Mining and water – Cullinan mine

  Where are all the Councillors of the Metro Tshwane?   An estimated 300 000 people in the East of Pretoria won't have access to running water for the foreseeable future - and who is responsible for that?   Where are the management, the engineers, the plumbers, the health inspectors, etc?    Do those 300 000 pay… Continue reading Mining and water – Cullinan mine

Onwettige stortingsterreine – RATS/ROTTE – Illegal waste areas

Johannesburg het reeds miljoene spandeer om van rotte ontslae te raak - raak eerstens ontslae van rommelstrooiers en mense wat ons strate met rommel tydens protesaksies bevuil.  Hou op om dit toe te laat, want dis waar dit begin.  Hou op om rommelstrooiers in ons strate los te laat , vullis te strooi en te… Continue reading Onwettige stortingsterreine – RATS/ROTTE – Illegal waste areas

Revolution – Pretoria – South Africa -Xenophobia – Truck driver warning September 2019

  This is how the streets are South Africa and millions are living here in Pretoria.  It is not only the dirt everywhere, but it is "war" in the cities as well.  War again DRUGS as well.     Metros and cities... and since 1994 it is still ongoing. * There are Xenophobia warnings as well. … Continue reading Revolution – Pretoria – South Africa -Xenophobia – Truck driver warning September 2019

Tswane – Pretoria – illegal strike

  29-31 July 2019 - ONGOING     For a moment you saw the pictures and photos, watch them walking, screaming, burning, destroy you know, they are loving to live like that and walk all in litter and demand - a red revolution since 1955.   Revolution is a lifestyle.   This is not the first time and… Continue reading Tswane – Pretoria – illegal strike

“Pride in the sky” – 2019 Inauguration

Attendees at the Loftus Versveld Stadium in Tshwane and viewers around the country were treated to a marvellous display by the South African Airways and South African National Defence Force's coordinated flying formations during President Cyril Ramaphosa's inauguration. *** The flyover sequence is an exhibition of skill and force and an integral part of every… Continue reading “Pride in the sky” – 2019 Inauguration

Inauguration – Ramaphosa

  More than 32,000 people are expected to make their way to Loftus Stadium this morning to witness Cyril Ramaphosa being sworn in as president of the 6th democratic administration.    South Africans - who want to be part of the historic moment - will be bussed in from other parts of Gauteng as well as… Continue reading Inauguration – Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa and his Traditional leaders and others

Ons weet teen hierdie tyd, TUISLANDE voor 1994 is nooit weg nie, dit het maar net 'n naamsverandering ondergaan en ook ander wetgewing in terme van die 1996 Grondwet.  Grondeise het al hierdie ou Tuislandgebiede aangevul.   Grondeise word onder CPA wetgewing hanteer en is 'n byvoeging van ekstra grondgebiede aan swart en bruin wat hulle… Continue reading Ramaphosa and his Traditional leaders and others

Pretoria – “inauguration” streets closed – get your permit 24-25 May

Met die "komende inhuldiging" gaan strate vir so twee dae gesluit word, maak seker jy kry jou permit as jy in die strate woonagtig is.   Strate gaan gesluit wees vanaf 24 tot 25 Mei 2019 in Pretoria naby Loftus Versfeld. Road closures will commence on Friday, 24 May 2019 at 15:00 and end on Saturday,… Continue reading Pretoria – “inauguration” streets closed – get your permit 24-25 May