‘Legend: lost city of the Kalahari’

"legend or real"In 1885, an American entertainer turned explorer named William Leonard Hunt traveled to the Kalahari under the pseudonym, Guillermo Farini. He traveled with a team that included his son Lulu.   While traveling through the semi-arid wasteland, Farini is said to have come across what appeared to be ancient ruins consisting of large stones held together… Continue reading ‘Legend: lost city of the Kalahari’

Kalahari desert

The San - Khoikhoi ("people people" or "real people") or Khoi are a division of the Khoisan ethnic group of south-western Africa, closely related to the Bushmen (San). They have lived in this area for about 30,000 years.   Khoikhoi is sometimes spelt KhoeKhoe.   * The Khoikhoi who live in Africa and in Namibia have… Continue reading Kalahari desert