Farm /White Attacks and Killings – August 2020

Farm attacks and killing 2020 so far.   There were even killings during the curfew and virus at night.   Aandklokreël het nie misdadigers en moordenaars gestop om ons Blankes en Boere te verniel, aan te rand, martel en vermoor nie.
August 2020- 52 farm attacks and 9 farm murders.

July 2020- 55 farm attacks, 9 farm murders.
June 2020- 56 farm attacks and 7 farm murders.
May 2020- 15 farm attacks and 4 farm murders.
April 2020- 17 farm attacks and 1 farm murder.
March 2020- 35 farm attacks and 6 farm murders.
February 2020- 31 farm attacks and 8 farm murders.
January 2020- 17 farm attacks.


Information supplied by The Rome Research Institute of South Africa.

The South African president denies the existence of farm attacks and farm murders, but during the month of August 2020, there have in fact been 52 farm attacks and 9 farm murders in in the country. Six farm attacks were successfully averted. During July 2020, there were 55 farm attacks, 9 farm murders and 6 attacks were successfully averted.










There have in fact been 55 farm attacks and 9 farm murders in the country during July 2020, while 6 farm attacks were successfully averted.

In June 2020 there were 56 farm attacks and 7 farm murders in the country.

* Of the opinion that most of the farm attacks, raping and killings are to create fear within the white community and even to workers that do not know what is going on and to loose jobs.    The “powers” behind the attacks and killings want to make sure, nobody must have food or an income to survive and to be dependent from the government for freebees (#bolshevism).

Farm attacks and killings – South Africa Oct2020


A shocking picture under the so-called lockdown with how many thousands of “army” around.

Seven farm attacks and or attempted attacks and house robberies took place between 19:45 on 16 June and 04:00 on 17 June 2020, in the Haakdoornboom, Onderstepoort in the area of Pretoria North, Gauteng province of South Africa. Several people have been seriously injured and or shot during these attacks. An 18 year old boy was also shot in the neck.  

SA Attacks and killings – White Farmers/Blanke Boere – moorde en aanvalle


Onder ons neuse vind ekonomiese sabotasie plaas, dit gaan gepaard met korrupsie, diefstal, tenders toewys aan vriende en familie asook moordverhale wat afspeel.  Dit sluit alle staatsinstellings soos Eskom, SAL, Denel ea hierby in.  In die afgelope paar dae 1-15 Maart 2020  was daar 18 plaasaanvalle en twee plaasmoorde in Suid-Afrika, terwyl drie plaasaanvalle suksesvol afgeweer is.  Gedurende Februarie 2020 was daar agt plaasmoorde en 31 plaasaanvalle in Suid-Afrika, terwyl een plaasaanval suksesvol afgeweer is.   So word onskuldige boere en blankes stelselmatig aangeval en vermoor.  Heelwat van die aanvalle sterf ook later aan komplikasies daarna en die vraag is word die “nagevolge” wat die oorsaak is van die aanval, ook moord genoem of word dit maar “natuurlike” oorsake van dood aangeteken. 

Plaasmoorde – MOORDE – Farm killings


This was only farm attacks and killings of the White Boer and Afrikaners during February 2020.   Thank you to those that keep our records – it is very important.   To those families that lost somebody, you are in our prayers.     Hierdie statistiek is slegs vir die maand Februarie 2020.   Dankie aan diegene wat die statistieke byhou.   Aan diegene wat ‘n geliefde verloor het, ons innige simpatie en weet julle is in ons gebede.

Farm attacks – killed – February 2020


Ekonomiese sabotasie vind plaas sedert 1994, deurdat veral blanke besighede die reg ontneem word om hul besighede voort te sit.    Dis nie net moorde en aanvalle wat ook teen ons volk gemik is nie.  Om ‘n ander se besittings te brand is terrorisme.   Om ‘n blanke boer se toerusting te vernietig of in persoon aan te val, is terrorisme en ‘n misdaad.  

Farms attacks – killings – January 2020



(Dr Stanton of Genocide Watch): Genocide is a process that develops in ten stages that are predictable but not inexorable. At each stage, preventive measures can stop it. The process is not linear. Stages may occur simultaneously. Logically, later stages must be preceded by earlier stages. But all stages continue to operate throughout the process.   To attack, torture and kill.

Genocide – Boer and Afrikaner (whites) people

“By “genocide” we mean the destruction of a nation or of an ethnic group…. Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation

Genocide – Volksmoord


Daar is verskillende stadiums van volksmoorde.   Rassisme en diskriminasie, ontkenning is deel daarvan. – To live in denial – black economic empowerment is part of genocide.

Volksmoord – Genocide


Elke volk het die reg tot selfbeskikking.    Thousands of our Afrikaners and Boers ( whites ) have been assaulted, tortured and murdered, especially farmers, we as people,  still have the right to continue to exist within our own independent territories, in which we have a right to elect our own leaders.

Genocide versus Self-determination


Crime, human trafficking, rape, killings, corruption are just endless.   If government is not going to stop it, nobody will – they allow this.  Open borders are also a fact, and people from all over the world come in South Africa and live here for free, get free land and housing, want free education, if they want to use electricity it is also free and most of them are also sassa receivers.   Here are only a few cases reported at the media room of SAPS services.

South African Police Services – reports



Any firearm that has been stolen is and remains an illegal firearm that commits illegal acts and murders.  Such a person is already a criminal and terrorist, who does not have a competency certificate to use it.   Enige vuurwapen wat gesteel word is en bly ‘n onwettige vuurwapen waarmee onwettige dade en moorde gepleeg word.  So ‘n persoon is reeds ‘n krimineel (terroris) het geen bevoegdheid sertifikaat om dit te gebruik nie.

Fire arms lost (given away?) – SAPS officials


What “fights are there against crime in SA”? This government has done absolutely nothing to reduce crime, sex crimes and murder crimes.   Furthermore, government and their agents, receive also 15% VAT on all related crime activities – all extra incomes only to themselves.   The President himself, the Minister of Police, Immigration, Defence Force and other sections are responsible for the crime situation in South Africa.

Aanvalle-Moorde SEPTEMBER 2019 Attacks-Killings



Geweld, moord, marteling, verkragting, korrupsie – Killings, rapes, quatro, corruption

Moorde Killings/Rapes: QUATRO


Terroristm before 1994 – ANC

Zuma, bomme – moorde en plaasmoorde – ook voor 1994

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  1. […] A farmer, Herkie Viljoen, Safety Chairman of the Bethlehem District Agricultural Association, which operated a 24-hour control room for the region in the town, gave some background to the media and why Horner was killed “because authorities did not do their job”….   Serious questions were asked by the Farmers in the district and during a meeting with the Minister of Police. There was not a single answer or any explanation from the Police side.   Farmers wanted to know what happened to that investigation report regarding sindicates that was handed to them a few months ago.   There were also demands from the Farmers. South Africa – Senekal – Stock theft syndicate – killing of farmer>How many killings and attacks are there during lockdown?  Misdadigers wat in getalle inkom om veral ouer persone en hul families te verras, aan te val, plunder wat hul kan, aanrand, verkrag en soms vermink, martel en vermoor.    Weer eens soos ander gevalle, is daar ‘n aandklokreel, maar dit geld net vir sekeres in die land, nie vir die misdadigers nie.  Farm attack, family sexually assaulted, Muldersdrift – 1 August 2020>Farm attacks and killing 2020 so far.   There were even killings during the curfew and virus at night.   Aandklokreël het nie misdadigers en moordenaars gestop om ons Blankes en Boere te verniel, aan te rand, martel en vermoor nie.Farm /White Attacks and Killings – August 2020 […]


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