Eskom and Africa

  Eskom has a hand in electricity generation and distribution across a wide swath of Africa, and is currently involved in the electricity sectors of some 31 African nations. Its role in owning and operating hydropower projects is growing. In some cases, it is buying up existing dams, and in other cases is proposing to… Continue reading Eskom and Africa

Illegal electrical connection – theft and corruption

  How to get rid of citizens?  Is to promote  crime, killings, rapes, mass immigrants, mostly illegals -  the  Crime factor is sky high in South Africa and 15% Vat income to government is also free to the government - they allow immigrants and illegals to enter the country with various reasons, they control the… Continue reading Illegal electrical connection – theft and corruption

Sakelui en Eskom – Small businesses

Met die verkiesing op hande, is het die regering besluit ligte sal aanbly, en as Eskom opdeel, nugter alleen weet hoe, want meer mense gaan 3 afsonderlike maatskappye op hoë vlak bestuur. Nog meer en wyer korrupsie wat kan plaasvind. As daar tans nie teen enige korrupsie opgetree word nie, wat is die kanse as… Continue reading Sakelui en Eskom – Small businesses

Strangled Eskom “PYRAMID SCHEMES”

Praat van deurmekaar en nog erger is al die geld wat vir jare "oorbetaal" is, aan wie en om wie te bevoordeel uit die Eskom en selfs ander SOE sages wat "bankrot" speel.   Is die spul regtig bankrot of is daar regtig fout met al hierdie kragstasies wat triljoene kos? WHAT ABOUT THE 2015 ENGINEERS… Continue reading Strangled Eskom “PYRAMID SCHEMES”

Eskom Swart Bemagtiging (B-BBEE)

All parties, inclusive the liberal whites of Dakar and FW de Klerk and the Broederbond, created this situation together with the ANC-DP-DA-EFF-ACDP-FF+ and others.  During the year 2015 Eskom declare to decrease its white employees by up to 3 400, despite having shed more than 10 000 white staff since 1994.   That is why Eskom is "socalled"… Continue reading Eskom Swart Bemagtiging (B-BBEE)

Eskom – “new plans from Ramaphosa”

During his State of the Nation Address on 7 February, Ramaphosa announced that Eskom would be unbundled into “three separate entities – generation, transmission and distribution”. These would all be established “under Eskom Holdings”.  This announcement has been a long time coming. It was first proposed and formalised 20 years ago in the country’s 1998 White Paper on Energy… Continue reading Eskom – “new plans from Ramaphosa”