Himachal Pradesh is famous for its hill stations like Shimla, Manali etc. However, there are many historic and old monuments in Himachal Pradesh which adds to its scenic beauty. Apart from the hills and the views from its hill stations the monuments in Himachal Pradesh form an important part of the Indian history and culture, many of them being a part of the famous Indian epic, Mahabharat.

It was designed by Colonel J.T. Boileau in 9th September,1844 and was built in the year 1857.
10 facts about Christ Church: Most iconic landmark in Shimla


Shimla has a history with Britishers and there are many signs and symbols present of that past till date. Many houses, commercial buildings, theater, roads,etc from that era are still exists. One of such structures is the Christ Church located at the Ridge. Not only it is one of the most famous landmarks of Shimla but of Himachal Pradesh overall. It was built for the British settlers who moved to Shimla in 18th Century and were willing to have a place to worship every once in a while.


Rock cut temple, more famous by the name of Masrur Temple is an early 8th century Hindu temple. The architecture of the temple is devoted to various deities like Shiva, Vishnu, Devi and Saura, the major HIndu gods. The architecture of this temple could never be studied properly due to extensive damage particularly because of earthquakes in the region. The architects say that the temple had a more complex and massive design which could not be completed. Even after being damaged this temple attracts people by its amazing design and interior.

Rock Cut Temple – An 8th Century Monument

17 Monuments In Himachal Pradesh For All History Buffs To Travel In 2021


The Rashtrapati Niwas also known as the Viceregal Lodge is one of the historical monuments in Himachal Pradesh. It not only shows the history of the state but of the entire country. The Rashtrapati NIwas is situated on the Observatory Hills of Shimla and was the home of the Viceroy Of India during the colonial rule. It contains many historic and important artefacts, documents and photographs of the British rule. This amazing piece of history was designed and made by an British architect named Henry Irwin.

Rashtrapati Niwas In Himachal Pradesh


If you have ever been to Bir on a bus, you would know that Baijnath is the end stop. When you get down at the bus station, the first thing that your eyes notice is the ancient Shiva temple, popularly known as Baijnath temple. This temple was built in 1204 A.D. the architecture of this temple is unique and alluring complimented by the mountain views in the background. The peaceful vicinity of temple offers serenity to mind and soul.

baijnath temple


Buddhism, the world’s fourth-largest religion and philosophy with over 520 million followers, was founded in 5th century BC by Siddhartha Gautama popular as Lord Buddha. Based on the teachings of Lord Buddha, Buddhism talks about the journey of life and realistic observation suffering and ways to end this suffering to attain the nirvana. Founded in northeastern India, Buddhism found wide acceptance in those days as it librated people from shackles of caste tyranny. After Buddha, his disciples took his teachings across the Asian subcontinent under the patronage of peace-loving kings to spread the message of Ahimsa, i.e. nonviolence.

Borobudur Temple Compounds, Indonesia


Delhiites don’t really have to look or rush to any other place of worship as they have the shining Akshardham Temple to themselves. Started on 6 November 2005, this temple finds its place on the banks of River Yamuna. The literal translation of this temple is “The divine abode of God”. If your heart wants to find solace and peace then you should pay a visit to Akshardham.

Top 31 Famous Temples in India



Himachal Pradesh, which is often described as the abode of the Gods, is dotted with temples, literally one in every hamlet. The splendid heights of the Himalayan ranges, with its great scenic beauty and aura of spiritual calm seem the natural home of the Gods. Two thousands or more temples all over the State, reiterate this fact.

Kolli Hills Road Trip – Highest hair pin bends in India (70) – Tamilnadu Tourism


A complete guide to visit Kollimalai/Kolli Hills after lockdown. This video will give you a clear idea for travellers, bike riders and adventure freaks who are planning to visit Kolli Hills after lockdown. In this video, we have explored the Aagaya gangai waterfalls, Masila waterfalls, Botanical garden, Boathouse, arapaleeswarar temple and the famous 70 hairpin bends of Kolli Hills. Kollimalai is one of the must-visit places in Tamil Nadu attracting thousands of visitors and adventure freaks in a year. The frequently changing climate makes the place look so gorgeous. Agaya Gangai waterfalls are located in the Kolli Hills of the Eastern Ghats, in India. It is a 300 feet (91 m) waterfall of the river Aiyaru.


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