteenwoordigers help skryf het nie – en ons regses het geen belang daarby gehad nie, want ons het selfbeskikking gesoek al voor 1994.  En ook daaroor was daar ‘n skrywe van Mandela gerig dat hulle selfbeskikking en volkstaatgebied vir ons steun.

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