Cecilia Steyn, Zack Valentine and Marcel Steyn – Krugersdorp

Marcel Steyn's warped childhood led to her involvement in a cult and a string of grisly murders.   She was 14 when a group of six people in Krugersdorp on the West Rand, including her mother and brother, carried out 11 murders, first for revenge and then for money.   Now, she must serve seven life terms… Continue reading Cecilia Steyn, Zack Valentine and Marcel Steyn – Krugersdorp

Krugersdorp killings

  The three murderers known as the Krugersdorp Killers have been handed a number of life sentences each.   Cecilia Steyn, Zack Valentine and Marcel Steyn had been convicted on 32 counts, including murder, fraud and intimidation.   The court found that the three and at least three others were behind the brutal murders of 11 people… Continue reading Krugersdorp killings

100+ Personalities – Krugersdorp murders

If you look at the 100 personalities - do you see them?   the changes in the eyes?   As said previously  Lying was easier than breathing for Cecilia, said Rajivec, who was Cecilia’s best friend for over four years.   She said that Cecilia could do things to a person without them even knowing about it.    She… Continue reading 100+ Personalities – Krugersdorp murders