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‘n Skakel in die groter legkaart van vernietigingswerke in SA.  Lees maar die agtergrond hieroor.
May 2019 – The South African Minister of Energy, Honourable Jeff Radebe, is heading up a stellar line up of expert speakers and will once again deliver the opening ministerial address on 14 May. The 19thedition of this leading conference and exhibition is expected to attract more than 10 000 energy and water professionals this year.

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Terloops – nog iemand wat ‘n kwalifikasie in Suid-Afrika gekry lank voor 1994?  Dan maak meeste aanspraak daarop dat hulle nie kon leer in die land nie – Mandela en Mugabe het ook in SA studeer.


Mr Radebe was appointed Minister of Energy from 27 February 2018 until 25 May 2019. Mr Jeffrey Radebe was the Minister in The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa from 26 May 2014 until 26 February 2018.    He has been a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the African National Congress (ANC) and a member of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the ANC since 1991.   He is also the head of the ANC Policy Unit and he serves as a member of the SACP Central Committee.

Academic Qualifications

Mr Radebe obtained a B.Jur degree from the University of Zululand in 1976; , and an LLM in International Law from Leipzig University in 1981.

He also studied at the Lenin International School, in Moscow in 1985.

In 1996, Mr Radebe received an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from the Chicago State University.


Former Cabinet minister Jeff Radebe, who was replaced when President Cyril Ramaphosa announced his reconfigured administration, on Thursday said serving under five presidents since the dawn of democracy was the greatest honour of his life.

“Having headed seven ministries – the department of public works, public enterprises, acting at health; transport; justice and constitutional development, Presidency for planning, monitoring and evaluation, and energy – for a quarter of a century, it would be an understatement to say that I have found no greater honour to have been trusted by five presidents since the dawn of democracy to serve my country and the people of South Africa,” said Radebe.

“I am proud of the gains I have achieved as a servant leader and the contributions I have made throughout my years in government. I have crisscrossed the length and breadth of this country and the world, with barely a sphere of government I have not participated in. The highs and lows of political life will hold me in good stead for the road ahead.”

Radebe expressed gratitude to Ramaphosa, for having trusted him with the energy department, the last portfolio the former minister headed before the announcement of the new Cabinet on Wednesday night.

“I would like to thank President Cyril Ramaphosa for having trusted me with the energy portfolio. I also thank the people of South Africa who remind government every day of the price that was paid for this democracy. May they continue to hold us, as public servants, to account and to remind us of our duty to serve. I wish the new Cabinet well – it is indeed a new dawn for all us,” said Radebe.

Reliving his 25 years in government, Radebe said the quarter of a century meant daily sacrifices, particularly spending time away from family.

“Twenty five years in government has meant time away from loved ones and a busy schedule. The day I made a vow to serve the African National Congress (ANC) was the beginning of a life-long commitment to this country – sacrificially, at times, at the expense of my family,” said Radebe.

“Considering new options, marks a new era for me and my family. I look forward to being able to enjoy the routines of normal life as well as immersing myself into new possibilities. As the saying goes, every next level of our lives will demand a different version of ourselves.”

Radebe is Ramaphosa’s brother-in-law. Radebe is married to Bridgette, who is a sister of Ramaphosa’s wife Dr Tshepo Motsepe. Mrs Radebe and Ramaphosa’s wife are sisters of respected South African business mogul Patrice Motsepe.


Energy Minister Jeff Radebe says there is no conflict of interest in his brother in law Patrice Motsepe’s involvement in the department’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers project.

This is after unions made claims that President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision to unbundle Eskom would benefit Motsepe’s firm African Rainbow Energy and Power.

Both Radebe and Ramaphosa are Motsepe’s brothers in law.

Motsepe last week also denied a conflict saying when the deals were finalised both the minister and the president did not occupy their current offices.

Radebe says the 27 Independent Power Producers (IPPs) contracts he signed in April 2017 was to execute a decision that was taken by his predecessor, former energy minister Tina Joemat-Peterson.

“Even at that time, the person that you are referring to never bided for the IPP in any of those 27 IPP agreements. So, the issue of a conflict of interest does not arise.”

Head of the IPPs office in the department Karen Breytenbach says claims of a conflict are unfair.




According to Radebe, the REIPPP is a competitive tender process that has been designed to facilitate private sector investment into grid-connected renewable energy generation.

In a short, eight-year period, it has attracted R209.4 billion in committed private sector investment, resulting in much-needed alleviation of fiscal pressure, he said.

Radebe’s media briefing came amid concerns raised by labour unions and opposition political parties that government was looking to privatise power utility Eskom to renewable energy independent power producers (IPPs).

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa has also alleged Radebe is “conflicted given his proximity” to president Cyril Ramaphosa and businessman Patrice Motsepe.     There have also been allegations that both Radebe and Ramaphosa have vested personal interests in IPPs.     Ramaphosa is married to Dr Tshepo Motsepe and Radebe is married to Bridgette Motsepe, both of whom are sisters to Motsepe whose company African Rainbow Energy and Power is invested in IPP projects.

Radebe said he has no conflict of interest as the 27 IPP agreements which he signed in April emanated from a decision taken by his predecessor Tina Joemat-Petersen in 2016 and 2017.   The 27 projects will enable R56 billion of new investment in the economy over the next two to three years, which will contribute to growth in the economy supporting the already positive achievement of 3.1% Gross Domestic Product growth in the fourth quarter of 2017, he said.  South African entities such as Old Mutual, Red Cap, Phakwe, Pele Green, and many others, including the Central Energy Fund and the PIC, account for the majority of investment in the REIPPPP.

Renewable IPPs have created 38 701 job years for youth and women from the surrounding communities, said Radebe.

“This means 38 701 people have had a full-time job for one year,” he said.

The minister said local communities have benefited from over R1 billion spent by IPPs on education by upskilling teachers, providing extra teachers and classrooms, as well as awarding over 600 bursaries to students from disadvantaged communities.

In the health sector, the programme has provided health facilities while contributing to social development through feeding schemes, supporting old age homes and early childhood development.

Furthermore, it has helped to establish over 1 000 small enterprises, Radebe added.

With regards to the Black South African equity shareholding in the REIPP programme, it has progressively increased with each bidding round.

Radebe said the South African equity shareholding across Bid Window 1 to Bid Window 4 and Smalls Bid Windows 1 and 2 equates to 52% (R31.4 billion) of the total equity of R60.9 billion. This is substantially more than the 40% requirement.

Black South African companies such as Thebe, Kagiso/Tiso, Royal Bafokeng, H1, Halusani, Reatile and Phakwe, on average, have 33% of the projects that have reached financial close, he added.

Broad-based black participation is also secured across the value chain through community participation, including in engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance contractors where black ownership amounts to 21%, he said.

With regards to the environment, Radebe said the REIPP programme’s contribution has meant that SA’s carbon emission is reduced by about 33.2 million tonnes carbon dioxide and water savings of 39.2 million kilolitres achieved by 31 December 2018.

“I acknowledge the programme is not perfect and can be improved in specific areas. However, we need to embrace that the programme has done so much for the country and has received international acknowledgement,” Radebe said.



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