Coligny: A murder mystery

  James Myburgh - Rian Malan - Gabriel Crouse 11 April 2019 Two men are in prison for killing and kidnapping. But were they even at the scene(s) of the crime? We investigate ...   VERY INFORMATIVE INFORMATION.  Excellent ! Hierin is baie inligting vervat en nogal heel belangrik, maar nou wie sit agter die "getuie"… Continue reading Coligny: A murder mystery

Coligny sentences 6 March 2019

What did they steal? The community of Coligny says it's disappointed with the sentences handed to the two men convicted of the 2017 murder of Matlhomola Mosheou.  The High Court in the North West on Thursday sentenced Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte to an effective 18 and 23 years behind bars respectively after they accused the teenager of… Continue reading Coligny sentences 6 March 2019

Coligny leuens – lies

Who are the judges at Coligny? Witness in Coligny trial reportedly lied about ‘bakkie-push race murder’.... What about this witness that did not tell the truth under oath?   and were the x- mayor with Moshoeu?   "Now he can't remember" One of the witnesses in the case, Bonakele Pakisi, complicated proceedings by changing his story about… Continue reading Coligny leuens – lies

Farm killings – plaas moorde – moorde

Dit wil voorkom of politici en vername kerkleiers besluite maak en nie die howe nie - of hoe verstaan mens die vrae wat daar gevra word in die hofsake.  En dit nadat die "getuie" in die saak bekend gemaak het hy het gelieg, en dit was ook nie die eerste keer wat hy gelieg het… Continue reading Farm killings – plaas moorde – moorde

Coligny lies – liegstories

  How trustworthy and reliable is the witness who lies under oath? Newspapers claimed that Paul Morule, a preacher from Mahikeng, said Bonakele Pakisi, the only eye witness in the Coligny case, had lied about what happened.   Then a backfire sound.  Another newspaper reported that Pakisi stated that Morule had intimidated him into changing his version… Continue reading Coligny lies – liegstories

Coligny in South Africa / Suid-Afrika

A lot of damage has been done.   To those two people, their families, farmers and business people in Coligny and even other places.   Why did this so-called witness lied under oath - to destroy white people's life?   Who paid him?  You don't just put people in jail because of their skin colour.    What about… Continue reading Coligny in South Africa / Suid-Afrika

Coligny – Northwest

The witness lied to the judge - what about the families of those two young men?     AND that is not all - what about the town and businesses that were destroyed, burnt down ...  trucks and vehicles were burnt.     Who paid this type of court cases? COMMUNISM - RACISM - DISCRIMINATION - HATE… Continue reading Coligny – Northwest