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CultureWatch blogger Bill Muehlenberg also has strong reservations about Mandela, citing South African missionary Dr. Peter Hammond, who notes that “Mandela was the head of the military wing of the African National Committee (ANC),” which Hammond referred to as “the abortion, necklacing and corruption party.”

The victims of Mandela’s bombs included men, women, and children—both black and white.



If he was such a great Christian, plenty of Christians suffered under him, as South African missionary Dr Peter Hammond has said. As one article states, “Mandela was deeply involved in terrorist activity and is responsible for promoting wickedness in the land. ‘I wouldn’t generally want to celebrate somebody who made his position in life by blowing people up,’ he stated on a recent broadcast….

“Hammond outlined that Mandela was the head of the military wing of the African National Committee (ANC), which Hammond also referred to as ‘the abortion, necklacing and corruption party.’ He said that 1,000 Africans were killed by necklacing in the country through the ANC, an act where terrorists would ‘put an automobile tire over someone, pour petrol over them [and] set them alight.’ 

“Hammond also described numerous other acts of violence that he alleges were committed by the ANC under the order or oversight of Mandela. ‘Missionaries and their kids [were] murdered, bayonetted on the fields—whole families killed by landmines planted in the roads,’ he said. The South African missionary stated that Mandela’s wife Winnie also participated in violent acts. ‘Winnie Mandela actually was found guilty in court of the murder of a 12-year-old boy,’ he explained. ‘And it was upheld on appeal. She was sentenced to five years in prison, [but] she hasn’t served a day’.”

Simply put, he also was a Marxist and a terrorist who was imprisoned after being found guilty of committing 156 acts of violence and terrorism.

Mandela was imprisoned for involvement in these terrorist attacks. The guerrilla force, uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK, or ‘Spear of the Nation’), the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party, was founded in 1961 by him and his advisor, the Lithuanian-born communist Joe Slovo, who was secretary general of the South African Communist Party in 1986.   

Slovo planned many of the ANC terrorist attacks. In 1962, Mandela was arrested along with 19 others, many of whom were communists, in a police raid on ANC headquarters at a farm in Rivonia, a Johannesburg suburb. In the Rivonia Trial of 1963-1964 the defendants were ‘tried for 221 acts of sabotage designed to overthrow the government and conspiring to aid foreign military units’.

Does anyone remember the Pretoria Church Street bombing? As one write up puts it: “The Church Street attack on May 20, 1983 killed 19 and injured more than 200 people when a car with 40kg of explosives was detonated outside the SAAF headquarters. Two MK cadres, who were in the car at the time, were also killed because the bomb exploded two minutes early.

“A huge pall of smoke rose hundreds of feet into the air as debris and bodies were strewn around the scene of the explosion. It exploded at the height of the city’s rush-hour as hundreds of people were leaving work for the weekend. Glass and metal were catapulted into the air as shop-fronts and windows were blown out. Many passers-by had limbs amputated by the flying debris. Others bled to death.

“In his book Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela wrote that as a leading member of the ANC’s executive committee, he had ‘personally signed off’ in approving these acts of terrorism. This is the horror which Mandela had ‘signed off’ for while he was in prison – convicted for other acts of terrorism after the Rivonia trial. The late SA president PW Botha told Mandela in 1985 that he could be a free man as long as he did just one thing: ‘publicly renounce violence’. Mandela refused.”

And as Lee Jenkins also notes, “Tellingly, not only did Mandela refuse to renounce violence, Amnesty refused to take his case stating ‘[the] movement recorded that it could not give the name of “Prisoner of Conscience” to anyone associated with violence, even though as in “conventional warfare” a degree of restraint may be exercised’.”


And as I wrote in my earlier article, are things that much better in South Africa today? Many don’t think so: “Under ANC rule, South Africa has severely deteriorated. According to the Centre for Research on Globalization, most black South Africans are worse off now than they were under apartheid. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have vanished, costs for electricity, water, food and rent have skyrocketed, unemployment hovers around 40% and South Africa has become the violent crime and rape capital of the world.”

7 December 2013 – The same slavish worship, adoration and icon-building we saw with Obama and others is now in full swing with Mandela. Even so-called Christians who seem to know nothing about him are praising him as if he were Jesus Christ, and are quite happy to see the history books being rewritten to fully idolise this man.

And even more incredibly, they are even excusing and justifying all the violence, murder and terror because he was working for a ‘good cause’. I am speaking about those claiming to be Christians here! They think all the terrorism and murder was somehow fully justified and even Christ-like because what it was being used for was a just cause, and was even the Christian thing to do.

I am still reeling over some of the things I have read by so-called believers. It has me quite gobsmacked to be honest. We are without doubt living amongst the most emotive-driven, intellectually starved, historically and biblically illiterate generation in church history.

Forget what the Bible clearly teaches. Forget the historical record. Forget all the inconvenient facts and truths and just rely on knee-jerk reactions and pure emotionalism. Just emote your way through all this, and don’t let silly things like the facts of history and biblical truth get in the way.

So now I have to endure all the Mandelaphiles who are now ripping into me, pouring out hatred, abuse and contempt because I have dared to just share a few facts and truths about their hero. I have been called most names one can imagine by now, but “racist bigot” is one of the more common – and printable! – ones I can mention.

And sadly so much of this is coming from those who claim to be followers of Christ. Of course all this is done in the name of Christian love and tolerance. You know, What Would Jesus Do? and all that. Go figure. But I am not alone in simply wishing to ask a few questions and point out a few inconvenient truths.

“After apartheid ended and Mandela was freed he wasted no time in lavishing praise on communists and thug dictators. In 1991 he and his wife Winnie went to Cuba, which they called their second home, to celebrate the communist revolution with Fidel Castro.

“While there he said, ‘Long live the Cuban Revolution. Long live comrade Fidel Castro… Cuban internationalists have done so much for African independence, freedom, and justice. We admire the sacrifices of the Cuban people in maintaining their independence and sovereignty in the face of a vicious imperialist campaign designed to destroy the advances of the Cuban revolution. We too want to control our destiny… There can be no surrender. It is a case of freedom or death. The Cuban revolution has been a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people.’

Mandela also said of Cuba, ‘There’s one thing where that country stands out head and shoulders above the rest. That is its love for human rights and liberty.’ Of Libya’s dictator, Moammar Qaddafi, Mandela said he admired his commitment to fight for peace and human rights in the world.

“And in a speech given in Harlem, he referred to four Puerto Rican terrorists who shot and wounded five Congressmen and said, ‘We support the cause of anyone who is fighting for self-determination, and our attitude is the same, no matter who it is. I would be honored to sit on the platform with the four comrades you refer to’.”

Or as Daniel Greenfield writes: “In the new apartheid, the black government represses a white minority and abuses its power over the black majority in ways that Western liberals would never tolerate if it were being practiced by men with Dutch last names. Every government crime is covered up by more incitement against the white minority with each generation of activists struggling to outdo the previous generation in its anti-white racism.

“There has been no moment of transcendence that endured. No cure for the things tearing the nation apart. There is no new spirit in South Africa. There is a new apartheid defined not by law, but by hate. Freedom and democracy are equally vaporous under the rule of a political movement obsessed with the vicious pragmatism of power now being exercised by Mandela’s African National Congress successors….

“For Western liberals, Mandela’s death provides them with permission to stop caring about South Africa. Having reduced South Africa to Mandela, his death permanently removes its existence from their minds. They may show up to the theater if Denzel Washington or Jamie Foxx decide to play Nelson Mandela. Otherwise they will comfortably banish the entire country to the dusty attic of forgotten history. Meanwhile one child is raped every three minutes and three children are murdered every day.”

Speaking of rape, consider the damning figures from this article: “According to, per hour one woman is raped in South Africa. Six cases of rape are reported to the police per hour. Meaning 144 rapes are reported per day. That’s not counting the number of rapes that go unreported.

“According to the Medical Research Council’s (MRC), up to 3600 women could be raped in the country every day. While women’s groups in South Africa estimate that a woman is raped every 26 seconds, the South African police estimate that a woman is raped every 36 seconds.”

Yet I keep hearing Christians telling me that South Africa is so much better now thanks to Mandela, and that at least apartheid is gone. Better is hardly the operative word here, and racial discrimination still exists, and is in fact even worse now. But now it is the whites who are the new and forgotten victims.

As Gregory Hood puts it, “Mandela deserves full responsibility for all of this. From the beginning, his dream was of a unitary South African state dominated by black voters supporting a leftist political party, with a thin crust of whites to fund it and keep it going. South Africa’s decline into criminality and chaos is simply these ideas playing out to their logical conclusion.”



This looks impressive and very “peaceful” – and: it is still ongoing to destroy everything in ths country:

Image result for south africa 2016 burning tyres pretoria


Mandela and the red revolution
Mandela : revolution

Nothing has been changed since 1920
Suid-Afrika se ANC rewolusie

To burn everything is their own legacy, long before 1961.

Image result for south africa 2016 burning tyres pretoria


Anargie – revolution

Mandela and Soros

Liliesleaf Rivonia – Mandela

Regstellende aksie – B-BBEE

Mandela – “Madiba”

Mandela, Mbeki and the Guptas

ANC “Freedom charter 1955”

Radical revolution is their lifestyle.
Red Revolution – EFF – ANC – DA and others



Police officers‚ including cops on leave‚ have been drafted in from other areas to quell the violence that has seen vehicles being torched‚ business ransacked and roads blocked in Atteridgeville‚ Hammanskraal‚ Mamelodi and Garankuwa.




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  1. […] CultureWatch blogger Bill Muehlenberg also has strong reservations about Mandela, citing South African missionary Dr. Peter Hammond, who notes that “Mandela was the head of the military wing of the African National Committee (ANC),” which Hammond referred to as “the abortion, necklacing and corruption party.” Mandela – Culture Watch […]


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