Illegals – Unemployed – uncontrolled borders

How many of those 900 000 residents (mentioned in a 2018 article) are immigrants from all over the world?  and this is only from one city that you know of, what about the illegals that live under trees and in shacks all over South Africa?  National government will not suggest any solutions, because crime is a high income to them and their cadres.   Long discussions took place in parliament for years, since 1994 how to control the borders – there is no border control – it is open to walk over.  In Hansards of Parliament.

Counterfeit goods with an estimated value of R5 million was confiscated. Photo: Facebook



Deputy Police Minister Bongani Mkongi has questioned why the Hilbrow in the Johannesburg CBD is occupied by 70 – 80 % foreign nationals and the consequences of having such a community. Click here to subscribe to Eyewitness news

Three shop owners were arrested for hiring illegal immigrants in Marabastad on Tuesday.    This after the Tshwane metro police confiscated counterfeit goods to an estimated value of R5-million in an operation in Marabastad.   Home Affairs officers charged each shop owner R2 500 in addition to the arrest.

Metro police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba said the operation was in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies.

“The brand owners of the counterfeit goods formed part of the operation,” Mahamba said.   “Home affairs officers also fined each shop owner R2 500 in addition to the arrests.”   Mahamba said these operations would be held in other areas in Pretoria where counterfeit goods were sold.


There is only one route to stop illegals and that is close the borders and control it by the police and army.   Appoint the commando system again to assist the police and army.   Various veterans of the old army are unemployed.

There are various differences in the politics to close down borders and build a wall like Kenya.

Kenya and Somalia

Borders – grense



Immigrante – misdaad – statistiek

Immigrante – misdaad – statistiek

Onwettiges EN korrupsie by Eskom – sindikate (syndicates)

Immigrants – Immigrante (SA) (IOM)

Migrant awards Mkhaya

Mkhaya award – anti-xenophobic groups

International Organization for Migration (IOM)


July 2018

How do illegal immigrants get jobs and not South Africans?

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