Sabotage at Eskom – terrorism


This is only a small tip of the R7 billion theft!   When officials have enough time to steal something from their own company, it is sabotage, an act of terrorism and a crime, not only to government, but to all of us, the public.   Officials can not do their job while stealing at the same time.        Eskom is a public entity and belong to all of us.

MMC Nico De Jager talking to the media when Joburg City officials were showing the media some of the City Power stolen cables and other materials recovered.
MMC Nico De Jager talking to the media when Joburg City officials were showing the media some of the City Power stolen cables and other materials recovered. Picture: SIMPHIWE NKWALI/ SUNDAY TIMES


Eskom is a South African electricity public utility, established in 1923 as the Electricity Supply Commission (ESCOM) and also known by its Afrikaans name Elektrisiteits voorsienings kommissie (EVKOM), by the South African Government and people of the Republic of South Africa in terms of the Electricity Act (1922)


Furthermore – Who is doing the audits annually and why?     

Why are there Directors and Board members – to do what – their role and functions?

Who are then responsible, who are the supervisors and managers, the fleet managers in charge of the fleet of Eskom?  

Who are responsible for the replacemeng of household equipment because of damage and load sheddings?


All this stealing of equipment, the using of official vehicles, the time they “clock” and work for Eskom, while it is false, is sabotage, not only by the one official.

Supervising is important to know what your staff are doing.   If there is a lack of supervising, stealing will be ongoing as is.   It is sabotage and terrorism.

Is of the opinion that some officials are false, with their own hidden agenda to use inside information to enrich yourself and public money.   


SA risks being classified as a dysfunctional, failed state by international financial and banking institutions due to Eskom’s load-shedding and rampant cable theft. It is an act of treason and sabotage to steal cables during load-shedding. These acts are propelling the country into an abyss of darkness. They constitute an assault on our democracy.

The definition of treason under our law includes the coercing of the government by violence into any action or inaction, threatening, or endangering the existence or the security of the republic.

Replacing copper cables costs cash-strapped Eskom R1.3bn a year; it costs Transnet and Telkom also large sums to replace stolen cables. The cost to the economy is about R7bn a year.   

(All of the public entities – how conveniently – and who is appointed – mostly B-BBEE).

It is time to eliminate this scourge by ruthlessly implementing the law. Dithering is a luxury SA cannot afford as it totters on the brink of a total blackout.

The international ratings agencies are watching us. Should we falter, our credit ratings will be downgraded to junk status.



Illegal electricity – Onwettige kraglyne – Sabotasie – Terrorisme
Eskom – diefstal en onwettige kragdrade


An investigation during March 2015 was carried out by the city of Johannesburg uncovered an electricity rigging syndicate that has cost the council around R22-million.   Businesses working together with corrupt council workers have been manipulating accounts so that they pay nothing, while the public forks out more. Is it the tip of the iceberg?
Illegal connections and syndicates – Eskom


Verseker word daar in baie areas nie beurtkrag toegepas nie – en moet ons die belastingbetalers daarvoor opdok.   Om iets “af te skryf” beteken dit iemand betaal daarvoor en dis nie die wat dit gesteel het nie.   ‘n Skreiende skande, dat daar oor die 40-50 miljoen onwettiges en immigrante in hierdie land woon, gratis verblyfreg het, ook krag steel vanaf landpale en vir niks betaal nie.    En steeds word hulle in die land ingebring sonder enige beheer op en oor ons grense.
Onwettiges EN korrupsie by Eskom – sindikate (syndicates)


The case was heard in the High Court on March 27 and, on March 29, 2018 and the case was dismissed. Judge Dawie Fourie ruled that the application was not urgent and struck the case off the roll, with costs.  Agreements were later signed.    The 27 projects will amount to R55.92 billion ($5 billion) in new direct investment in the energy sector and create the much needed jobs for South Africans.   These projects will be located in different parts of the country mainly in rural areas.
Eskom – Radebe – 27 contracts


Motsepe ontken dat hy bevoordeel word deur die aankondiging van sy familielid in Parlement, Ramaphosa.      Dis net baie toevallig dat daar heelwat ooreenkomste bestaan, en dit het nie “oornag” ontstaan nie.   Volgens hom het hulle reeds bestaande kontrakte wat nie net gekanselleer kan word nie – hoe is tenders uitgegee is ‘n ander vraag.   Weet nie watter kontrakte dit alles is nie.   – AREP van sy vrou en Jeff Radebe speel ‘n kritieke rol hierdeur.   Regdeur is dit ooglopend.
Patrice Motsepe has rejected claims that he will benefit from his brother-in-law President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent decision to unbundle Eskom.
Eskom>AREP>IPP – Ramaphosa>Motsepe>Radebe


Ramaphosa – Motsepe – Radebe … … … Jeff Radebe says signed 27 IPP agreements a ‘new dawn’ for renewables in South Africa
27 IPP agreements – Eskom – “new dawn”


It was previously stated that Jeff Radebe  stressed that 27 new projects would stimulate 58 000 new jobs, mostly during construction and mostly in the rural areas of the Northern, Eastern and Western Cape provinces, as well as the North West, Free State and Mpumalanga provinces. There was potential to create a further 1 500 jobs in the manufacturing sector as a direct spin-off from the projects.  We have to see and wait what will happen in future.   B-BBEE is also supported – South Africans own 57.8%, or R11.9-billion, of the companies awarded projects during bid windows 3.5 and 4. Of that, black shareholders own 64.2%, or R7.64-billion.
Eskom – 27 IPP projects

Problems at Eskom started actually years back – load sheddings is not a “new thing”.
Eskom – korrupsie – corruption

 All of them responsible for the appointment of board members, workers and “tender bribes” since 1994 must PAY BACK THE MONEY.    It is a fact:  Eskom has been failed and is still in the “capture” mode.   The “zuma capture mode – musical chairs”.   Nobody from the government or their agents today, has a desire for Eskom to work.   That means, it is a dictatorship in the making since 1980 – Communism – Bolshevism.
Eskom and B-BBEE/EE


Eskom officials have caught one of their own in the act:   An employee suspected of sabotage was arrested on 21 January 2020 for stealing 270m of copper cables.   If anybody steal electricity illegal it is also sabotage.   If you do not pay for your electricity, it is also sabotage.    What about Soweto and other places that steal electricity – this is also sabotage!!
Sabotage – ESKOM – Sabotasie

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