Eskom>AREP>IPP – Ramaphosa>Motsepe>Radebe

Motsepe ontken dat hy bevoordeel word deur die aankondiging van sy familielid in Parlement, Ramaphosa.      Dis net baie toevallig dat daar heelwat ooreenkomste bestaan, en dit het nie “oornag” ontstaan nie.   Volgens hom het hulle reeds bestaande kontrakte wat nie net gekanselleer kan word nie – hoe is tenders uitgegee is ‘n ander vraag.   Weet nie watter kontrakte dit alles is nie.   – AREP van sy vrou en Jeff Radebe speel ‘n kritieke rol hierdeur.   Regdeur is dit ooglopend.
Patrice Motsepe has rejected claims that he will benefit from his brother-in-law President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent decision to unbundle Eskom.

Patrice Motsepe. Picture: GovernmentZA/Flickr

Motsepe is married to Precious Moloi-Motsepe, and they have three children. His wife is a leading businesswoman, entrepreneur and philanthropist in South Africa and was named one of the country’s Most Influential Women in 2012.
Precious Elizabeth Makgosi Moloi-Motsepe


The Government failed since 1994 at all levels of government.   SOE’s have been failed.   Eskom has been failed.   Telkom, SAA, SABC and others.   All part of this sinking ship.   Can anybody in a crisis split a sinking ship?   There is no “emergency plan” if government do not take action against corruption and the non payments – the illegal connections.  Take away the violation of white’s human rights – B-BBEE is a crime against all whites in South Africa, control the immigrants as well.
Eskom split route – Ramaphosa – ANC


Problems at Eskom started actually years back – load sheddings is not a “new thing”.

Eskom – korrupsie – corruption


Shocking claims of how Eskom deliberately caused 2008 and 2014 load shedding

Eskom – Ted Blom – Korrupsie

last year and previous loadshedding …
He announced a Special Cabinet Committee to oversee the operations at Eskom and reassured Mp’s that the unbundling of the power utility is in no way a step towards privatisation. Mboweni is due to deliver his budget speech next Wednesday. The day after Parliament will have a special sitting for a debate on the troubles at the power utility amidst extreme loadshedding.

Eskom: Ramaphosa – Mabuza


Jabu Mabuza is also the Chairman of Telkom SA SOC Limited. He is widely recognised as a successful entrepreneur. He retired from the position of Group Chief Executive of Tsogo  Sun Holdings Ltd then served as its Deputy Chairman for a period.  Jabu is the current Chairman of the Casino Association of South Africa (CASA), President of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), Co-Convener of the CEO Initiative, Chairman of the Africa portion of the merged Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller, Chairman of the Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA).
Jabu Mabuza – Eskom – Telkom – Tsogo Sun


27 IPP agreements – Eskom – “new dawn”

Agreements opening the way for the construction of 27 renewable-energy independent power producer (IPP) projects, with a combined investment value of R56-billion and a combined capacity of 2 300 MW, were finally signed on Wednesday April 4, after a confidence-sapping delay of over two years.

At the signing event in Pretoria Energy Minister Jeff Radebe declared a “new dawn” for renewable energy in South Africa, following a “long period of uncertainty, not only for the renewable-energy industry, but also for private sector investment in the energy sector”.

Following the recall of President Jacob Zuma and the appointment of Radebe, by President Cyril Ramaphosa, as the country’s newest Energy Minister it was announced that the project agreements, including the PPAs with Eskom, would be signed on March 13. But the Department of Energy (DoE) then voluntarily held back from signing after the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa and Transform RSA approached the courts in a bid to interdict the projects, which the two organisations argued would result in coal-sector job losses.

Eskom – 27 IPP projects


Billionaire Patrice Motsepe says his company cannot cancel the contracts it has with government due to legal obligations.   Motsepe has rejected claims that he’ll benefit from his brother-in-law President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent decision to unbundle Eskom.

He’s also given clarity on the contacts he has with the Energy Department headed by his other brother in law Minister Jeff Radebe.   Motsepe said when the agreements between his company African Rainbow Energy and Power and the Energy Department were entered into, Rampahosa was not yet president while Radebe was not energy minister.   “When these agreements were concluded, the current position was not anticipated.”

He said while his company’s relationship with government is legal and above board, he concedes the perceptions of favouritism by South Africans are justified.   “Even if I didn’t have these relatives in government, I have a fundamental duty and obligation not only to be transparent but also ethical and accountable.”   Motsepe says he’s never supported the privatisation of Eskom and will not be part of the sale or disposal of its assets.

African Rainbow Energy and Power said the relationship between its CEO and government puts a greater onus on it to strengthen governance and rules within the company.   The company’s CEO Brian Dames also said their projects with government are purely business at arm’s length.

“This is about our duty as businesses and leaders given our value system to be absolutely transparent and accountable.”



Malema ask Ramaphosa about Patrice Motsepe (pt. 1)


Malema ask Ramaphosa about Patrice Motsepe (pt. 2



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