Rioting – Arson and Terrorism in Western Cape Province – SA

Some articles claim it as unrest - while rioting or acts of arson is happening in South Africa.   Arson is the crime of willfully and maliciously setting fire to or charring property.     In such cases, a person destroys their own or others' property by burning it and then lies about the real cause.   Some owners… Continue reading Rioting – Arson and Terrorism in Western Cape Province – SA

Enough Violence against Women and Children, killings – September 2019

  Demanded - Cape Town - Outside the CTICC, protesters want the president to address them. “We are going to shut down South Africa" Police have arrested protesters who were gathered outside the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) where the World Economic Forum on Africa is taking place.   The protesters took to the streets over… Continue reading Enough Violence against Women and Children, killings – September 2019

Ramaphosa at World Economic Forum Cape Town

  South African business leaders on Wednesday urged President Cyril Ramaphosa to push through reforms faster to lift the economy and curb investment outflows, as executives and policymakers gathered for a continental economic summit.   Frustration is building in Africa’s most industrialised economy. Ramaphosa has promised sweeping reforms, but growth remains below 1% a year and… Continue reading Ramaphosa at World Economic Forum Cape Town

Hout Bay crime-busters use drones

27 July 2019 - Cape Town - It took just 90 minutes for Hout Bay residents to catch a lone criminal who attacked an unsuspecting woman out on a morning walk above Sandy Bay. With the help of drone technology, community crime-fighting organisations, SAPS and various security companies banded together to foil an attack that could… Continue reading Hout Bay crime-busters use drones

Cape of Storms – video and damage

WATCH: Marelize who? Viral video of Cape storm will have you going 'Ooh v*k!' Everyone loves a good viral video, and the two cold fronts that hit Cape Town this week have now delivered exactly that.  Residents were warned on Monday that the two cold fronts hitting the province and that severe weather would impact… Continue reading Cape of Storms – video and damage

Johannesburg – Man-Made Urban Forest in the World

How green is the valley and sometimes with flowers.   This is the City of Gold - Egoli - Mining and millons of people, but to make you environment part of you - a place and space to live.   Here are also millions of immigrants.  It is also not a safe place to live - crime… Continue reading Johannesburg – Man-Made Urban Forest in the World

Kaapstad lughawe: Corne Mulder (VF+)

Wat is "sinvol" aan Krotoa  of selfs geloofwaardig? Nog minder beteken dit iets vir ons volk se vryheid - daarom moet daar vir selfbeskikking gestem word in 2019 - stem Front Nasionaal sodat ons 'n mandaat kan verkry om dit verder te neem. Wie en wat is die Krotoa / Eva sage nou eintlik? "Die… Continue reading Kaapstad lughawe: Corne Mulder (VF+)