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They finished on 1.8 percent – Paludan and his Stram Kurs party had been tipped to enter parliament but when the final votes were tallied they failed to get above the 2 percent needed.   Paludan, has espoused vehemently anti-Islam rhetoric and has a criminal conviction (he has appealed) for inciting racial hatred. He also wants to ban Islam — in breach of the constitution — and deport swathes of non-ethnic Danes from the country.   He is known, amongst other things, for burning and desecrating the Quran at demonstrations in areas with large minority ethnic populations.

Denmark's Quran-burning extremist just misses out on parliament


Denmark – Social Democrats


Such action could have resulted in criminal charges in Denmark as recently as 2017, when the country abolished a long-standing blasphemy law.   But in the run up to Wednesday’s vote Paludan looked on course to be able to voice his views in parliament.   As the votes were counted his party straddled the crucial two percent mark throughout the night. At one point it seemed they would have enough votes to make it into parliament but as the ballots in urban areas began to add up Stram Kurs percentage of the vote dipped below two percent.

Denmark uses an electoral system of proportional representation to divvy out its 179 seats (normally referred to as mandates in Danish).   Set at 2 percent, parties who receive a lower national share of the vote than this threshold do not qualify for parliamentary representation.    Denmark’s established center-right parties had largely disavowed Stram Kurs, which says that it won’t support either Lars Løkke Rasmussen or Mette Frederiksen for prime minister. Paludan instead supported himself as PM.  But Wednesday’s results confirmed that he will simply remain a provocative figure on the fringes of Danish politics.


June 14th, 2019 5:00 pm| by Ben Hamilton & Christian Wenande
We know Venstre won’t really want to relive their nightmare now that all the votes are counted and the 2019 Danish General Election is over.I don’t want to talk about the things we’ve gone through. Though it’s hurting me, now it’s history.


COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – A new Danish far-right party that wants Islam banned and hundreds of thousands of Muslims deported could win seats in Denmark’s parliament in an upcoming election, an opinion poll showed on Monday.

Denmark – The party ‘Stram Kurs’, which means Hard Line, was founded in 2017 by lawyer Rasmus Paludan who first came to public attention by posting anti-Islam YouTube videos. His stunts have included publicly burning the Koran, sometimes wrapped in bacon, in what he calls a tribute to free speech.

A Voxmeter poll published on Monday showed that Hard Line would win 2.4 percent of the vote, thereby clearing the 2 percent barrier required to enter the Danish parliament. It gave its margin of error as a maximum of 2.7 percentage points.

Two other polls released over the past week have also shown the new party entering parliament, giving it between 2.7 percent and 3.9 percent of the vote.

Such an outcome would be a blow to Denmark’s biggest populist party, the Danish People’s Party (DF), which has been part of the political establishment in Denmark for decades and used to be the toughest on immigration.

Hard Line gathered the roughly 20,000 voter signatures needed to contest the parliamentary election, which must be held by June 17 at the latest.

In April Danish police arrested 23 people after unrest caused by a demonstration held by the Hard Line leader.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen, leader of the center-right Liberal Party, condemned the far-right demonstration. It is unclear whether mainstream parties would cooperate with Hard Line if it does win parliamentary seats.

Earlier this year a court handed Paludan a 14-day conditional jail sentence for racism toward a spokeswoman for the Black Lives Matter movement. He has appealed the sentence and denies any wrongdoing.

Party leader Rasmus Paludan og the Hard Line (Danish: Stram Kurs) political party gives an introduction to videos showing various assaults against him at the party which have occured during the party’s protests in Denmark in the year 2018.



Torsdag den 13. juni 2019 på Folkemødet 2019 i Allinge på Bornholm henvendte Hella Joof sig og inviterede partileder Rasmus Paludan til sommerfugleterapi. Den invitation tog Rasmus Paludan med glæde imod.
Thursday 13. June 2019 at Folkemødet 2019 in allinge on bornholm, Hella Joof approached and invited party leader Rasmus Paludan to sommerfugleterapi. The invitation of rasmus paludan was gladly against.


Dat ook hier in Denemarke ‘n groot invloei van immigrante is, kan nie weggewens word nie.   Wie ookal hiervoor verantwoordelik is weet ons almal teen hierdie tyd en wie dit begin het.   Dis om veral blanke etniese volke totaal en al uit te wis.

Onwettige immigrante vloei soos lawa lande binne en verwag om elke hoek en draai alles gratis, maar in die proses word maatskappye, besighede en dienste wat etniese volke in jare opgebou het,  selfs onderrig en mediese dienste totaal en al ontwrig.

Immigrante verwag gratis verblyf en maatskaplike toelaes en word elke normale burger behandel sonder geen regte en boonop word die ideologie geskep dat etniese volkslede vir hul ellende verantwoordelik is.

Al hierdie immigrante het lande van oorsprong waarvandaan hul afkomstig is, landsburgers val nie hierdie immigrante se onderskeie lande van oorsprong binne en eis wat hulle tans doen nie.   Ons as burgers van hierdie land, het nie ander lande se ellendes veroorsaak nie.

Dit sal nogal interessant wees hoe het hierdie immigrante in hul eie lande gelewe en dan kom eis hul alles van ander op wat hard werk daarvoor.  Heelwat immigrante is uit Afrika afkomstig, daar is genoeg water en genoeg voedsel kon geproduseer word, inteendeel baie lande was voorheen voedselvoorsieners aan ander lande.

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