Zimbabwe – Orphans – Aids and hunger

Whose fault is the whole situation in Zimbabwe and with all the illegals and immigrants in South Africa, we are not far behind them today?  EU and other countries will go the same route as Zimbabwe.   Will be interesting to know how many  people of Zimbabwe (immigrants) (or other African countries) are here in South… Continue reading Zimbabwe – Orphans – Aids and hunger


Massacres – Gukurahundi Zimbabwe

The Gukurahundi was a series of massacres of Ndebele civilians carried out by the Zimbabwe National Army from early 1983 to late 1987.  To ward off evil spirits, Jochonia Moyo picks wild herbs as he returns to Bhalagwe detention camp, the site of unimaginable brutality during a series of massacres more than 30 years ago that still haunts Zimbabwe today. … Continue reading Massacres – Gukurahundi Zimbabwe

Gukurahundi (Zimbabwe)

  Robert Mugabe (Shona) gee in Januarie 1983 opdragte aan sy eie opgeleide 5de Brigade van "noord-korea" om Ndebele's uit te wis.   In January of 1983 Robert Mugabe, a member of the ethnic Shona majority, ordered his North Korea-trained Fifth Brigade to carry out what he called a gukurahundi against the Ndebele people.   From January… Continue reading Gukurahundi (Zimbabwe)

Gukurahundi – Zimbabwe

Hoe moes die burgers van Zimbabwe nie gevoel het nie?  Erg getraumatiseerd omdat hul eie geliefdes voor hul vermink, vermoor en soms met 'n mes oopgeslag is soos wat 'n bok of bees afgeslag word.   Hul babas uitgeslag is en so gelaat om te sterf.    Hulle is gemartel en aan die brand gesteek of… Continue reading Gukurahundi – Zimbabwe