Pretoria – Druglords – looters

We all know in South Africa that we have to face a huge drug problem together with high crime.   But, is this ongoing revolution really drug related or is there more behind this “looting, burning and druglords” – insurances?    This is arson and terrorism.  An allegation was made about a taxi driver that was killed and then the action from those groups are the city must be burn down to look for all those killers and druglords like in other cities and towns happened too.


What is the name of the black taxi driver and who is his family members?  Was there an investigation?  Same happened in Richards Bay recently – with no names yet.  Same with the black woman that was raped and killed in Richards Bay.   No name yet.    The tax payers,  with the SAP and Fire brigade, officials must pay at the end to entertain all those terrorists and looters with black buildings and ashes.  Who decided under them what they must burn and what not?

How many of those foreigners are illegal with no working permit in SA and are they really involved in the smuggling of drugs .   When they burn down those buildings, where are their evidence now – in flames and ashes?   They want to take control of the situation, but burn all the “so-called” evidence to ashes.  That is not control.  That is arson and terrorism.

Some foreigners said they are not involved in drug deals and just want to make a living.  Why did they leave their own countries then – to live in “fear” or who is behind this all – George Soros?

So ironic – when  a farmer has been attacked or killed, can we burn down buildings because how many killers are walking around us today without an investigation?

We all are sick and tired of those killers and criminals that attack our people and kill for a cellphone or a fire arm.  Must we also now take control of our situation then when a white or farmer has been attacked, tortured or killed?

Who will be responsible for the businesses, people can not go back there now after the innocents have nothing?  or did   SASRIA pay them all and which belongs to the Government of today?

Why all the looters with the taxis –  they create this opportunities to steal or by burning the buildings destroy all evidence  of any (so-called) drug dealers?   They burn down their own evidence here about drug deals.


As die wat die geboue aan die brand gesteek het om enige buitelander of wie ookal te probeer bykom, het hulle teen hierdie tyd reeds alle bewyse van dwelmhandel en verkope, selfs “geld” of inkomste wat moontlik verkry is, in die proses vernietig.  Verwoestende brande gaan niks bewys nie.   In 2017 was Zuma ook in die stad om hierdie immigrante toe te spreek, en het dit gehelp?

Dis is mos nou totaal en al ‘n dom redenasie om juis die persone se bewyse as daar dwelms op persele is, nie te vernietig nie, maar soos hier eerder te verbrand, dus word alle bewyse gerieflik vernietig, want die polisie of brandweer word vir ‘n tyd glad nie toegelaat nie, eers as alles vernietig is.

Hoe gaan die taxi of enige ander persoon bewyse bring as die  brande alles vernietig het.
Dit klink eerder of hierdie ‘n doelbewuste poging tot anargie en radikale terroristiese dade is, dit vind landwyd plaas, om die wat nie werk het nie, hierin te stuur, waar die polisie of selfs brandweer gekeer word.    Dat hier iets onheiligs aan die gang is, kan nie betwyfel word nie.   Snelle vernietiging van geboue vind plaas.   Iemand was die eienaar hiervan.

Dit word selfs gedoen as daar ‘n vragmotor gestop word, alles word gesteel en dan word dit tot as gebrand.   Hoeveel hofsake vind plaas of waar is al die kriminele in die tronke?

Wie is die betrokke versekeringsbesighede in die hele proses.  Die regering is die eienaar van Sasria wat gewoonlik vir hierdie tipe aksies uitbetalings doen.  Hoe vinnig word geld nie uitgekeer aan die “winkeleienaars” en binne ‘n week of drie maak die besighede weer hul deure oop.   Dit was in 2016 identies so met en tydens munisipale verkiesings.


The police and law enforcement, who are meant to protect and serve, are at the forefront of criminality and corruption.   These were the sentiments shared by Pretoria residents, taxi operators and owners of the looted shops in and around Lillian Ngoyi Street in the Pretoria CBD.

“Nothing will ever go right in this country because those entrusted with upholding the law are the main perpetrators and are worse than the very criminals they claim to be hunting,” said Thabo Majeke, a taxi driver who operates around Pretoria.

Majeke, who was shot with a rubber bullet when police fired at the crowd during riots in the central district of Pretoria on Wednesday, said he had been a taxi operator for more than five years and had witnessed numerous exchanges of money and drugs between police and drug dealers.

“What happened yesterday was worse because all this began because someone saw the police transporting the drugs. They saw them. We even know the guy they took the drugs from,” he told City Press.

Majeke’s claims come after it was alleged that the protests and looting broke out following the shooting and subsequent killing of a taxi driver who witnessed an exchange and sale of drugs and attempted to intervene.

Majeke added: “The cops have failed us a lot. They are the main wrongdoers. Enough is enough now.

We have seen them collect money from these ‘nyaope’ people.”

Twenty-six-year-old Ripon Mia, who hails from Bangladesh, has been a shop owner on Lillian Ngoyi Street for more than six years and was shattered by the looting of his livelihood.

“I did not even get to open my shop. When I came to check they had taken everything from my shop.

We have nothing and we come here for a better life. We are not selling drugs. I don’t know who is selling drugs,” he emotionally told City Press as shots were fired around us.

His neighbour, Abdul Muhammad, an Ethiopian national, had his two shops burnt to the ground and firefighters were unable to salvage a single item.

“I don’t understand why we we suffer like this when we have done nothing wrong. Even these taxi owners know me. I know nothing about a murder,” he said.

His said his biggest worry was losing his asylum papers which had been burnt to ashes together with his shops.

“I will have to go back home now. That’s what is worrying me the most. I have spent so much money and now I will have to go back even though I had searched for a better life here.”

Gauteng Police Commissioner Elias Mawela said a meeting between “police officials and taxi industry leaders” at the Pretoria Central Police Station on Wednesday proved fruitful as agreements were reached.

“Yes, they raised issues around the fact that they have footage showing police officers taking money from drug addicts. We agreed that we will work together with them to identify these people,” he told City Press.

“We also agreed that an internal investigation will take place immediately around this issue. All police vehicles that have visited that area will be identified and those who were driving them will be asked to explain what police work they actually conducted during those visits.”

According to Mawela more than four shops were burnt down and “16 arrests have been made of people who have been found in possession of stolen goods”.

“We also agreed that operations will go back to normal tomorrow [Thursday] but we know that there will always be those opportunistic criminals such as those who have looted shops that will try to stop this from happening.”


Firefighters raced to save burning buildings and debris littered the streets of Pretoria’s CBD after a protest descended into a looting spree on Wednesday. It followed a shutdown earlier in the morning in which thousands of taxis blocked several roads. According to the City of Tshwane, the riots were incited by a shooting which resulted in the death of a taxi driver.


The killing of the taxi driver is believed to have started the riots in the CBD. The situation has left bus commuters stranded after the city temporarily suspended its bus services for safety reason.


Looting of foreign-owned shops is currently under way in Pretoria. To find out what could have sparked this, we cross to our reporter Sipho Sturman who is at the scene.

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