Eskom split route – Ramaphosa – ANC

The Government failed since 1994 at all levels of government.   SOE’s have been failed.   Eskom has been failed.   Telkom, SAA, SABC and others.   All part of this sinking ship.   Can anybody in a crisis split a sinking ship?   There is no “emergency plan” if government do not take action against corruption and the non payments – the illegal connections.  Take away the violation of white’s human rights – B-BBEE is a crime against all whites in South Africa, control the immigrants as well.
Others feel the same.  The plan that the South African government’s plan to split struggling state power company Eskom into three entities does little to address the company’s financial difficulties, credit ratings agency Moody’s said in a research report.   “The move paves the way for a more transparent group with more clearly allocated revenue and cost between business segments,” Moody’s said, adding that Eskom remained a significant risk to the country’s fiscal strength.

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Het ander SOE’s nie ook reeds die pad geloop wat Ramaphosa en van die parlementslede voorstel nie.   Wat gebeur met al die ander SOE’s, dis eenvoudig nie betroubaar nie, want niemand weet eers of daar regtig probleme by Eskom is of nie.  Daar word tot datum vir jare elektrisiteit verkoop aan buurlande, terwyl groot stede soos Soweto niks betaal vir hul verbruik nie.  Soweto is nie die enigste stad wat nie betaal nie.   Indien ons normaalweg voortgaan met verkope aan soveel Afrika lande en meer kliënte bygekry het, is dit onmoontlik dat daar probleme is.  Normale “onderhoud” beslis, maar hoe gaan sekere masjienerie sommer gelyktydig af?  Iemand wat dit afskakel?     Aanbod en Aanvraag is groot.   Groter prysverhogings en meer beurtkragte gaan volg.    Eskom boot is dalk besig om te sink, hoe kan mens ‘n boot wat sink in 10 stukkies verdeel, dit gaan in elk geval breek.   En weer eens, iets sink nie as daar steeds aan buurlande krag voorsien word nie.




Was Ramaphosa regtig geskok – die wat nie betaal nie, betaal al vir jare nie en die wat steel, steel nog meer sonder dat hulle vasgevat word.


President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that Eskom will be unbundled into three entities. Energy expert, Chris Yelland reacts.



President Cyril Ramaphosa says there is no silver bullet to fix the crisis at Eskom.   He says Eskom needs a host of measures to turn it around.   Responding to the State of the Nation Address debate on Thursday, the president said, “the country needs to aggressively put load-shedding behind us. We need to urgently build up the safety margins of the national grid. We need to agree on the roadmap to be an electricity secure country. There is no one solution. We need a host of measures to turn it around and we will turn it around.”


DA proposals – The DA is calling on the government to take bold, immediate action to reform the country’s energy sector.



Without help, Eskom will struggle to survive beyond April. The Department of Public Enterprises today confirmed that Eskom is not making enough money to meet its operational costs and service its debt every month. That means the black hole at Eskom is getting bigger – it’s in a negative spiral. It already has R42 billion worth of debt and that is set to climb. And if the power utility defaults on its debts that will threaten the economy. This comes on the third day of load shedding causing frustration across South Africa, with OUTA suggesting it may be costing South Africa R5 billion a day. In a report this week Moody’s said the plan to split Eskom into three could lead to more transparency – but would do little to address the producer’s problem. In a new report, Moodys has also warned that South Africa’s electricity supply will remain tight for at least the next five years. To discuss we’re joined by the Lead analyst for Eskom from Moody’s, Helen Francis on the line from London.


Dus — Het Eskom regtig ‘n probleem?   Waar is al die korrupsie geld heen en hoekom word niemand ooit vervolg nie?  Verskeie redes is weekliks aangevoer oor die beurtkragte.    Die groot base by Eskom kry miljoene rande se bonusse, dus gaan dit meer as goed daar.
BLSA CEO, Bonang Mohale and NUMSA Spokesperson, weigh in on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s pronouncement to unbundle power utility Eskom


The National Union of Mineworkers has called on government to reconsider splitting Eskom or else it will punish the ANC at the polls. The union held a media briefing at its Johannesburg headquarters today where it heavily criticised a move to bring in Italian Engineers to help Eskom with maintenance problems.


Eskom: Ramaphosa – Mabuza

Eskom : Ramaphosa

Precious Elizabeth Makgosi Moloi-Motsepe

Eskom se biljoene

Eskom : Ramaphosa – Motsepe – gas

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