Corsham tunnels in the UK

*In the 1950s, as the threat of nuclear war loomed large, the Tunnels became an underground facility for the potential relocation of Government in time of crisis. This role was retained until 2004 when, the Cold War having ended, the site was declassified, though still remaining part of the Ministry of Defence estate. Much of… Continue reading Corsham tunnels in the UK

Sykes-Picot Agreement Middle east – Ottomans

  Why is there so much conflict, especially in the middle east?   When Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot met in London and took a pen to a map of the Middle East 100 years ago this week, only one of them had ever been there. It was, some say, as if the two were playing… Continue reading Sykes-Picot Agreement Middle east – Ottomans