Capture of people – Black Empowerment – Zondo

It is 100% racism and discrimination against the white minority people of South Africa.   The demographic obsession of the ANC and specific Ramaphosa and his commission, have in effect taken experienced minorities out of the equation when it comes to staffing the public sector.   Those that investigated the matter also explained that B-BBEE and EE legislations are responsible to capture everything.  Proof it wrong, what happened since 1994?   Dick into Shanduka as well.

President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Zondo Commission.


Shanduka Group was founded in 2001 as a black-owned investment holding company. It was invested in a diverse portfolio of listed and unlisted companies, with key holdings in the resources, food and beverage industries. Shanduka also invested in the financial services, energy, telecoms, property and industrial sectors. The group had investments in South Africa, Mozambique, Mauritius, Ghana and Nigeria.


Inhoudsopgawe B-BBEE Index

B-BBEE – benefits

Cyril Ramaphosa – Shanduka

B-BBEE – Shanduka black umbrellas


The ANC and their supporters are not the only ones that discriminate against the few minority whites of South Africa.   They are all on the same page and they wanted racism and discrimination against the white minority to make sure they have no part in jobs or even economy.

Do not forget how many governments from overseas countries signed agreements with the ANC and those legislations (B-BBEE and EE) are still part of their deals.   They are also part and parcel against whites in SA.    Therefore, those governments are also guilty of racism and discrimination against the white minorty (Boer and Afrikaner).

But after signing agreements,  those governments all welcomed the same white (skilled) minority from South Africa into their own countries, but with a very high price, costs of immigration, etc.

Those white minority must make their own calculations what the costs are since they left this country or work in any country and settle in under foreign and unknown cultures.    They all left their own cultures and families behind, to get ‘freedom and work’ or work and live safer.    The ANC and overseas countries are busy to capture our people, culture, traditions, history and language.  This is also part of capture within South Africa against a certain group of people.  Some are unlucky and live in squatter camps or under trees in poverty.


Deployment committee – Is the Appointments made by the ANC democratic and read it with the Constitution of 1996 how “democratic” it is.

Rebecca Davis of DM

The minutes of the ANC’s deployment committee offer the first public glimpse into the workings of this mysterious body. They also reveal that in court papers and submissions to the Zondo Commission, ANC leaders, including President Cyril Ramaphosa, have repeatedly misrepresented the powers and function of the committee.

“It is concerning that President Cyril Ramaphosa, as the former chairperson of the ANC’s cadre deployment committee, may have made an untruthful statement to Judge Zondo during his testimony in front of the State Capture Commission,” DA MP Leon Schreiber, who pushed for the public release of the minutes, told DM168.

The minutes record deliberations not just over the judicial appointments, but also over appointments for at least two other “independent institutions”: the South African Human Rights Commission and the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities. These are both Chapter 9 bodies, whose independence is enshrined in the Constitution.

Ramaphosa told the Zondo Commission on 12 August 2021 that ambassadorial appointments are indeed within the scope of the committee.

The minutes show that the committee routinely considers vacancies below director-general level: on at least three occasions recorded by the minutes, the body deliberates over deputy director-general positions.


Although the DA had made two separate legal attempts to obtain the minutes – via a Paia (Promotion of Access to Information Act) application and ongoing litigation – neither of these had yet met with success when the Zondo Commission was found to have quietly released the minutes on its website as part of a bundle of documentation relating to the testimony of Ramaphosa.

Although the Zondo Commission had asked for minutes of the deployment committee for the entire period of State Capture, it was informed by ANC lawyers that minutes from 2012 to 2018 were unavailable. The only minutes supplied cover the period from May 2018 to 2020.

An affidavit fragment contained within the bundle of documentation linked to Ramaphosa’s testimony released by the Zondo Commission states: “It must be borne in mind that all appointments to the boards of SOEs [state-owned enterprises] must also be approved by the African National Congress Deployment Committee… The 2015 [Denel] board was no exception.”

Ramaphosa was asked by Zondo whether it would be “fair” to assume that “when it came to board members and chairpersons of important SOEs such as Transnet, Eskom, Denel, SAA, as well as their CEOs”, their appointment would have gone through the deployment committee of the ANC.   After some equivocation, Ramaphosa responded: “The expectation would be yes.”

In his report, Zondo would go on to conclude that the collapse of once-thriving SOEs was at least partly linked to the fact that “most, if not all, of these entities were led by Chief Executive Officers and Boards of Directors who would have been approved by the ruling party through its national deployment committee”.

Former public enterprises minister Barbara Hogan has made no secret of her scepticism about the committee, telling the Zondo Commission in 2018: “How can just a handful of people possibly have the institutional knowledge and resources to pronounce on suitable candidates for every senior position in government and the private sector?”

How President Ramaphosa and ANC leaders misled SA about the party’s cadre deployment committee


Ramaphosa explained that the party did not interfere or make any recommendations in the appointment of judges.   Really?


The State Capture Commission of Inquiry will hear evidence from the President of the African National Congress, Mr. Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa on Wednesday, 28 April 2021


Zuma 2019

Former President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday told the Zondo commission the  African  National Congress (ANC) had a deployment committee to appoint certain individuals at state-owned entities (SOEs).   Zuma was responding to former Public Enterprises Minister Barbara Hogan’s claim of deployments at SOEs.

Hogan claimed that Zuma insisted on installing not only executives with questionable backgrounds in state-owned companies but also on its boards.  Zuma said there was a deployment committee in the ANC because it was the ruling party.

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo asked if this committee, which was established in 1994 to help with appointments in the public sector, had a list of people with their qualifications and experiences or if the committee recommended people that they knew.

Zuma responded and said: “They don’t necessarily keep a list. I think it happens that the ANC knows its people and it knows some of their capacity and with some, it may not know. So, when that situation arises, they would then look at those on the list to see what type of person is wanted to assist the process.”


Zuma and State capture commission


Zuma – 15 July 2019


Corruption watch – 2018 ABOUT ZONDO AND CAPTURE

South Africa and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have since signed a mutual legal assistance and extradition treaty. Although this is no sudden decision – negotiation between the countries have been in progress since around 2010 – the timing is fortuitous for South Africa as far as state capture is concerned.

On Thursday 27 September the commission’s legal team, led by advocate Paul Pretorius, submitted an application for the commission to admit the hard drives on which the controversial #GuptaLeaks e-mails reside currently, as part of the body of evidence.

Zondo Commission – week 6 overview



Wat gebeur tydens kapings – daardie persoon(e) verloor alles.   Plus, met ons volkslede, uit die pad, die wat bevoegd was, wat opgelei was, is uit die weg geruim met hierdie wetgewings, sodat daar beter en groter korrupsie kan plaasvind.     Hoeveel moorde het nie al plaasgevind, veral op plase en ou mense.  Om van ons volk ontslae te raak.   Met plase waar die eienaar uitgewis word, word die voedselketting gebreek en staar dit werkloosheid en ook voedseltekorte in die gesig.  Nes Zimbabwe en ander Afrika lande.

Dieselfde tipe gebeure het ook voor die ABO afgespeel – daar was eers ander se grondgebiede geannekseer, en die twee onafhanklike Boere republieke het op twee oorloë uitgeloop.  Dus, weer eens, is dit ons volk wat uitmekaar spat as gevolg van kommunisme, radikale rewolusie, geweld, plundering en swart bemagtiging.  Die liberale netwerke speel almal saam die ANC, rondom dieselfde tafels.   

Daar is geen ander beskrywing as rassisme en diskriminasie nie.    Dit word al sedert 1994 gedoen waar hierdie wetgewings spesifiek elke blanke in hierdie land se menseregte aantas en vernietig.

Die wetgewings verwys na swart bemagtiging en regstellende aksie, met die doel, missie en eindpunt om teen een spesifieke ras te diskrimineer om hul totaal en al maatskaplik, finansieel en ekonomies te ruïneer en vernietig.   Ons mense bly verarmd onder bome, sonder geleenthede.   Al is daar dalk geleenthede, word hulle nie gebruik nie.   Baie min kom uit hierdie armoede netwerk uit of het geleentheid daartoe.  Heelwat is nie opnuut opgelei nie en hul vaardighede is dus nie meer in 2022 van krag nie, dus word hulle eerder eenkant geplaas.  Daar is egter besighede wat hand uitsteek, maar dis in die minderheid.

Die volksgenote wat oorsee gaan werk of emigreer, word van alles rakende ons volks- kultuur, tradisies, geskiedenis, taal en identiteit beroof en kan dit as ‘n kaping gesien word.  Wat is dit anders as vuilspel om ons te vernietig?  ‘n Volk wat oorsee onder ‘n vreemde kultuur gaan bly en ander kulture se tradisies en gewoontes, taal moet aanleer.

Swart en khoi san gebiede, het onder ander name voortgebou, naamlik die Kroon en Reservate/Tuislande is na 1994 as CPA en Trustgebiede geregistreer, slegs vir hulle.  Daar is aparte wetgewing, slegs vir hulle geskep en oor die 8840 tradisionele leiers.

Die ANC en hul kaders trek 100% munt daaruit om hulle en hul families asook vriendekring daarmee te bevoordeel ten koste van die blanke in Suid-Afrika.

Dit maak nie saak hoe hard ons blankes gaan probeer om na bo te kom nie, sodra dit gebeur, word die strop van rassistiese wetgewings so afgedwing en ook op alle ander regerings wat ooreenkomste met die ANC sluit.

Elkeen van hierdie ander regerings, van Rusland, China, Amerika, Frankryk, die EU lande en Australië maak hul skuldig aan rassisme en diskriminasie met al hul ooreenkomste met Suid-Afrika.

Natuurlik wen die lande ook geweldig baie, want sodra die deure toegemaak word in ons blankes se gesigte, emigreer heelwat van ons families, vriende en kennisse uit die land, maar teen ‘n baie baie hoë prys.

Hoeveel het elke Boer en Afrikaner, wat padgegee het uit Suid-Afrika al in hul nuwe land van herkoms gaan insit?

Dit is elke sent, van visa aansoeke, vliegkaartjies, paspoorte wat verval en hernu moet word,  inpak, verkope in Suid-Afrika (huis, meubels, voertuie), die trek en hervestiging, skole en opvoeding, aansoeke vir beter werksgeleenthede, voertuie, die aankoop of huur van verblyfplekke en meubels wat in elke land nuut aangekoop word, net om te kan oorleef.

Elke land bied wel geleenthede, maar teen ‘n baie hoë prys.   Werk al hierdie uitgawes uit oor 30 jaar van immigrasie.   Dit geld nie vir vlugtelinge nie, want hulle is maar min, wat oral ook soms nie mag werk vir ‘n tydperk nie, maar onderhou moet word deur familielede.

Ons as blankes verloor al ons persone wat goeie opleiding en ervaring geniet, wat weer in ander lande gebruik word.  Dit is hierdie lande wat ooreenkomste aangaan met die ANC regering, wat ook regstellende aksie en swart bemagtiging insluit.  Daar is feitlik geen besigheid of myn waar dit nie van toepassing is nie.

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