Interview with Dutch MP, Martijn van Helvert on Farm Murders and expropriation without compensation in South Africa

Interview regarding Farm murders/attacks as well as expropriation (not only land – all properties without compensation.
Mr van Helvert made a video saying the following:
“The killing, torture, and expropriation of white farmers in South Africa continue. Often it concerns families that have Dutch roots. The farming population has been halved. Thirty thousand farmers have disappeared, and the South African government does nothing at all. In the right-wing extremist corner, this topic is often used to express their racist ideas.

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It causes many politicians to keep far away from this problem, and that is very bad for these farming families because and that is very bad for these farming families because it just makes their situation much worse. It is why I am calling for an international investigation, for example, via the UN on the murders, torture, and expropriations of the white farmers in South Africa.” We will do an interview about it.


3 Julie 2019 – Internasionale ondersoek oor Plaasaanvalle en -moorde
Asook onteiening –

Martijn van Helvert op Radio Pretoria – 3 Julie 2019 –

Ask for an international (UN) investigation regarding farm attacks and killings, as well as expropriation – that means not only land, but all properties, without compensation.


Since 1994 there are more than 100 racist legislations against WHITE people of South Africa.

The President himself, was the chairperson of that commission – B-BBEE – black empowerment


Ramaphosa : “Farmers/Whites are thieves” – accusations > expropriation

B-BBEE legislation and rules

B-BBEE Strategy – South Africa – whites excluded


Legislation only for black and khoisan

Ramaphosa voorlegging: Commission

Ramaphosa besittings – B-BBEE

BEE is racism and discrimination

2 gedagtes oor “Interview with Dutch MP, Martijn van Helvert on Farm Murders and expropriation without compensation in South Africa”

  1. It’s not just warmers suffering! It’s most of us white people!! We can’t get jobs because it’s for blacks only!! We can’t get housing as DA told me I’m priviledged. A housing official has deducted a few years off my period of 19 years that I’ve been waiting for housing because I got married, she has penalized me because of this. They don’t want to give u housi g in the area u applied for and want to move you to a dangerous area that you don’t know while they putting people from other areas into the flats in our area and people that weren’t on waiting list occupied the flat’s aswell and drug dealers but they don’t put them out. We have no water and city of cape Town not interested. Living in filth, you can’t even wash hair and I really want to get out here where I’m staying! When minding ur own business some black person will look for kak and when you don’t back off and speak your mind then you racist! You get attacked in shop by blacks and open a case they never goes anywhere as I have not heard from the police since opening the case! I have a 3 kids, youngest being 7 that I need to provide for, the middle child dropped out of school because a teacher kept bullying her to drop out and education department does nothing about the bullying. Corruption is all over in SA!


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