Communism – SACP – ANC and EFF


2013 – Aspiring socialist thinkers need to keep a keen eye on the communications channels of the Economic Freedom Fighters in the coming weeks, because South Africa’s youngest political party will be holding workshops on the philosophies of Marx, Lenin and Franz Fanon.

Basically, it’ll be like the first three days of your BA degree, all over again – but that’s not to say you couldn’t benefit from a refreshers course.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) plans on holding political and economic education workshops to teach its members political governance using communist thinkers.

The essentials of Marxist economics and the theory of decolonisation, founded in a combination of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Frantz Fanon writings will guide the workshops.

Champagne socialist Julius Malema

“Kill the boer” song


Bolshevism – Bolsjevisme

Judiciary and the East German model

Soros and world economies

Red Revolution – EFF – ANC – DA and others

“International Lenin School”

Communism – Bolshevism – Revolution

Communism:   Bolshevisme – Kalergi

Communism and Programmed

Terrorisme en sabotasie

Communist Constitution

Kommunisme, voedselsekuriteit en onafhanklike gebiede vir ons as volk

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