Mozambique – Frelimo

  Frelimo wins 2/3 of parliament Using the EISA  PVT projections it is possible to estimate the number of parliament seats (using a dHondt calculator to properly attribute seats to parties. The estimate is that Frelimo gains 179 seats (giving it a 2/3 majority), Renamo 62, MDM 8, and the Nampula-based party Amusi 1 seat.… Continue reading Mozambique – Frelimo

Russia – Moscow (protests) July 2019

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian police rounded up more than 1,000 people in Moscow on Saturday in one of the biggest crackdowns of recent years against an increasingly defiant opposition decrying President Vladimir Putin’s tight grip on power. * Euronews correspondent Galina Polonskaya takes us to the heart of a demonstration in Moscow today calling for… Continue reading Russia – Moscow (protests) July 2019

die Russe

Het dit 'n rol gespeel - of nie - die tyd gaan ons vorentoe beslis aan ons basse voel as die ANC en EFF hul grondwet wysig om grond, bates en eiendomme te vat sonder vergoeding.  MINERALE is die grootste aantrekkingskrag, en ongelukkig sit ons mense daarop.   Wie gaan regtig baat by alles?  Nie die… Continue reading die Russe