Lesotho exemption permit Dec 2019 – borders and roads

  The Department of Home Affairs has encouraged Lesotho Special Permit (LSP) holders to apply for a new permit as the LSP expires in December.   The department on Monday opened for online applications and is taking in appointments for the new Lesotho Exemption Permit (LEP), which was recently approved by Cabinet.   In 2015, Cabinet approved… Continue reading Lesotho exemption permit Dec 2019 – borders and roads

Lesotho – borders and mountains

It was reported in January 2019 that most of Lesotho borders have been kept busy with a large number of migrants and students entering South Africa. They have used mainly Peka, Caledonspoort, Maputsoe, Van Rooy and Maseru Port of Entries.    “We wish taxi operators will be patient with us for instance I’m going to Bloemfontein… Continue reading Lesotho – borders and mountains

Prynnsberg – Estate of Grace

There’s a tangible madness that permeates the story of Prynnsberg. But it’s more divine madness, mad genius perhaps – and one that attracts, rather than repels. In the foothills of the Maluti Mountains, Prynnsberg forms part of a string of gentleman’s country estates established for British ex-servicemen in the eastern Free State – few of… Continue reading Prynnsberg – Estate of Grace

Britse Setlaars – 1904 – Westminster

Heelwat Britse setlaars het net na die Anglo Boere oorlog hierheen gekom met opdragte om uit te voer. Daar is spesifiek plase uitgedeel en ander gekoop, nadat die Britse regering die Vrystaat en ZAR geannekseer het.   (Duke) Westminster het in die Vrystaat begin. Moontlik ander gebiede ook. Die Engelse se plase het nie afgebrand nie,… Continue reading Britse Setlaars – 1904 – Westminster

Geprojekteerde sondes – Projected sins

Most of those members in parliament, the rulers and media are obsessive about whites in South Africa, more specific the Whites, the Boers (old Boer Republics) and Afrikaners.    Today, the leaders of ANC and even their partners in crime, are all playing the blame game - nothing has been changed the last 26 years… Continue reading Geprojekteerde sondes – Projected sins