Mozambique-Zimbabwe – Idai – rescue

Idai het Mosambiek in ‘n water-moddermassa verander en heelwat bewoners is hier begrawe of net weggeneem.

cyclone idai mozambique 2019

Mozambique-Zimbabwe – Idai – rescue


April is a critical month for Mozambique as it continues to reel from the effects cyclone Idai. As of Wednesday, the World Health Organisation in partnership with the Mozambique Health Department will be embarking on a major vaccination campaign. They are aiming to vaccinate over nine hundred thousand people at risk of contracting cholera. Our reporter Njanji Chauke and cameraman Sicelo Hlanula have just returned from cyclone hit areas in southern Mozambique


Hundreds of people have died after Cyclone Idai flattened villages in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi – leaving 15,000 cut off with no route to safety. Aid agencies are warning that they do not have enough resources to help those in need and there are reports of cholera spreading in some areas. Sky’s Africa Correspondent John Sparks reports from an aid flight from the city.



Cyclone Idai has left Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe hanging on by a thread. The cyclone has left many people dead, stranded and missing. The first rescue teams to arrive in Mozambique included IPSS Medical Rescue, Rescue SA and Rescue Care. Paul Herbst, of IPSS, explains what it was like to be a rescuer in Mozambique.


A week on, a staggering number of people are still stranded in Mozambique, ravaged by cyclone Idai. Many local residents are doing all they can to help those trapped by the floodwaters. Al Jazeera’s Fahmida Miller reports from Beira.

The South African National Defence Force has rescued over FIVE HUNDRED people in Beira, Mozambique. The city is grappling with the after effects of the Cyclone Idai which made landfall over a week ago. Latest estimates put the death toll in Mozambique at over FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY people. Our reporter Sipho Stuurman and Cameraman Wyne Horton, bring us this report.

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