Grensoorlog – SA Bushwar

The SA Bushwar lasted for 23 years, from 1966 till 1989, making it one of Africa's longest conflicts.    The Bushwar was fought primarily in Northern Namibia and Southern Angola. However if the total onslaught against the South African nationalist Government is considered, the conflict could be extrapolated to these theatres of conflict and opposing… Continue reading Grensoorlog – SA Bushwar

South Africa – Suid-Afrika (voor 1994)

Nostalgiese terugblik.   Saluut aan almal.   *** Battle of Cuito Cuanavale - 1987 This video shows the truth about what happened in late 1987 in South-East Angola. The video says it all, but the SADF/Unita forces seriously crushed the Communist forces of Cuba/MPLA! *** *** Attack on Katima Mulilo - 23 August 1978 In… Continue reading South Africa – Suid-Afrika (voor 1994)