Circus in the political arena – South Africa – chaos 5 April 2019 at Hout Bay


SABC reported on the circus of 5 April 2019 regarding the elections of 2019

Vanoggend op SABC2 nuus. So debatteer politieke partye.

Do you call this election debates?

hout bay election debate

Election debate of 2019 in South Africa.
Watch the full SABC coverage below:

Chaos mars SABC elections coverage in Hout Bay


An SABC elections town hall debate devolves into a chair-throwing brawl in Hout Bay, Cape Town on Thursday evening.   Smaller parties were to be afforded the opportunity to address the community.    Before Patricia de Lille of the Good Party could do so, the meeting devolved into chaos.


Let’s see who can name and shame the EFF member who’s beating woman. Hout bay
EFF supporters hit a woman trying to calm the situation down.


The EFF claims chairs were thrown at party supporters.


Crime, unemployment and land were the three subjects of contention. Expectedly, the differing views in these emotionally-triggering topics was a recipe for disaster.

The panel — that consisted of political parties that have seats in Parliament — was replaced by leaders of political parties that have yet to contest an election.

As the provincial leadership of the Black First Land First movement was voicing his discontent with the perceived favouritism Kamwendo supposedly showed in placing the ‘non-parliamentary’ parties away from their established opposition, chaos broke out.

EFF supporters could be seen throwing chairs at opposition party members. It is not clear as to what fueled the violence but it sure looked very ugly.



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