Migrants moved from crowded border shelters as far north as Colorado

  U.S. authorities are using aircraft to move migrants to less-crowded areas for processing, while others have been bused as far north as Colorado to alleviate the strain on overwhelmed shelters along the border in Texas and New Mexico.   Several dozen migrants were bused to Denver overnight with the help of the New Mexico governor's… Continue reading Migrants moved from crowded border shelters as far north as Colorado


“Immigrants” Mastercard – Soros – EU countries

"GEORGE SOROS MASTERPLAN" - unlimited - November 2018 - According to Nova24, prepaid debit cards are being handed out to migrants, showing both EU and UNHCR logos.  No identity documents are required to obtain or use the cards, and instead of the name of the cardholder, “UNHCR” and a number is printed on the card. The information was obtained… Continue reading “Immigrants” Mastercard – Soros – EU countries

Stram Kurs – Paludan

  They finished on 1.8 percent - Paludan and his Stram Kurs party had been tipped to enter parliament but when the final votes were tallied they failed to get above the 2 percent needed.   Paludan, has espoused vehemently anti-Islam rhetoric and has a criminal conviction (he has appealed) for inciting racial hatred. He also… Continue reading Stram Kurs – Paludan

Immigrants – Europe – Italy – Libya

  The risk of migrants and refugees becoming shipwrecked in the Mediterranean and dying at sea is the highest it has ever been due to a lack of NGO rescue ships and the conflict in Libya hastening departures at an alarming rate, the UN has warned.  “If we do not intervene soon, there will be a sea of… Continue reading Immigrants – Europe – Italy – Libya

Land in South Africa – Land reform

  Already, 37 farmers have sought interdicts after a pamphlet was circulated about possible land invasions by the Black First Land First Movement and several interdicts were sought by private property owners against possible land invasions, as well as by the City against land invaders in Khayelitsha. This as newly sworn-in President Cyril Ramaphosa said… Continue reading Land in South Africa – Land reform

International crimes: Violation of human rights of Afrikaner and Boers (whites)

THE FOOTSTEPS OF ZIMBABWE Wie sit werklik agter al ons chaos en wie dryf die land oor die afgrond - natuurlik is daar politieke partye en vuilspel, korrupsie en moorde - ons almal weet dit?  Moorde veral wat ons blankes met 'n vuishou tussen die oë tref omdat dit gepaardgaan met marteling, dreigemente, liedere en… Continue reading International crimes: Violation of human rights of Afrikaner and Boers (whites)

Immigrante – Immigrants – Soros

Immigrante haat alles van die blankes en tog is hul vlugtog en eindbestemming een van die EU lande en gaan klop hulle daar aan vir beter heenkome want hul eie lande bied dit nie - of gaan dit eerder oor die gratis toelaes wat uitgedeel word?  Heelwat van die immigrante wys later hul ware klere… Continue reading Immigrante – Immigrants – Soros