SA – Revolution – Protest actions ongoing 3 September 2019

Is this still ongoing – yes or no?   Last night it was in a newspaper.   Taxi drivers in Pretoria are warning commuters not to bother trying to go to work or make their way to the city centre on Tuesday.   A taxi driver loading up commuters along Thabo Sehume in the City announced: “There are no taxis tomorrow from the early hours of the morning so don’t even try.”   “Even those of you who will try using their own cars, I don’t know where you will drive because we will also blocking the roads. We are going to war.”


The Pretoria CBD was tense for most of the day and no foreign nationals or South African vendors were seen on the streets.   A lonely hairstylist, who braved to stand by Sammy Marks Square, said her foreign colleagues informed them that they were warned not be out in the streets as there would be trouble.   The conflict erupted after taxi driver Jabu Baloyi was killed during an apparent confrontation between taxi drivers and alleged drug lords in Pretoria last week. His death sparked the violence and looting of shops.



Is this about Drugs and illegal immgrants?  How many drug dealers are here in South Africa and that is the biggest complaint in South Africa !!  How many killers found are illegals in South Africa?  Look at the court cases!   

How many of us, South are illegals in any other country.  The normal route is, apply for a visum or work permit and do it LEGALLY.   I can not go into any country without a visum or working permit.  It is time that the illegals must do the same.  Most countries do advertise to appoint first their own people and if they did not find anybody, then they will give foreigners a working permit to work legal.

Parliament –  Government ANC is 100% responsible for this situation since 1994.  They created this immigration and open door policy of George Soros – and the DA is also in this as well as the EFF, COPE, ACDP.   Zille works for George Soros since 1993.  Ramaphosa is the advisor to George Soros.  Soros is one of the financers of the so-called constitution – and it is not democracy but communism.   They created also B-BBEE together with the previous NP government and Broederbond members as well as those that discussed our situation in Dakar.   He paid also Kodesa.   It is 100% communism and #bolshevism.


Dit gaan meestal oor onwettige immigrante en dwelm handelaars en verkope wat ‘n groot las word, terwyl hulle die groot geld maak om verslawing af te dwing.  Hoeveel moordenaars is al in howe bevind as onwettige immigrante wat hierheen gelok word en dan mense vermoor vir ‘n selfoon of selfs vuurwapen.

Hoeveel van ons burgers in Suid-Afrika wat in ander lande werksaam is, is onwettige in ander lande sonder ‘n bewys dat hulle wettig daar is.

As burger moet enige een aansoek doen vir ‘n visum of werkspermit.  Enige land laat nie onwettige immigrante toe nie.  Wanneer daar poste vakant raak, word dit altyd so geadverteer dat mense plaaslik in diens geneem word alvorens daar van buitelanders gebruik gemaak word.

Dit is enige land se beleid.   Die feit dat honderde duisende afstorm op ‘n land en agterna alles afbrand wys duidelik wat die dubbel agenda is van so ‘n immigrant.   Dis al oor en oor bewys dat immigrante hier in Suid-Afrika betrokke is en was by protesaksies.  In 2012 ‘n groot afbrand en protesaksie in Wes-Kaap, en daar was oor die 8000 immigrante daarby betrokke!!  Hoeveel skade rig immigrante ons aan of moet dit nou maar daagliks oorgesien word en dit is nie eers die dwelmhandel wat totaal en al ‘n ander prentjie is.

Die regering , ANC, DA, EFF, COPE, ACDP  is uit en uit hiervoor verantwoordelik omrede hulle hierdie president sedert 1994 geskep het sodat dwelms vry kan binnekom en 70-80% immigrante rondom ons bly wat dit nie net onveilig maak nie, maar aangewend word om ons stede en dorpe af te sny as daar protesaksies aan die gang is.   So word paaie geblok, sodat daar meer misdaad kan plaasvind.  George Soros is al van dag een af hierby betrokke, sedert 1979 in die land en het by die vorige regering (broederbonders) begin, daarna was dit Dakar.  Swart bemagtiging en regstellende aksie is reeds in die vorige regering beplan om uit te voer, wat hulle ook gedoen het.  Ons lewe in ‘n kommunistiese land (#bolsjevisme).


3 September 2019

As widespread looting of foreign owned businesses escalated through Johannesburg’s CBD, two are killed in the violence.


The Nigerian community has been vocal about attacks on its members and there has been some retaliation against South African owned businesses in Nigeria.

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