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Saam met swart bemagtiging wat verskeidenheid volke insluit, sluit dit ook blanke volke uit – rassisme – en dan word ons as Afrikaners en Boere (blankes) beskuldig dat ons rassiste is.  Ons het nie B-BBEE wetgewings of selfs Trustwetgewing of CPA wetgewings geskep nie.   Die feit bly staan, dit is rassisties en sluit blankes uit.  Verskeidenheid ander wetgewings koppel aan swart bemagtiging.   Selfs ‘n beleidsdokument soos die Mynbou Handves (Charter) word  geraak.   Aan hierdie spesifieke Trustfonds word ander trustfondse gekoppel – en dan mag ons nie ‘n sê hê oor ons eie skole en selfs taal nie.  Ons word doelbewus uit alles uitgesluit deur persone wat direk deur swart bemagtiging bevoordeel is.   En aan die einde word vir die hele wêreld verkondig hulle het niks ontvang nie en bly steeds “agterblewe”.  Letterlik is daar bykans geen wetgewing waardeur ons nie geraak word nie.  Selfbeskikking is ons enigste pad vorentoe sodat ons ons eie heil, ekonomie kan uitwerk en uitleef sonder hierdie alewige swart bemagtiging wat ons verhoed om te lewe.

ARM is committed to the spirit and objectives of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 28 of 2002, and the Broad-Based Socio-Economic Charter for the South African Mining and Minerals Industry (the Mining Charter). To this end, and for the benefit of historically disadvantaged South Africans (HDSAs), the Company created the ARM Broad-Based Economic Empowerment Trust (ARM BBEE Trust).

The beneficiaries of the ARM BBEE Trust include seven regional upliftment trusts, a women’s upliftment trust, union representatives, a church group and community leaders. The ARM BBEE Trust was restructured in April 2016 to provide a more permanent and sustainable funding solution for the trust.

The trust owns 15 897 412 ARM shares (30 June 2015: 28 614 740 ARM shares), which is equivalent to 7.29% of the ARM issued share capital at 30 June 2016. As part of the restructuring, the ARM BBEE Trust sold 12 717 328 ARM shares to a wholly owned subsidiary of ARM, which holds these shares as treasury shares.



Johannesburg, 18 February 2008: The ARM Broad-based Economic Empowerment Trust (�The ARM BBEE Trust�), which holds about 10% of the share capital of African Rainbow Minerals Limited (�ARM�) today made its first cash distribution of approximately R8 million to its beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries of the ARM BBEE Trust are the five ARM Provincial Rural Upliftment Trusts representing seven provinces in South Africa, the ARM National Women’s Upliftment Trust, various Church Trusts, two trade union companies representing 400 000 workers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, women and youth owned SMME’s.

The cash distribution will be used to build schools, laboratories, cr�ches, clinics, hospitals and other community upliftment facilities.

The current value of the ARM BBEE Trust is approximately R4 billion, based on ARM’s market capitalisation as at 15 February 2008. The net value of the ARM BBEE Trust, after deduction of outstanding loans of R1 billion is approximately R3 billion.

The hand-over of the cash distributions took place at a briefing session in Johannesburg today when the beneficiaries of the ARM BBEE Trust gathered for a briefing on the working and strategies of the ARM Broad-based Economic Empowerment Structure. This Structure is a unique vehicle for empowerment and upliftment of the poor and rural communities in South Africa.

Although some of the 10% shareholding of ARM shares will have to be sold to repay the loans, the long-term plan is that the ARM BBEE Trust should function and survive in perpetuity as a source of funding for rural and community upliftment.

A donation of R1.5 million was also made by ARM to the Nelson Mandela Foundation to enable the Foundation to continue with its important work of helping the poor and destitute.

Patrice Motsepe, the Executive Chairman of ARM said at the briefing, �the long-term political and economic stability of South Africa requires that as many South Africans as possible, particularly the poor and marginalised, participate and benefit from the growth and development of our economy.

�We are today continuing to make our humble contribution to improve the living conditions of the poor and those living in the rural areas of our country,� said Mr Motsepe.

The briefing was attended by King Zwelithini and approximately 40 other prominent Kings and traditional leaders from the nine provinces in South Africa.

The Minster of Minerals and Energy, Me. Buyelwa Sonjica and the President of the ANC, Mr. Jacob Zuma and other prominent political, business and trade union leaders were also present.

�As our company continues to grow, so will the value held by the Trust and the benefits that the beneficiaries receive. This is a partnership that will be sustainable for the long term,� concluded Mr. Motsepe.


28 November 2011

Patrice Motsepe, Executive Chairman of African Rainbow Minerals (ARM), today announced that the company will be making a further R23 million cash distribution to various community, church, trade union, women and youth upliftment projects throughout South Africa.

This distribution will be made through its ARM Broad-based Economic Empowerment Trust for education, health, welfare and other community upliftment projects. A total of over R74 million has been contributed to various community, church, trade union, women and youth upliftment projects throughout South Africa, over the past five years.
potsepe voordele aan swartes

potsepe voordele aan swartes 2

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