Paul Stamets – Mushroom Medicine

  The benefits to fight poverty - what are the benefits of mushrooms?  Paul Stamets is a mycologist who people know for his research and advocacy of the various benefits of mushrooms. Some of his most important unearthings include a new class of antivirals and antimicrobials called Fomitopsterols which is more potent in treating flu… Continue reading Paul Stamets – Mushroom Medicine

Shiitake mushroom – sampioen

Dit het nie net verrassende elemente nie, maar is redelik goedkoop, veelsydig en waardevol.  Hierdie sampioen word aangedui as vetvry en help met bestryding van cholesterol.  Dit bevat heelwat vitamines en minerale.   Sien dit ook as volkseie besigheidsgeleenthede in areas waarop 'n internasionale reg het.  Volksgenote kan met mekaar handeldryf en dit later ook uitbrei. … Continue reading Shiitake mushroom – sampioen

AlUla: Arabia

AlUla is a largely oasis valley in the vast desert of the North West Arabian Peninsula and home to 3,000 years of powerful successive civilizations. Some of the most important survey and excavation work in modern history has been taking place in the region, revealing the deep past of AlUla. * Mysterious yet sophisticated stone… Continue reading AlUla: Arabia

History Lies – Sosiale wetenskap leuens 1994

Die regering van die dag en parlementslede, wat ook liberale blankes insluit, verander die geskiedenis om hulle te pas en dis wat aan die nuwe "reënboognasie" oorgedra word om meer haat teenoor blanke minderhede te saai.  En dit is presies wat die afgelope 25 jaar aan die gang is. *** Here is your short history… Continue reading History Lies – Sosiale wetenskap leuens 1994

Mushrooms Spain

Cave in Spain - Selva Pascuala is a prehistoric archeological site in Spain with fungoid rock art. An upcoming article in Economic Botany reports on recent study there by an international multidisciplinary team. Research united archeologist Juan Ruiz, foremost expert on this site, with mycologists including Gaston Guzman, the leading authority on Psilocybe. Results suggest post-Paleolithic ritual use of… Continue reading Mushrooms Spain

Mushrooms – Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey

  Throughout northeastern Greece, western Turkey, and Bulgaria, in the region known in antiquity as Macedonia, Anatolia, and Thrace, there are numerous megalithic natural rock formations that resemble mushrooms. In some cases, these structures have been modified by human intervention to increase their fungal likeness. In addition to these external features of the landscape, certain… Continue reading Mushrooms – Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey

Mushroom history

  The psilocybin group of mushrooms, popularly known as magic mushrooms, shrooms or psychedelic mushrooms, is found in over two hundred varieties around the world. We know them today as a recreational drug used to induce hallucinations and a sense of euphoria, but the ancient origin of magic mushrooms goes back thousands of years. Let us take… Continue reading Mushroom history