Cable theft – Kabel diefstal – Westdene


ER24 paramedics responded to a call just after 12pm on 16 September after a man sustained injuries after catching alight. It is alleged that the man, with another suspect, had broken into the mini substation on the property of the Westdene Recreational Centre.


He has been taken to hospital after catching fire during alleged cable theft.

According to Dauw Steyn, an eyewitness and Westdene resident, the man had all of his clothes burnt off him and sustained serious burns. He said the other suspect ran away once the man caught fire after a minor explosion resulting from attempted cable theft.

Luckily for the man, there was an e-hailing taxi ride driver parked by the park who used his fire extinguisher to help the man. Immediately after the man caught fire parts of Westdene lost power, including Eeufees Oord Old Age Home.

City Power is currently on the scene trying to restore power to the neighbourhood. The man was transported to Helen Joseph’s Hospital for further treatment. He will be under police guard until he makes improvements in his condition and a case is opened against him.


Elektrisiteit is niemand se speelmaat nie en veral as jy wil steel – kabeldiefstal veroorsaak baie ontwrigting en is ‘n misdaad – heelwat skades word deur terreurdade gedoen en hierdie tipe terroris kom weg daarmee, terwyl ons moet betaal vir die skades wat hulle aanrig.  Dis nie die eerste keer nie en ook nie die laaste keer nie.


28 November 2017


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