Victor Mosehla’s letters

A few letters written by Victor Mosehla on his facebook page about South Africa, more specific, the ANC government and about the high rate of killings, rapes, corruption, crime, terrorism, burning down of businesses that are never ended.  And with a person like George Soros (OSF.SA) financing everything will it be difficult, it is not going to stop by the massas of supporters and not sure how many people know who and what his power is.   #bolshevism.  If you read all his lettters, it is a concern.   If government change the constitution, it will be like Zimbabwe – same route.
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7 July 2019

For how many more decades do we all need to keep admitting that the “ANC indiscriminately destroyed SA” before we take action?

Are my brothers stupid enough to wait for the gluttonous cadres to “Compassionately Negotiate Themselves Out Of Power”, like the NATs generously did in the early 90’s?

Eish …no wonder we are so easily colonised, we are easily confused by political witchcraft. We want equality, we accept less equality; we want jobs, we accept less jobs; we want education, we accept less education; we want less crime, we accept more crime; we want more services, we accept less services; we want more dignity, we accept being treated like animals; we wanted a proud African country, we accepted a shit hole😭.

Ironically we accept a return to a horrific migratory labour system where our African children are reluctantly being forced to leave SA in droves for better opportunities…and then compelled to send their hard-earned money back to their struggling families in SA.

What happened to ‘critical thinking’? Don’t Black South Africans understand that we are almost recolonised by powerful new forces that don’t care about skin colour…all they want is to maintain their governmental stranglehold, hold our debt above us as leverage, turn us on ourselves, while they prostitute themselves to foreign powers, and steal our treasured resources. They want us to print wheelbarrows of money so that is worthless…then we feel the soul-scorching pain of real enslavement.    These evil forces have been ushered in by our evil ANC politicians who have betrayed all that is sacred to Mzansi☹️.  We hold onto the tenuous dream of enlightenment until the wretched masses vote for the ANC again..and then go and burn down more schools😡..we are truly a broken country😪

V. Mosehla


6 July 2019

South Africa, a Country Severely Weakened By Black Corruption…

Civil war in South Africa as a result of economic failure due to a variety of factors inclusive of corruption and criminality, is real. The filthy black ANC government has allowed billions to be filtered off to fund the greed of those in charge of what was once a movement for equality and freedom for all.

The majority have become the victims of socialistic policies which is the best way to totally shrink the economy and scare away future investment(jobs). To shift the blame, the ANC government and other populists decided to dangle a carrot in front of the public – this is now well known as merely a ploy to gain support and divert attention away from the suffering black masses, and the dead bodies that lay in the wake of so called vengeance crimes against said minorities.

The reality is most minorities do not own land and many were innocent of the Apartheid government (many were not even alive then). Not to mention the great fighters like Helen Suzman etc etc etc. The commitment that should be made (if we truly were a proud African nation) is to do a complete purge of the corrupt ANC regime, and alienate the treasonous politicians who have stripped our resources bare, calling it radical economic transformation, when it really is #ANC_Gluttony.   

In the future, all ministers should be required take a course in Good Governance & Ethics 101.   
Those people who have always disagreed with inequality whether it be race, gender or religious based – each one of you has the opportunity to do three things in life – do something that 1)uplifts 2)do nothing or 3)do something to destroy.

We would rather be the ones who uplift…

V. Mosehla


2 June 2019

Dear Black South African Brothers

-you are happy to let whites & coloureds squirm as we pepper them with double standards

-you are happy to whine and complain about the state of service delivery (whilst you keeping voting for a failed party)

-you are happy to make Mzansi an unwelcoming place for our African neighbours

-you are happy to dig for conspiracy theory’s about the ‘world that is out to get us’ – yes, the same ‘world’ that pressured the National Party TO FREE US during the struggle…

-all this while we are happy to let white South Africans pay 80% of the taxes to feed and school our children…and then we demand they help fix our unemployment problem 😕

Where is your pride, black South Africa?

Where is our pride in ourselves, and in our vision as a country?

We appear to be lazy, arrogant & bitter…We appear to be weak, unorganised, inept, corrupt, needy and shallow-minded…is this only how we appear, or is it true? Do we deserve to be running this country?

I will let you answer…

V. Mosehla

 — feeling curious at The way the truth and the life.

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