Farm attacks and killings – SA – Moorde en plaasaanvalle

CONSTITUTION – Life 11. Everyone has the right to life. 
There is no doubt, the government ANC can not stop and do not want to stop farm killings, tortures and attacks.  Create own neighbourhood security watch or like the old ‘Commando’ system that previously worked in rural areas – our own people, the veterans can run the system, our previous army included in that system.   Link the farm and cities/town security systems together, like a puzzle.

Ramaphosa's words on farm murders ring hollow, we need to see action -  Democratic Alliance


The man that ruled South Africa currently is part of the ANC – Ramaphosa denied farm attacks and farm tortures and killings.   Even land expropriation without compensation.  He is also in charge (rule) the Commission on Black Economic Empowerment – B-BBEE and EE – discrimination and racism.


Die SA Grondwet is volgens “regskenners” of grondwetskrywers en hul sienings ‘n sogenaamde “demokratiese grondwet” wat veronderstel is om menseregte te beskerm.   Nugter alleen weet wat die sienings bedoel wie of nou eintlik beskerm word.    Na 1996 het dit nie gebeur nie.   Hier word van ‘n klein persentasie gepraat wat vermoor word, diegene wat aan ons almal, moordenaars inkluis, van voedsel voorsien.


Aparte gebiede is as voorbeeld steeds daar, inteendeel, daar is nou meer grondeise wat afgehandel is,  CPA en trustgebiede en elke CPA het geregistreerde leiers, wat ons moet onderhou.  Dus bly die spul apart, hul kry inkomstes, hetsy in die CPA of toerisme bedryf, en natuurlik kry al die tradisionele leiers massiewe salarisse en byvoordele.     Dus , hoekom sal hul bekommerd wees oor aanvalle, martelings en moorde – hulle glo hul leier wat salarisse uitdeel.  Daar is 8840 tradisionele leiers en almal word uit die staatskas vergoed.

Moorde word aangehits deur die ANC-EFF leiers wat sing dat ons vermoor word, maar die “regsbank” bevind dit is nie “rassisme of diskriminerend” nie.  Tot Swart bemagtiging word deur die aangestelde regsbank as die anc se reg beskou.  Ons is SA is almal minderhede, maar daar word beslis net teen blankes gediskrimineer.


According to “legal experts” or constitutional writers of 1996 and their views, the SA Constitution is a “so-called ” democratic constitution  which is supposed to protect human rights.  That means, who are actually being protected now.

After 1996, that did not happen. Separate areas, for example, are still there, on the contrary, there are now more segregation – they call their areas CPA and trust areas and each CPA has registered leaders, which we as tax payers must maintain.   They get income, whether in the CPA or tourism industry, and of course all the traditional leaders get their salaries. So, why would they be worried about attacks, tortures and murders – they believe their ANC leader. There are 8840 traditional leaders (2018 Hansard) and all are reimbursed from the state coffers.

Murders are incited by ANC-EFF leaders who sing that we are being murdered, but the “judiciary” finds it is not “racism or discriminatory”.     And, Black empowerment, (B-BBEE and EE) said it is their right to have it.   It is against the international treaties as well.    We are SA are all minority groups of people, but there is definitely discrimination against only the whites.




10. Elkeen het ingebore waardigheid en die reg dat daardie waardigheid gerespekteer en beskerm word.

11. Elkeen het die reg op lewe.


Human dignity
10. Everyone has inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected.

11. Everyone has the right to life.



Ramaphosa denies the killings of farmers in South Africa for the international community. Do you want to know what is happening in South Africa watch The Boer Project:


If the ANC change their liberal communist constitution, they can do what they want, without compensation – not only land, ALL properties, as well as shares, everything.
Ramaphosa : “Farmers/Whites are thieves” – accusations > expropriation

Denial of Farm attacks and killings
Land reform – without compensation
Ramaphosa : Trump


While the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa and his gang of cohorts in the ANC government deny the existence of farm attacks in South Africa and with the support, by their silence, of their partners, the mainstream left liberal media, there have in fact been 56 farm attacks and 7 farm murders in the country during June 2020 alone. Only 3 farm attacks were successfully averted.    
During May 2020, in South Africa, there were fifteen farm attacks and four farm murders, whilst only one farm attack was averted.   During April 2020, there were seventeen farm attacks and one farm murder.   During the month of March 2020 there were six farm murders and thirty five farm attacks.   During the month of February 2020 there were eight farm murders and 31 farm attacks in South Africa, whilst one farm attack was successfully averted.

56 Farm attacks and 7 farm murders in South Africa – June 2020

56 Farm attacks and 7 farm murders in South Africa – June 2020


More information :

South African farm attack analysis: Visual presentation, April - June 2020

South African farm attack analysis: Visual presentation, April – June 2020


Thousands of white South African farmers have been brutally murdered by blacks and, No there have been no riots, no destruction and no mayhem as a result. And YES, these are racially motivated murders! Black leaders in the country openly call for these racial murders. And its not only the farmers, scores of other innocent white people have been murdered by blacks. Nothing is being said about it and towns are not been destroyed by angry mobs over it. So why no outcry from the world and why no major media drive about ‘these’ racist atrocities and why no demonstrations?


The major mainstream media outlets are part of the world liberal movement and as a result don’t drive issues that don’t suit their narrative, whilst, for example, driving the George Floyd incident in America does just that and helps further their cause, in this case, to remove Trump and to create one world without borders. (Floyd was an habitual criminal who was high on drugs that caused a heart attack.)

We all know by now, the liberal controlled social media networks similarly decide what will be shared and whilst blacks openly post about the killings of whites and while other other suitable left agenda is promoted, you will find that any other posts not fitting this narrative, are deemed to not ‘meet community standards’ and are removed or you cant share them.

Racial murders: 1000’s of white SA farmers killed by blacks – I also cant breathe !



Only a few to mention …


Jeffrey Zetler, who was well known in the local community, was stabbed to death on Saturday afternoon.   A Stellenbosch farmer was murdered at the weekend in what’s been called the first attack of its kind in the area.   Head of the Stellenbosch Community Policing Forum, Dr Carol Puhl-Snyman says Zetler was attacked by two men wearing balaclavas and when he resisted they stabbed him twice, once straight in the heart.


The Democratic Alliance is calling on the Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Faith Mazibuko, to urgently intervene in what the party believes is an increase in farm attacks.   This follows a number of attacks in the north of Tshwane being reported in the last 48 hours.  Meanwhile, the South African Police Services says police visibility in the area has been intensified.


Gauteng – This follows seven incidents of farm attacks in 24 hours within a 15-kilometre radius at the Onderstepoort smallholding farms.   Cases of house robbery, attempted house robbery and attempted murder have been opened at the Pretoria North Police Station.   In one of the incidents, two people sustained head injuries, and, in another incident, an 18-year-old boy was shot in the neck.   These incidents are some of many that indicate that farmers are under attack by criminals, yet the ANC-led government is doing nothing to ensure their safety.


According to the report, KZN, the Free State, Gauteng and Limpopo had the highest number of farm murders.

Free State had 11 murders followed by Gauteng and KZN which both had eight murders.

KZN had 39 farm attacks, an increase of 16 from the previous year.    Police Ministry spokesperson Lirandzu Themba said the SAPS was intent on tackling crime in rural and farming areas. This commitment was demonstrated by the revamping of the National Rural Safety Strategy plan now aimed at enhancing community-police partnerships, she said.   The police have also introduced rural safety priority committees. This, Themba said, would see an increased police capacity and resources.   “These committees will monitor incidents of violent crime and together with police plan interventions.  “It will also collaborate work at national, provincial and district levels to ensure safety in rural communities. Whether it be on foot or by air, in vehicles, motorcycles, quad-bikes or on horses, this strategy will see crime-prevention measures go where they have never gone before by focusing on hot spots in rural areas to turn the tide against crime,” Themba said. 

DA MP Dianne Kohler Barnard, who has recently been tasked to head the party’s rural safety work stream, said: “These aren’t crimes of passion, or drunkenness, or anger. They are coldly and carefully planned and executed invasions characterised by sheer brutality.” 

“Minister (Bheki) Cele says we don’t need specialised rural safety units, because the Rural Safety Strategy is working.
REALLY?   If that is working, why are there attacks, tortures and killings – also a person in denial.


16 June 2020   Vryheid (KZN)

Earlier this month, Midlands farmer Edi Neumeister, was hacked to death on his farm.   Neumeister, 69, was the owner of Gunther’s Sausages, a popular eatery specialising in Swiss sausages and German beer on the Midlands Meander.   He was in his workshop when a panga-wielding man attacked him.    At least nine attacks have been recorded thus far.   Pappa said the DA has repeatedly called for more action from the provincial government when it comes to the protection of KZN’s farming and rural communities.


Attacks and Brutal murders on whites
SA Attacks and killings – White Farmers/Blanke Boere – moorde en aanvalle


According to the report, farm attacks have been increasing from 2011 onwards. For the 2019 calendar year, the report states that 552 farm attacks were reported and confirmed.  “When comparing 2018 with 2019, 27% more farm attacks were recorded by AfriForum. Fifty-seven farm murders occurred during 2019, which is three more than in 2018,” the report reads.


From 15/06/2020 to 26/06/2020 at about 15H30, there were 28 ATTACKS AND 3 MURDERS. These attacks are accompanied by extremely heinous acts and murder and rape and abuse and extremely brutal assaults are the norm of the day. Preparedness is no longer good enough.


You are and remain the first line of defense. You will be exposed to 4 to 14 heavily armed brutal sadists who do not hesitate to kill or mutilate people.

Arm yourself thoroughly and fight FIRE with FIRE. Send this message to everyone on your list. Be warned for the upcoming weekend 26/06/2020 – 28/06/2020. Specifically Saturday night and Sunday.


Daar was vanaf 15/06/2020 tot en met 26//06/2020 omstreeks 15H30, 28 AANVALLE EN 3 MOORDE.

Hierdie aanvalle gaan gepaard met uiters wreedaardige handelinge en word moord en verkragting en mishandeling en uiters brutale aanrandings die norm van die dag.
Paraatheid is nie meer goed genoeg nie.


U is en bly die eerste lyn van verdediging. U sal blootgestel word aan 4 tot 14 swaar gewapende brutale sadiste wat nie skroom om dood te maak of om mense te vermink nie.

Bewapen Uself deeglik en veg VUUR met VUUR. Stuur hierdie boodskap aan almal op u lys. Wees gewaarsku vir die eerskomende naweek 26/06/2020-28/06/2020. Spesifiek Saterdagnag en Sondag.




Darling voorval

’n Geliefde, afgetrede leraar van die Presbiteriaanse kerk in Darling, Ian Benhardi (74), en sy vrou, Jean, is erg getraumatiseerd nadat hulle Sondagaand deur vier mans met klapmusse aan in die kothuis waarin hulle op die plaas Oudepost woon, beroof is.

Wilfred Duckitt, een van die eienaars van die Duckitt-kwekery wat op die plaas buite Darling bedryf word, het Maandag gesê die egpaar is omstreeks 23:30 oorrompel.

Ian het by hulle gepleit om nie sy vrou seer te maak nie, omdat sy in ’n verswakte toestand is.

Hy sê die mans het glo ’n vreemde taal gepraat wat die egpaar nie kon verstaan nie.

Duckitt sê dat die mans wonderbaarlik nie aan haar geraak het nie. Hulle het Benhardi egter vasgebind en die huis geplunder.

Volgens Duckitt is die egpaar se horlosies, selfone, juweliersware en kontant gesteel.

“Hulle is fisiek oukei, maar emosioneel en geestelik is hulle gekwes,” sê hy.

Kapt. Frederick van Wyk, polisiewoordvoerder in die Wes-Kaap, het die voorval bevestig.

Hy sê Benhardi is kort voor middernag deur ’n onbekende man wakker gemaak wat geld by hom geëis het. Die man het Benhardi toe glo met skoenveters vasgemaak waarna nog drie mans die egpaar se slaapkamer binnegekom het.

Volgens Van Wyk moes Benhardi toe vir hulle waardevolle items in die huis uitwys.

“Hulle het ’n onbekende bedrag geld, ’n kamera, juweliersware en ’n selfoon gevat,” sê Van Wyk.

Die mans het vermoedelik die studeerkamer se venster oopgedwing en toegang tot die kothuis verkry.

Hulle het die huis deur die skuifdeur verlaat en vermoedelik te voet deur die bosse gevlug.

“Die klaer kon nie sê of hulle ’n voertuig gebruik het nie.”
Benhardi het nadat die aanvallers gevlug het, daarin geslaag om homself los te wikkel en het by die plaaseienaars om hulp aangeklop. Hulle het toe die polisie gekontak.

Van Wyk sê niemand is nog in hegtenis geneem nie.
Enigeen met inligting oor die voorval kan die Stop Misdaadnommer, 08600 10111, skakel.




Minstens vyf plaasmoorde en talle aanvalle waartydens slagoffers geskiet is, met kookwater gemartel is en waar selfs kinders nie ontsien is nie, het Suid-Afrikaners in Junie laat besef dat die slagting op hoewes en plase voortduur.

Lukas Swart, misdaadkenner van Swartberg-intelligensiedienste, sê dit is duidelik dat die aanvalle op hoewes en plase die afgelope tyd weer skerp gestyg het.

Hy sê bendes gaan ook toenemend in ’n gebied inbeweeg en op ’n klomp plekke gelyk toeslaan om só die polisie en veiligheidsmaatskappye se vermoë onder druk plaas.

Verlede week was daar só ’n geval noord van Pretoria waar binne 24 uur op sewe plekke toegeslaan is.

“Dit was ’n gekoördineerde poging en nie toeval nie,” sê hy.

Swart sê al oplossing is paraatheid, maar dit beteken ook dat mense wie se veiligheidsmaatreëls nie goed is nie se kanse al hoe groter gaan word om onder aanvalle deur te loop. ’n Mens het nie baie geld nodig om veilig te leef nie, maar jy moet die regte dinge doen en paraat wees, sê hy.

Boere meer paraat

Ian Cameron, veiligheidshoof van AfriForum, sê dinge is nou rof wat misdaad betref. Hy sê wel ook dit lyk asof boere meer paraat is en dat meer aanvallers gaan seerkry.

“Dit is goed so, hulle moet die boodskap kry.”

Daar was die afgelope maand minstens drie gevalle waar aanvallers beseer is.

Een van die aanvallers van Schalk en Lana Coetzee van Reivillo is raakgeskiet kort voordat hy buite Schweizer-Reneke in hegtenis geneem is.

Verlede Saterdag is twee plaasaanvallers by Tweeling in die Vrystaat doodgeskiet.


John Parr, wat in die plaasaanval by Tweeling betrokke was, sê boere moet paraat wees. Hulle moet by veiligheidstrukture betrokke wees en hul veiligheid verbeter.

Parr wou nie oor die skietery praat nie en sê sy familie is nog baie getraumatiseerd en kry berading.

Die DA het Donderdag in ’n mediaverklaring gevra dat ’n debat in die Parlement gehou moet word om die euwel van plaasaanvalle te bespreek. Die party sê daar was ’n skerp styging in aanvalle en van die aanvalle was besonder wreed waar mense erg gemartel is.

Al ontken die ANC dié euwel, word die landbousektor deur die plofbare veiligheidsituasie bedreig, sê die DA. Misdaad op plase het tot R10 miljard se regstreekse verliese in die sektor gelei terwyl onregstreekse skade van ’n verdere R20 miljard aan die algemene ekonomie aangerig is.

Hier is paar van die moorde wat in Junie gepleeg is:

Op 1 Junie is dr. Roelof Botha (59) van Tulbagh buite die dorp met ’n skerp voorwerp doodgesteek.

Op 6 Junie en Edi Neumeister (67 op die plaas Balgowan in KwaZulu-Natal wreedaardig met ‘n kapmes doodgekap.

Op 15 Junie is Kosie Botha (63) op ’n plaas by Pongola vermoor.

Albert Küsel (63) is op 23 Junie op ’n hoewe by Sundra vermoor.

Edwin Carl Kotze (56) het by sy vriend gekuier op Kameeldrift en is dood geskiet 21 Junie



Limpopo – 26 Junie 2020

’n Gewonde beesboer van Mokopane het Vrydagoggend met ’n haelgeweer losgebrand op die bakkie waarin sewe swaar gewapende mans weggejaag het nadat hulle hom en ’n buurman op sy plaas aangeval het.

Minstens vier van die sewe mans is gewond en daar is bloed op die laaibak van die wit Nissan NP200-bakkie gekry.

Weermaglede, die polisie en plaaswagte het blitsvinnig gereageer ná die aanval op Dave Osborne se plaas in die Percy Fyfe-gebied buite Mokopane in Limpopo.

Die Heritage Protection Group (HPG), ’n misdaadbestrydingsorganisasie wat uit oudpolisielede bestaan, het saam met die polisie en weermaglede na die aanvallers in die beboste gebied gesoek.

Kringtelevisiemateriaal van ’n plaas oorkant die pad waar die bakkie van die pad af geloop het, wys hoe die gewonde mans uit die bakkie strompel.

’n Taxi hou in die pad stil waarna al sewe mans inklim. Dit is nie seker of die mans die taxibestuurder met vuurwapens gedreig het nie.

Osborne sê die sewe mans het Donderdagmiddag op sy plaas opgedaag en gesê hulle wil beeste koop. Sy vrou, Connie, het vir hulle gesê die beeste is nie te koop nie.

Dieselfde mans het Vrydagoggend weer op die plaas opgedaag en Osborne, sy vrou en van sy werkers oorrompel.

Boere buite Mokopane in Limpopo het Vrydag blitsvinnig gereageer ná ’n plaasaanval waarin twee boere met messe gesteek is. Foto: Verskaf
“Hulle het almal pistole gehad en dit op ons gerig. Ons is vasgebind en een van hulle wou my met ’n stuk ysterpyp oor die kop slaan, maar ek het met my arm gekeer.” Connie is geskok nadat die mans haar rondgestamp en geskop het.
Een van die mans het Osborne in sy linkerskouer met ’n mes gesteek. Hulle is met kabelbinders en dasse in die plaasopstal vasgebind.

“Hulle het die heeltyd gesê hulle soek geld,” sê Osborne.

Hendrik Hattingh, ’n beesboer van Mokopane in Limpopo, is Vrydagoggend gedurende ’n plaasaanval met ’n mes gesteek. Foto: Facebook/Hendrik Hattingh
Hendrik Hattingh, ’n oud-kameraman van die SAUK wat nou met beeste naby Osborne boer, het niksvermoedend op die plaas opgedaag. Hy is oorval en vasgebind.

Osborne sê Hattingh is hoog in sy een boud met ’n mes gesteek. Die aanvallers het sy Toyota Land Cruiser se bande met ’n mes stukkend gesteek. Terwyl hulle die plaashuis geplunder het, het Osborne sy hande losgewikkel.

Hy sê hy het toevallig Vrydagaand sy haelgeweer agter ’n deur in die huis neergesit.

Die gewapende mans het geld en van Osborne se vuurwapens gesteel. Vyf van hulle het agterop die bakkie gespring terwyl twee van hulle voor ingeklim het.

“Ek het my haelgeweer gegryp en toe laat waai ek,” sê Osborne. Hy sê hy het minstens drie skote op die bakkie geskiet terwyl hulle weggejaag het.

Osborne en Hattingh het ondanks hul meswonde die polisie Vrydag gehelp soek na die gewapende mans.

Marcelle Maritz, VF Plus-leier in Limpopo wat in Mokopane woon, het Vrydag gesê sy is bly om te sien boere is paraat. “Die boere gaan begin terugbaklei. Hulle gaan nie sit en kyk hoe hulle vermoor word nie.”

Maritz sê aanvalle op hoewes en plase neem skerp toe. “Dit is nou genoeg. Mense word vir niks doodgemaak nie. Ons sal ons grond en eiendom beskerm.”

Die wit Nissan NP200-bakkie is vermoedelik vroeër in Gauteng of Mpumalanga gesteel.

Brig. Motlafela Mojapelo, polisiewoordvoerder in Limpopo, sê niemand is nog in hegtenis geneem nie.

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