Communism – Bolshevism – Revolution

COMMUNISM:  BOLSHEVISM:   REVOLUTION – Ongoing violence and destruction
Since 1994, people and specific the outside world,  think there are no segregation in South Africa.   Mandela and De Klerk created this idea of a “super rainbow nation”.   There is no rainbow nation here – it is a FALSE FLAG created by the communists and ended up into a failed country.    When anybody reads the thousands of Hansards of Parliament, the provincial governments and watch video material or listen to the news about them, as well as traditional leaders,  crime and differences, it will show the truth what is going on – a  madhouse where everyone has to kill each other and destroy all businesses and lifestyles with the ANC revolution.     Na 1994 het alle rewolusionêre bedrywighede intensief toegeneem.  Niks hieraan is of was al ooit demokraties nie, ‘n klugspul en vals vlag was voorgehou as die werklikheid.  Verskeie partye het radikaal “weggebreek van ANC” juis om nog meer radikalisme te preek.  Meer misdaad beteken meer inkomste op alle vlakke van regering.  Bolsjevisme.  Dit was wat ons op ons grense beveg het, wat in totaliteit na 1994 toegeneem het om ons almal uit te wis.

joe slovo

Slovo en Soros  – was alles deel van die Griekse span van FW de Klerk.


INSTIGATORS (before and after 1994) – those are not the only ones

In its final report, the TRC ruled that Madikizela-Mandela was “politically and morally accountable for the gross violations of human rights committed by the MUFC”.


Who is Winnie Mandela – on their follow blacks?
Wie is en was Winnie Mandela?


The Truth on the ANC and South Africa



Soros and Ramaphosa

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