Loropeni – Burkina Faso in Africa

Be that as it may, it is widely accepted that the Loropeni was connected to the Trans-Saharan gold trade that lasted from the 7 th to the 17 th centuries AD. The lands of Sub-Saharan Africa were rich in gold and this precious metal was sought after by the rulers of the states around the Mediterranean. Salt was exchanged for this… Continue reading Loropeni – Burkina Faso in Africa

Diamonds/Diamante – Gold/Goud -MINERALS

Most of the big mining companies and businesses involved and operated in South Africa are all B-BBEE - some relevant to a foreign country.   The board members, chief executives, directors, share holders, those who deals with diamonds, gold or other minerals can not claim they are poor.      The South African mining industry is most… Continue reading Diamonds/Diamante – Gold/Goud -MINERALS