Genocide – Vernietiging van ‘n volk

Dis 2010.    Op die plaas Tweefontein is Willemien Potgieter brutaal vermink en vermoor, haar ouers gemartel tot die dood toe.    Wat het Willemien te doen met ‘n heksejag om vermoor te word?  Sy is nie die enigste kind wat al vermoor is in Suid-Afrika op so ‘n brutale manier nie.  Sy was maar slegs twee jaar oud.  Verewig weggeneem van geliefdes en saam haar eie geliefdes.  This young baby (2 years old)  and both her parents were tortured and brutally killed in 2010 from the farm Tweefontein.  She is not the only child that has been killed since 1994.  There are more killings.  Some children were killed in hot water and some people were burnt with irons.  They killed the whole family

Image result for stop farm killings steve hofmeyr and 3000 letters

Hier is ‘n paar name van plaasboere wat vermoor is…  This list of farm murders is not completed.
Plaasmoorde lys : Muur van Herinnering

Video’s wat besigtig kan word – Watch the videos

2011  WAR of the FLEA
Steve Hofmeyr War of the Flea – GENOCIDE

Plaasmoorde van Suid-Afrika in Den Haag

Vlaamsbelang in Europa oor Blanke Plaasmoorde

2018 still ongoing
Farm Murders 2018 Lauren Southern

Daar is nog baie video’s oor moordverhale  op youtube en media, veral sosiale media.
Verskeie plaasmoorde het sedert 1994 plaasgevind en sal afsonderlik geplaas word asook naamlysteThere were various killings on farms.  Some farm have distances between each other.   Normally they all do a study of faromers and their family members.  Please farmers – do not appoint strangers and even people you know, might help those militant terrorists to kill you and the family

Malema uiter vele dreigemente om blankes uit te wis, een van die videos


WILMIEN (who killed her and her family?)
Wilmien and family: in Court

Image result for Stemmer Mofokeng, 23, Tapa Mofokeng, 34, Paulus "Vusi" Khumalo, 23, Tshokolo Lelala, 19, Telleko Seekoei, 20, and Diphapang Motaung, 18

Torture and execution

Wilmien, the 2-year-old daughter of Free State farmer Attie Potgieter, had a cut to her head caused by a sharp instrument and then she was shot dead.   This was the evidence the Free State High Court heard on Wednesday when six men accused of killing the Potgieter family on their farm near Lindley in December 2010 appeared in court.
The men, aged between 18 and 33, pleaded not guilty to three counts of murder one of robbery with aggravating circumstances and other charges relating to the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.  The six are Stemmer Mofokeng, 23, Tapa Mofokeng, 34, Paulus “Vusi” Khumalo, 23, Tshokolo Lelala, 19, Telleko Seekoei, 20, and Diphapang Motaung, 18, all from Lindley.

151 wounds

Giving testimony, pathologist Dr Robert G Book said that Potgieter, 40, had 151 stab and laceration wounds when he examined the body.   Potgieter’s wife, Wilna, 36, had several deep lacerations to the head and a gunshot wound to the neck.   Indications were that the woman and child were shot at close range, he said.   When asked by State prosecutor Jannie Botha on his first impressions of Potgieter’s body,  Book said: “The deceased “had been tortured to death.”   Testifying on the autopsy done on Potgieter, Book said the injuries could have been caused by tools such as a garden fork, panga, spade or sharp knife, while other injuries could have been caused by a brick or stone.   The State alleges the six attacked Potgieter outside his house with knives, a garden fork and a panga, killing him.   They then attacked the woman and child inside the house and shot them, the State alleges.


On Wednesday Motaung, who was a minor at the time of the murders, entered a plea explanation. In it he indicated that he had been on the farm on the day the Potgieters were killed, but claims he had no knowledge of what was planned or going to happen.  In his plea, which was read into the record by his lawyer Leona Smit, Motaung said after a sleepover at Khumalo’s house on the farm the night before, he was called to the farm house the next morning.   He was forced, and threatened with a firearm, to help move a man covered in blood, while a woman and child were present.   He ran away after the woman and child were taken away and heard two shots, which he thought were fired at him for fleeing.   He was later given R500 to keep quiet and was again threatened to be killed if he identified those involved, he claims.   The State called policemen to testify about what they found at the scene and how some of the arrests were made.


Stuur gerus jou hartseerverhaal aan my of youtube, foto’s dat ons saam kan herdenk van moorde in Suid-Afrika en op die plase.
Please send your photos and situation(s) on farms or cities/towns, attacks to the following address




The white farmers are under attack but also the other whites, because there are some of us that are families of those farmers –   this is genocide.

Will explain what is Genocide in essence and how the government, political leaders and their racism and discrimination, their B-BBEE policies and hate songs,  kill not only economically, but also through orchestered “crime”.

Yes there are other killings in the country, but first my own people to discuss, then others to follow.  There are political murders and tribal killings between ethnic groups.  Sometimes no names and no investigations at all.  Where are the graves or the investigations, court cases, all the protest actions from those who were murdered?  Who knows?  Get involved in your own community.




Ons doen dit vir onsself, om ons eie mense te onthou, om vrede te maak hulle is verewig weggeneem.  Daarom is daar lyste van name en herinneringsmonumente.  Siening is dat dit eintlik die Polisie se werk is om al hierdie inligting deur te gee, maar hulle doen dit nie regtig nie.   Die hoofstroom media is almal liberaal.

Terloops – Ons loop nie met wapens in strate rond en rand mense aan nie.  Ons brand nie ander mense se huise af of hul besighede nie.  Ons neem nie wraak en gaan in hul gebiede en maak hulle dood nie.  Respek vir die dood is daar nie, want as hulle hul eie mense met ‘n motorband om die nek uitbrand, is daar geen respek vir lewe nie.    Belangrik is kommunikasie.  Ons kan nie verewig sit en wag om doodgeskiet of gemartel te word nie.

Be safe and get involved!!!!  In your house and area.   Get your licence and arm yourself.  Forsure, they do not enter your business or home to enjoy a of tea or a meal with you.  They do have no respect for you or your family.  Work together with your own groups of people to get self-determination (full independence).

RAAK asseblief betrokke.   En werk aan beveiliging en ook om ons eie gebiede, onafhanklik te kry.  Dis ‘n internasionale reg.


White cross monument
(not the only monument with names)


Die Witkruismonument en wit kruise wat vandag as simboliek gebruik word, weergee name van geliefdes – vandag net ‘n herinnering om te onthou.  Hulle was almal plaasboere, vermoor en wat hier plaasgevind het in Suid-Afrika.   Dis slegs die name van blanke boere of familielede wat aangeval, sommige gemartel en gesterf het op ‘n plaas, in hul huis of land waar hul werksaam was, wat hul lewe was.

Die volgende toneel begroet mens met ‘n seer, diep binne, soos foto hieronder dui nie alle blanke moorde aan nie, slegs ‘n paar op plase.   Die foto lyk hartseer en triestig.

Sad moments for the families and friends.  EVERY cross do have a name and an own story to tell.  All of the killed (list is not completed) in South Africa after 1994.  There are already 2200 crosses on this hill and monument.  Thank you Lita Fourie.  Sterkte aan haar.

Image result for plaasmoorde balnke moorde foto

The above photo with the title Plaasmoorde was taken by the photographer   jacodebeer on 02 December 2009 and published over Panoramio.

Plaasmoorde lys : Muur van Herinnering


Video about the annual event – 2018
Jaarlikse byeenkoms Augustus/September

This scene “Plaasmoorde” is next to Driefontein and is located in Waterberg District Municipality, Limpopo, South Africa.   The crosses are only farm killings with names on it and planted by family and friends.  Lita Cross Fourie started this monument years back when her parents were killed by two black people.  There are also other monuments and names.

Why is that an issue if white people of South Africa are concerned about their own people that have been killed.   The white minority population of South Africa (Afrikaners or Boers) did not deny any other attacks or killings on other peoples or tribes.

It is a fact that in the past there were commando sistems in place against the high crime on farms (attacks on both human and animals.   For the record:  Between 2001 and 2007 farm attack and murder statistics were included in their annual reports – farm attacks.  But then in 2007, President Thabo Mbeki with his Minister of Defence, Mr Lekota,  suddenly announced the disbandment of the commando system and since then they also not compile up date date statistics about killings and attacks.   Mr Mbeki and parliament promised it would be replaced by a new system run by the SAPS, but more than a decade later this has still not happened.


Wall of Remembrance at Bothaville in the Free State – also FARMERS

Daar is nog lyste van name in die Vrystaat.

Every year, the list of farmers on the Wall of Remembrance at Nampo Park in Bothaville, Free State, grows longer

Image result for nampo killings

A wall of remembrance was erected about 10 years ago, to honour all commercial farmers and their relatives who had been murdered since May 1961. The names are engraved on nine stone structures representing the country’s nine provinces.



Plaasmoorde en aanvalle is meestal blanke boere en families wat aangeval en vermoor word.  Meestal is dit slegs vir ‘n selfoon en hul vuurwapens wat in sommige gevalle ook in kluise toegesluit word.

Waar staan die regering?



Koud en eenkant, weg van enige blanke bevolking af.   Alhoewel blanke burgers net sowel reg het in hierdie land word hul bestaansreg totaal en al ontken, wat al ons menseregte reeds sedert 1994 totaal en al geskend het.  Nie net met moorde en aanvalle nie, maar ook ons taal Afrikaans word op alle maniere ontken en verpletter.  Enige volk het ‘n reg tot moedertaal en dit word ontken.

‘n Regering wat uitwissing ontken en eerder reken blanke plaasmoorde is slegs ‘n gewone misdaad wat “skeefgeloop” het omdat dit op afgeleë plase plaasvind  Hoe kan ‘n gewone misdaad skeefloop as ‘n misdaad MISDAAD, ‘n moord MOORD is.  Iemand wat moord gepleeg het bly steeds ‘n misdadiger en moordenaar.  In vele gevalle word moordenaars aangekeer en slegs vir inbraak vervolg.  Meeste boere het heelwat voorsiening gemaak vir beveiliging van hul families op die plase, asook in sommige gevalle plaaswerkers.  Dis die enigste beroep (boerderye) wat voorsiening maak vir werkers – geen ander besighede maak vir hul werkers voorsiening nie.  Nie eers ministers in parlement nie.

Criminals and murderers came to farms because farms are far from cities as well, they have all the time in the world to attack a farmer and his worker(s), but it is not always the case.    Most reasons are also in some articles and police investigations and reports.  They attacked you for only a cell phone and firearms.   They will kill you for your vehicle and later will left that somewhere else.

Rudie Louw – grafiek:  1990 – 2016 aanvalle en moorde
South African Farm attacks and killings 1990-2016


Die volgende is ‘n uiteensetting / opsomming wat slegs blanke plaasboere en gesinslede wat vermoor is aandui – dit sluit nie die blankes wat in stede aangerand en vermoor is hierby in nie.
Here is a summary of  made by:

TAU – TLU   Transvaal Landbou Unie – Transvaal Agricultural Union

TLU – TAU opsomming van aanvalle en moorde

Image result for plaasmoorde balnke moorde foto


Farm attacks and killings are of great concern to the white minority people of South Africa.

Image result for plaasmoorde balnke moorde foto

There are also sometimes differences in the number of killings and attacks,  but most of the time names and addresses were verified by the South African Police Services in South Africa.  Some of the differences were not verified because the attacks and killings were not reported or on the “books” of SAPS.   Attacks and killings were very high during 2015, 2016 and 2017

Plaasmoord opsomming 2011-2017 Aanvalle/Moorde

Related image


What have we done about the situation – we wrote letters, to the government and to international governments as well

2010  –  40 000 letters
No REAL LIFE in South Africa – families were killed on the spot and farms


A video clip of 2010 – one of a thousand voices – letters to the President
Crime Documentary of South Africa – Part 1
Slagoffers skryf aan die ANC president maar GEEN antwoorde

Video clip 2 -Deel 2 van die Misdaad in Suid-Afrika – briewe gerig aan die President en ANC
Opvolg Video 2 van nog briewe aan die President 2010


2012Racist murders of white farmers in South Africa –

Mr Van de Graaf has laid charges of genocide against the South African government at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
Mr Griffin interviews Henk Van de Graaf about the massive problem of state-sanctioned racist murder of white farmers in South Africa. Somewhere between over 1,500 and up to 3,000 have been killed, very often tortured to death with their entire families. With racist attacks in urban areas also claiming many lives, the total of Boers murdered in the on-going genocide is in the region of 20,000 since the ANC took power.

2012 Henk van de Graaf in the Hague



Genocide is om ‘n volk stelselmatig af te breek en te vernietig.  Aan die einde is dit totale uitwissing wat plaasgevind het.  Wanneer daar totale uitwissing plaasgevind het, kan niks gedoen word om dit om te keer as alle geslagte uitgewis is nie.   Enige volk het ‘n identiteit, kultuur, taal wat in hierdie hele proses weggeneem word en totaal vernietig, sodat die volk sulks nie meer bestaansreg het.   Die skending van menseregte soos swart bemagtiging en taal vernietiging is deel van so ‘n vernietigingsproses.  Met swart bemagtiging word alle blanke volkslede verbied om deel te neem aan enige ekonomiese vorderings, maar die volk word in die proses ekonomies ontmagtig om op ekonomiese gebied te kan voort bestaan.  Eie prosesse, besighede en kultuurorganisasies, word gekaap vir ander volkere en en swart bemagtig, wat opeindig in maatskaplike vernietiging en armoede.


“By “genocide” we mean the destruction of a nation or of an ethnic group…. Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.”
Dr Stanton WHAT is Genocide?

stage 6 genocide

Genocide Watch is moving South Africa back to Stage 6, the Preparation stage in the genocidal process.


What is dehumanization?  (Violation of Human Rights)

ANC leaders publicly incite followers using racial epithets.  By dehumanizing the White victim group, members of the perpetrator group exclude the victim group from their circle of moral obligation not to kill its members.  Dehumanization is the systematic, organized strategy of leaders to remove the inherent natural human restraints of people not to murder, rape, or torture other human beings.  Taking the life of a dehumanized person becomes of no greater consequence than crushing an insect, slaughtering an animal, or killing a pest.

The ANC denies its genocidal intentions.  But the South African Communist Party is more open about its plan to drive Whites out of South Africa. Gugile Nkwinti, South Africa’s Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform has declared that all “colonial struggles are about two things: ‘repossession of the land and the centrality of the indigenous population.’” Mister Nkwinti is confirming the goals of the South African Communist Party’s New Democratic Revolution (NDR) and stating that the colonial struggle is not yet over in post-1994 South Africa.  He is saying that Whites are unwelcome “settler colonialists” with no role to play in South Africa’s future.

Regarding the KILLING of white farmers:

Deliberate inaction of the South African Government has weakened rural security structures, facilitating Afrikaner farm murders, in order to terrorize white farmers into vacating their farms, advancing the ANC/S. A. Communist Party’s New Democratic Revolution (NDR.)

The South African Government for the last 18 years has adopted a policy of deliberate government abolition and disarmament of rural Commandos run by farmers themselves for their own self-defense.  The policy has resulted in a four-fold increase in the murder rate of Afrikaner commercial farmers.  This policy is aimed at forced displacement through terror.  It advances the goals of the South African Communist Party’s New Democratic Revolution (NPR), which aims at nationalization of all private farmland, mines, and industry in South Africa.  Disarmament, coupled with Government removal of security structures to protect the White victim group, follows public dehumanization of the victims, and facilitates their forced displacement and gradual genocide.

Afrikaner farm owners are being murdered at a rate four times the murder rate of other South Africans, including Black farm owners. Their families are also subjected to extremely high crime rates, including murder, rape, mutilation and torture of the victims. South African police fail to investigate or solve many of these murders, which are carried out by organized gangs, often armed with weapons that police have previously confiscated.  The racial character of the killing is covered up by a SA government order prohibiting police from reporting murders by race.  Instead the crisis is denied and the murders are dismissed as ordinary crime, ignoring the frequent mutilation of the victims’ bodies, a sure sign that these are hate crimes.

However, independent researchers have compiled accurate statistics demonstrating convincingly that murders among White farm owners occur at a rate of 97 per 100,000 per year, compared to 31 per 100,000 per year in the entire South African population, making the murder rate of White SA farmers one of the highest murder rates in the world.


“so-called struggle songs”

Mandela sings Kill the Boer song

Zuma song To kill the Boers

Malema to kill the Boers

At Coligny they also destroy all businesses and burn down houses of farmers
Coligny Kill the Boer song



Incitement to genocide is a crime under the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, to which South Africa is a state-party.
Dr Stanton What stage are we at the moment?


There are TEN stages of genocide identified:
Daar is TIEN stadiums van uitwissing van volk wat geidentifiseer en omskryf is
Tien stadiums van genocide – vernietiging van volk

1.     Klassifikasie – Classification
2.     Simbolisering – Simbolizing
3.     Diskriminasie – Discriminating
4.     Verontmensliking – Dehumanisation
5.     Organisering – Organisation
6.     Polarisasie – Polarization
7.     Voorbereiding – Preparation
8.     Vervolging – Persecution
9.     Uitwissing – Extermination
10.   Ontkenning – Denial



Antwoord aan Oriel Mthandazo Baloyi
(sy skrywe is heel onderaan)

EEN moord is EEN te veel, en dit is ons volkslede wat uitgewis word.  Wie het hierdie regering aan bewind gebring wat die kriminaliteit erken en goedpraat.  Sou die polisie opgetree het soos hulle behoort op te tree, immigrante en onwettiges uit die land uithou, misdadigers vasvat en vervolg,  sal ons nie met soveel kriminele elemente sit nie.  Dit word ongelukkig nie na behore gedoen.  Daar is wel Polisie beamptes wat hul goed van hul taak kwyt.

Elke volk moet self vir hul regte opstaan as dit vernietig word.  Een volk het geen mandaat oor ‘n ander om namens hul te kan uitspreek nie. Blanke volkere kan nie verwag ander volke moet opstaan vir hulle nie, hulle doen dit in elk geval nie.

Who voted for this government?   Who control the crime and other elements, like the immigrants and illegals?   

Die feit dat mense onkundig is wat ‘n “genocide” is, weet nie waarvan hulle praat nie.  Dit is baie duidelik die persoon wat die skrywe gerig het is ook geen kenner op die gebied van genocide van volke nie of wat ons blankes se regte is of dat ons blankes se regte geskend word op vele maniere nie.  Die voorstel is dat almal van ons hulself op hoogte moet bring wat ‘n genocide is, wat is die skending van menseregte en wat ons regte is om onder die kommunistiese vaandel uit te kom.  Die feit dat ons as volk vir onsself opstaan, beteken nie dat ander volke word nie ook uitgewis of ontken nie.

Dit mag so wees, wat niemand ontken misdaad of moorde van ander volke nie.   Dit word ook nie na behore gedoen nie.  Dus hoe kan ons enige uitsprake lewer as ons nie regtig weet wat in ander gemeenskappe aangaan nie.  Daardie gemeenskappe het alle reg om op te staan, hulle kies hul eie regeringsbeamptes en kan ook kanale volg, wat ons nie het nie.

Ander volke het volgens my heelwat kanale in Suid-Afrika, het nog meer regte as ons volk om op te staan vir hulself, of moet ander die werk vir hulle doen?

Daar is verskillende dade wat met genocide loop en regte wat geskend word wat aanleiding gee tot genocide en dit het in 1994 begin.  Dit behels nie net moorde nie, dit behels ook die afbreek van ‘n volk se kultuur, taal en identiteit.

Luister die video materiaal wat ‘n kenner soos Dr Stanton daaroor op youtube en selfs op hul webtuistes skryf, hoe vind dit plaas en wat hul ondervinding vir jare is.


Genocide watch

Who are they and who are Dr Stanton?

Genocide Watch is the Coordinator of the International Alliance to End Genocide.

With all respect, I do not claim that I know everything, but I really think this writer and others in South Africa that live in denial , even Africa, do not have the knowledge about genocide and they all have to read what is a genocide exactly and stages you get.  Every person have to do a bit of their own research and reading about things in life to make it better for themselves and their own communities.

Why can we as white people not have the same rights to criticize the government or others that kill our people and also criticize government with their racism, discriminatory policies and legislation like Black Empowerment (B-BBEE).

It is racism and hate speeches on a daily basis.  To refer to us as “frogs” are hate speech that he (president) want to slow cook and kill.    It is hate speech and murder songs that leaders of ANC (Zuma, Mandela) and EFF (Malema and his supporters) sing songs to kill the boers.

They already in the power since 1994 and they still sing the same “struggle songs” while they implemented B-BBEE (with Mandela, Zuma, Mbeki and Ramaphosa) against only the white minorties.

Listen to people like Dr Stanton on youtube.
How can we predict and prevent genocides? Greg Stanton outlines his groundbreaking theory on the eight stages of genocide: classification, symbolization, dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, extermination and denial. Genocide in Darfur, he argues, has proceeded through these stages before our eyes. Genocide could have been prevented by means of intervention at any one of a number of critical points in the past, but the international response has amounted to too little, too late. Author Bio: Gregory H. Stanton is the founder and president of Genocide Watch, the founder and director of the Cambodian Genocide Project, and the founder and Chair of the International Campaign to End Genocide. He is the Vice President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, and served in the State Department, where he drafted the United Nations Security Council resolutions that created the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Dr Stanton: Eight Stages of Genocide
Agt stadiums van genocide en vernietiging van volk

Dr Stanton:  Explaining of the Eight Stages of Genocide
Dr Stanton verduidelik die stadiums van genocide


Genocide webtuiste

Old website of Genocide Watch
Genocide se ou webtuiste belangrike inligting


Hoe raak misdaad en moorde ons, skending van menseregte : taal en swart bemagtiging?

Daar is sekere dinge waarmee ons onsself nie kan vereenselwig nie.  Ons lewenspatroon en styl is nie die van die mag van die vuurhoutjie nie of die gebrande motorband om ‘n nek om mense tereg te stel nie.

DUS  Ons kan presies dieselfde sê van swart aksies in Suid-Afrika wat ons infrastruktuur en lewens verwoes.   Ons hou ook nie van barbaarse optredes tydens protes optogte, wat veronderstel is om sonder geweld te moet plaasvind nie, sonder die brand van motorbande, of die gooi van klippe, rotse en padblokkades.

Hoekom word sekuriteitsbeamptes doodgekap en aan die brand gesteek?   Hoekom word skole geplunder en afgebrand?  Hoekom word boere en blankes doodgekap en gemartel?   Gaan ons in die swarte of wie ookal die daad pleeg se huis om hulle te martel en te vermoor, vir ‘n selfoon en ‘n vuurwapen?

Hoekom word besighede en huise aan die brand gesteek as die meerderheid swartes probleme het met hul raadslede wat hulle gekies en voor gestem het?  Dis nie ons skuld as swartes verkeerde besluite maak nie.

Wie gee swartes daardie reg om ons of selfs ander volkere te verhinder om te gaan werk as hulle nie self wil deelneem aan hierdie aggressiewe protes optogte wat al van voor 1960 begin het.  Na 1994 het dit steeds aangegaan en beslis nie verbeter nie.   As dit nie brandstof stakings is, is dit salarisverhogings, HOP behuising wat nie na wense voorsien is nie  of dienste?   WIE gee enige swarte die reg om in my of my volksgenote se huise, besighede of voertuie met geweld te plunder,  in te kom of af te neem, maar hulle mag nie met dieselfde geweld begroet word nie, nie een van die wat ‘n blanke vermoor kom vir koekies en tee of ‘n glasie wyn nie.   Hoekom spreek swartes dit dan nie self aan nie?     Ons as blankes het geen menseregte nie, omdat dit reeds geskend is.

Die feit is dat ons opstaan vir ons regte, beteken nie swartes, khoisan en indiers mag nie dieselfde doen nie.

Dieselfde reg wat die swartes het waarmee ons ook nie saamstem in wat in ons strate en gemeenskappe aangaan, waar daar net afgebreek word,  het ons ook regte soos om uiting te gee aan ons reg vir die moorde, misdaad, aanvalle en korrupsie.

Ons word tans uitgesluit van alle ekonomiese voortuigang met wetgewing, swart bemagtiging, dus matig ons onsself daardie reg toe om wel op te staan vir die skending van menseregte.

Die feit dat ons minder is as die grootste persentasie bevolking, is juis belangrik vir ons as volk, want swartes inheems is saam met swartes immigrante – wat nooit getel word nie.  Niemand kan antwoorde verskaf hoeveel swartes wat vermoor is is immigrante nie?  Of is dit regtig moorde, want daar is weinig ondersoeke en hofsake hieroor.  Grafte of families.  Normaalweg is daar wel soms protesaksies as daar moorde is, dit ontbreek by baie – hoekom?  Sou daar bv. 50 moorde per dag plaasvind, waar is al die protesaksies van swartes dan?

Hoeveel misdaad gepleeg word deur immigrante is ‘n ope vraag – daarvan getuig hofsake en SAPS ondersoeke self , wie die skuldige terroriste is om sulke barbaarse optredes toe te laat.  Die regering doen nie veel om dit op te los nie, en ons as Blankes het beslis nie die regering ingestem nie.

Dus – Kriminele aktiwiteite vanaf ons kant,  was nog nooit ontken nie, dis blatante leuens.  Die feit dat ons opstaan vir ons eie bevolking, het hoegenaamd niks daarmee uit te waai nie.  Van wanneer af mag ons nie opstaan vir ons reg tot lewe nie – dit staan in die sogenaamde grondwet wat ons ekonomiese deelname ontken met B-BBEE?

Daar word baie simpatie gewys op sosiale media waar daar boere en blankes uitgewis word.   Lees die media kommentare en sien self hoe word daar rassistiese en diskriminerende kommentare gelewer as en wanneer ‘n blanke vermoor of gemartel word.   Die kommentare spreek vanself.  Nie eers die politieke leiers het simpatie met moorde van boere en blankes nie.

Daar word beweer dat daar heelwat ander / swart boere of ander / swart werkers vermoor word, maar weinig of ooit is daar enige artikel daaroor vanuit die spreekbuis van die swart / ander volkere.

Artikels wat deur myself al vir jare gesoek is, nie net in die hoofstroom media nie, maar ook op ander vlakke, is dat daar weinig plaasvind wat gerapporteer word.

Waar is die inligting bekombaar, want daar moet tog verseker SAPS ondersoeke en hofsake wees as en wanneer ‘n swart of ander volkslede vermoor word, wat ondersoek geniet.  Waar is al die misdadigers wat dan gevang is hiervoor?  Waar is al die grafte en al die families wat hartseer by oop grafte gestaan het, want dis vreemd dit bestaan baie min.

Daar word soms gelees van werkers wat aangehou is en toegesluit is tydens plaasaanvalle, maar nooit weer ‘n woord daarvan nie, maar intussen is al hierdie blanke boere of gemartel in hospitale of andersinds dood en begrawe met ‘n kruis of twee reeds geplant.

Diegene wat beweer daar is plaaswerkers vermink en vermoor, moet dus elders ondersoek word in hierdie land, en dit bestaan nie.   Daar word ook soms gelees van bendegeweld en stamgevegte (tribal fights), waar families uitgewis is, waarvan daar ook kennis geneem is en ook met die geweld waarmee dit plaasgevind het.  Daar is bv. taxi geweld waar daar onskuldige burgers doodgeskiet is in die proses, of politieke moorde en aanvalle.




Oriel Mthandazo Baloyi


There is no White Genocide

THERE IS NO WHITE GENOCIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA! There is only a race of people who believe the murders of ‘their people’ should be given more attention than the murders of other races.

White people need to please understand that most black people don’t hate them; we just hate their actions and their view of what should be happening in this country.

We hate their refusal to admit that South Africa has a serious crime problem that affects South Africans of all races

We hate their refusal to equally view the deaths of people from other races as equal to that of a White person.

We hate the fact that you believe you deserve greater attention than everyone one else, even though we people of other races grieve with you and feel your pain when your loved ones are slaughtered like animals… but you don’t feel the same way when our own loved ones are killed, just because it was done by a person of the same colour as us.

We hate the fact that you refuse to listen to the facts that more black farm workers and black farmers are killed than white farmers. You refuse to admit that Black farmers face the same amount of danger and challenges.

This is why other races are starting to no longer care about supporting or protecting White farmers… because you guys refuse to believe that everyone else has the very same problems.

It feels like you purposefully isolate yourselves and refuse to see the pain and humility in others… yet you want us to feel your pain and understand your struggles.

Please take time to read my words before rushing to argue with me. Please hear me. We all want a better, safer South Africa… for all races.

Yours hopefully

Oriel Mthandazo Baloyi

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